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Don't Worry I will Do That Later!Views: 1009
Jul 16, 2007 10:52 pmDon't Worry I will Do That Later!#

The most profound thing I have learnt is that most of us do not start living until we are told we are going to die. A very dear friend has got cancer and is on a very short countdown. It seems that if we are told we have only a while left to live, we start raking over things we have not done and regretting things that we should have done. I sort of had this together after my brother died unexpectedly a few years ago at age 53. We talked and it seemed very easy recalling our younger years, the time that he found emotional were the years of marriage and raising a family.

It seemed that all the things he regretted, were actually things that he could have done, had he just relaxed and not paid too much attention to the details and how things MAY turn out.

It seems we are all governed by caution, but in retrospect, in so many cases, that caution has stopped us doing what we really wanted to do. I think really it all comes down to allowing ourselves to be a little reckless sometimes.

If you really think about it, we spend so much time thinking about a Utopia in the future, that we actually forget to live in the now. So in effect we are willing to lose now, to strive to get to a place that we know nothing about. I say we know nothing about, and that is true, we know all the good things, but do not really consider the negatives involved. Will we arrive having lost all our friends?, because we ignored them, in an effort to earn enough money to get to Utopia. Will we have forgotten to relate and interact with our family?, because we intend to make everything OK when we arrive. Will we have become a bit of a bore ourselves?, in our effort to get to this unknown place. It is strange that we all tend to try and get to somewhere different, and always seem a little dissatisfied, where we are.

My philosophy, is that if we just tried to live in the now, and put more effort into now, instead of imagining that we can put the things we are missing on hold, maybe NOW will become the place you are looking for. The only way you can be truly happy in Utopia is if you have all the things you cherish with you. If you lose all these things on your way through, Utopia just becomes a very sad and lonely place.

As I have always said, I LOVE MONEY and all the things it allows me to do, but I do not think that it can do anything to make me happy. By that I mean, if you are miserable, getting a huge amount of money may settle some debt and buy you some treats, but in the long term, it will not make you happy. You will just become an unhappy person with money.

A real strange thing that I have discovered, is that when I am happy and relaxed, the money to do the things I want to do, just seems to arrive. It seems that if the intensity is removed, the flood gates open. If you chase anything it will take evasive action and resist getting caught. That goes for the opposite sex, money, possessions and anything else you would like to mention. So just try relaxing and see what happens.

Make your life now as good as you can, cherish your family and friends, help others less fortunate, have a vision and dream, but get there with everything intact. If you do this, you will be happy all along the journey and most important wherever you get to will be the right place.

Have you really ever considered, that there are lots of people that would regard your life as Utopia.

As much as possible do the things that you want to do now.

Something else that has become very clear to me over the last few weeks, is the fact that you really cannot give without getting a return. Please do not read into that, that I ever give with the expectations of a return, but while I have been organising the talks, people have shown such kindness, and also displayed hidden talents that have really amazed me. In a lot of cases, when I have asked them what I owe them, they say “That’s OK” you did so and so for me years ago. It has been really humbling, and it is nice to get real life proof, relating to these universal laws.

Another thing that is becoming evermore clear on a daily basis, is the stress and pressure we work and live under, and just accept it as normal. Since totally removing myself from the normal workforce, I have been shocked to the feelings I get, when I walk back into places I used to visit regularly in the course of my business. They actually have a feeling of stress in the air, the worry is that when you are stressed to the same level, you do not notice any difference. How different life is when you actually step back from things and really assess what is going on.

I had already called my talk, De-Stress for Success before these things had truly registered, and now with all these real life experiences to call on, I have virtually changed the whole structure of the talk. One good thing, the talk is now based entirely on life experience and not , what I thought was going on. It was pretty close, but this new evidence is scary.

Well I hope there is a little something in this update that will ring some bells. In the meantime get working on your life NOW not on an imagined one in the future.

Abundance to All

Croz from OZ

Private Reply to croz

Jul 17, 2007 4:08 amre: Don't Worry I will Do That Later!#

Ernie Martin
Well said Croz.



Get Control of Your Finances
Positive Living and Belief Systems Network Co-Moderator

Private Reply to Ernie Martin

Jul 17, 2007 5:14 pmre: Don't Worry I will Do That Later!#

Rasheed Hooda
Great Post, Croz!

Now is ALL we've got. It's ALWAYS now! and it's gone, then another now! and it's gone. It's now and it's gone.

I am currently reading a book called "4 Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferriss. Very enlightening book. I will post reviews as I go along reading the book.

Thanks for jumping back in. I will be devoting more time to this board in the coming weeks and months as well. So let's get active in Manifesting with Natural Ease.


Prosperity Mentor and Keynote Speaker
Be Different, Be Yourself!

Private Reply to Rasheed Hooda

Jul 17, 2007 6:38 pmre: re: Don't Worry I will Do That Later!#

Dexter Black
I love the post, thank you!

Really when we think about it, what really matters most is people, not things. Sure things are necessary and nice, but we can't take it with us. People on the other hand, their souls live on forever, and many we will see in the after life. What type of impact did you make in someone's life? And not even thinking about the extreme, isn't it just great to be able to share your blessings with others? It makes it just that much sweeter! Kind of like love, hu? :o)

Blessings to you,


Private Reply to Dexter Black

Aug 13, 2007 12:14 pmre: re: re: Don't Worry I will Do That Later!#

Walter Paul Bebirian
There are many different things that may motivate a person in the direction and with the force that they propel themselves at any given point -

What is sometimes forgotten later on - is - what exactly it was that was that motivating force - and looking back as to why this or that type of thing was done or not done and what about these things that a person missed doing may or may not be quite as much of the truth as is.

By this I mean to say that deom our perspectives we can never really know about another person's life and what caused or drove or motivated them in one direction or another -bu what we can see at the point that a person may be looking back over their life is that this particualr way of being - (being in a retrospective state) can have many different causes and effects -

For example if a fellow is 90 years old and looks back over his life and some of the reasons he was mtivated to do something (perhaps whatever helped him get to 90) - he may also pick up a bit of the next step (vision wise) that was to folow after he has achieved the goal of 90 years old - which may help him to get to 100 years old mark -

In either case - any person who is reminicing whether he or she thinks they are about to die - may actually have 10 - 0 - 30 -40 -or 50 years ahead of them to go - while the person who is looking forward to the next 50 years may not have but an hour till the next 9/11 type of attack in their lives -

We can therefore only focus on our own lives each of us, and know for ourselves that we are wokring on our own lives at our own paces as best that we can -

And that sometimes it seems like the best thing ---at the moment ---- to stop and rest and enjoy that moment and put off this or that while we do so!!!!




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