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How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?Views: 1513
Aug 08, 2007 1:55 pmHow do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

*Katie Farmer
I'm wanting to network with those who are serious prospects who genuinely want to help me succed in business as well as my helping them. How do you weed out those who aren't serious about your service or products?



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Aug 08, 2007 2:36 pmre: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Lindy Asimus

It looks like you've found the ones who are not serious about networking. I'm guessing you'd like to meet the ones now who are. It is interesting; all the talk that goes to say "I want to network..." but really nothing much that follows. Why do people bother saying they are interested in networking when they are not prepared to actively engage in activities that lead to some results? Who knows. Can't be bothered?

It starts with us, I guess. What are we doing to actively open up conversations? Are we bringing something to the table, or sitting there like a lump, waiting for someone else to do all the work?

Just keep looking. Keep open, and who knows - someone looking for the same thing may find you too.

Good luck with it.


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Aug 08, 2007 5:49 pmre: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

*Katie Farmer
thanks Paul what network is it.

thanks for responding to my question. I guess my main problem is joining the wrong networks. the kinds that just engage in non business conversation. they do the add me as a friend stuff. other than one network I'm on the people don't contribute anything to help another. they are usually trying to sale me a lot of fluff for lack of a better word.

I am looking for serious prospects those who are interested in your services and what you offer. I'm looking for those serious business professional networks where the people are serious about what they want.

as well as wanting ideas on how I can contribute conversation in a more business like manner. talk about what we offer. I want to be real with people and don't want to be full of empty words or hot air.

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Aug 08, 2007 6:27 pmre: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Jennifer Coon
Hi there everyone!

I am new to RYZE.com just a few days ago, so I am very green, if you might say. I do however, totally believe in the givers gain mentally of business practice. I agree with many of the previous suggestions. When you add value to someones business, or can even just suggest an idea that will help their bottom line, they will value you and your realationship, so that in the future, you will be considered as a friend, and someone they can refer people to. I have recently offered this site alone, as a business building tool for those I know, and am getting great appreciation for the knowledge I shared. It doesn't have to be a great gift, but of some value to them. At the end of each day, I hope that I have impacted someone's life with a positive experience. Just some thoughts!

I would love to get to know all of this group. I think we would have many things in common.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Aug 08, 2007 9:54 pmre: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
Katie - two things - have you ever worked with a mailing list or e-mail list?

and I use the serices of Michelle Sawyer advertising- ecxellent deal and wide coverage:


Perhaps you can ask her if she can put together a package sepcifically for your needs -

thank you!



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Aug 09, 2007 1:17 amre: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Lindy Asimus
Katie I think I have some idea what you are experiencing. I would guess there are few here who have not wondered what a lot of people on these social networks think they are achieving... Maybe that is a part of the process though. "Kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince", if you get my drift.

But you know, I wonder how much of it is that people really don't know quite HOW to get started. Perhaps they need a process for getting a collaborative project off the ground. Essentially I think what gets lost in all of this, is that networking is just a small part of marketing. And very often people have no structured marketing plan and no point where they are committed and know when to take action.

As an example, some of the women on Merchant Circle are putting together a coupon program that they are going to participate in. This came from an idea that was floated on the Forum (I find myself the moderator ;-) ...just a new website, so the forum is taking baby steps at the moment). Now that's a good start and definitely we could use as many new posters contributing there who understand about social networking, as we can get. There is a link from my profile page if you want to check it out.

Perhaps a good way to step up the pace and test your network, is to put together some idea of what you would like to do as a promotion, plan how to do it, and see who wants to put their money (or time as the currency may be) into it and run a trial program.

Let me know if I can help at all.

And definitely let us know if you do, how it goes.


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Aug 09, 2007 1:34 amre: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Kevin Barrett

If Lindy offers to help… I would suggest you take her up on that offer…

She has a remarkable “Mind” for business… and that is NOT… a mind read Lindy…. It is a fact…

I have known and worked with Lindy since… well… I loose track of time Lindy.. we were both as young as we are now… back in the Land of Oz… (Australia)

Lindy… Are you in Australia or California now?

It is always great to see your postings… they are always insightful and of great value…

Good to hear from you again… Mate…


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Aug 09, 2007 2:45 amre: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Lindy Asimus
Hi Kevin.

Thanks for the kind words. Let me compose myself, and stop blushing and I'll tell you that I am in Oz and will probably be back in California at the end of November... and wondering - as of today! - if I might not end up, as fortune might have it, in Tennessee at some point. Life is funny, isn't it?

So Kevin - what's your biggest challenge right now in your business?

The offer goes to anyone on the list (or my other contacts). If I can help in some way, let me know.


PS. Anyone with a business who would like more exposure on the internet, I'd recommend go to my profile page and click on the Merchant Circle banner and claim or add your free listing and access the tools that are there to help you lift your business profile. And come visit the Forum. This is one way to get some practical help from others who want to promote their business too, and share the strategies that you find are working for you. Let's learn (test) together.

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Aug 09, 2007 3:53 amre: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Bea Kunz

I do understand what you are feeling, but, business is a lot of things all rolled up into a package.

Very few if any have instant success.
I guess that's another way of confirming that yes, sometimes we do have to kiss a lot of toads before the prince shows up.

May I suggest something?

Instead of looking at all the conversations on a forum as fluff and not serious enough for you, try opening a conversation on a subject you would like to talk about.

Time and effort of many sorts is required before we become successful. You will be successful if you master that thought. Hey...toads aren't so bad, just keep a happy outlook and one day you will open your eyes and that prince will be all you ever hoped for.

Wishing you the best of the best.

Bea Kunz
Eat Well-Be Well

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Aug 09, 2007 9:36 amre: re: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
Since the responses here pretty much covering the basics - like kissing frogs and using someone else's network and expertise etc. I thought I would revisit the question in relationship to Katie's actual service - which at least from a certian perspective looks like an MLM and which in that shape and form is begging the question what are your prospects looking like for you or to you?

Are they people who are looking to purchase your products or are they people who sign up to get that free web page and tell all their friends to go look and buy or sign up as well -

On the whole, throughout all of the RYZE System there seems to be an about face when people are attempting to introduce others to anything that looks like an MLM program -

So I suppose you might ask yourself Katie - is that what you have there - that gold mine that mother lode of all mother lodes that no one is interested in here?

If so, then you might have to look in some of the cracks throughout RYZE where that type of product or opportunity is welcomed despite what it is -

Or you might then have to turn right around to the company that is the main creator of this product line and marketing system and examine really carefully what their program is offering and just exactly do they suggest that you introduce these to all of those people who are really hungry for just such an opportunity -

I have often thought that there is an inherent flaw in various programs which are attempting to sell a customer on a certain product or service or opportunity without examining first the specific individual need of the person they are looking to build a relationship with on a customer - provider basis -

The real estate business for example - if my wife has a dream house in the back or the front of her mind or wherever that house is at this moment in time - and we talk to all of the real estate agents they will all be showing her (and me ) houses that they have as listings whether they come close to that dream house or not -

a buyers agent will be doing a bit more of working on finding out what we want but still picking from the available houses for sale at this moment in time and from only those houses that exist -

but I believe that a truly good salesperson working in a progressive compnay deserving to thrive in business for the next 20 years might actually find a house not for sale that fits the bill and have our offer made to the current owner and/or have my wife's dream house built on the amount of property that i want to hang out on -

simple as that - so with that in mind - doe anyone here need any help in applying make-up or a free web site or the steps to a perfect blush or a bright bold eye - or a business opportunity presenting these concepts to the target market of Katie's home company?

Perhaps some of the target audience for that might be found at my space or at a kiosk in the local mall?

or if Katie sets up a network here on RYZE called everything teenager and gathers either a bunch of teenagers to her network or a whole bunch of mom's of teenagers - that there might just help her in connecting with those serious prospects here on RYZE -

So there is nothing inherently wrong with RYZE nor is there any rule that there is a lack of people here on the system - I think you just need a bit of clever thinking as to how to find the people who would utilize the products tha tyou have -

and then - I have the question - can you be selling these products to teens all over the world and getting folks from any country to sign up for that free web site? If so well then perhaps you might hop on over to the Nirvana Medis Fashion Magazine Fans Network over here:


If you are not going to tailor your prodict or service or business oppportunity to each and every individual that comes along no matter what age or culture or whatever taste they might have then you have to seek out those serious prospects among the indiviiduals who are already in a specific target market -

You cannot sell postage stamps for collecting to people who are interested in hunting -

From a certain perspective you did exactly what Bea suggested - "Instead of looking at all the conversations on a forum as fluff and not serious enough for you, try opening a conversation on a subject you would like to talk about." and I think I pretty much answered the topic at least to some degree -
but I ask again - about working with an off line mailing list or an on-line e-mail list and congregate where the young folks who are going to purchase your products congregate - either on line or off -

thank you!



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Aug 09, 2007 12:16 pmre: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

greg hetherington
I am in on the Coupon program on Merchant circle as well and
it's great.Separating the wheat from the chaff is always difficult
but if you just keep plugging you will find valuable friends through networking
and through friends you will find your customers.
I know I have.
Chocolate, Maple and Nuts "R" We

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Aug 09, 2007 12:58 pmre: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
perhaps coupos are good - but Katies question was directed at this group here and so I think that there is a way to begin exploring something right here where we are - first has anyone every read acres of diamonds? - please read it right now:


well your licky since the version that just came up is the one where you can actually hear the author's voice in addition to reading the text.

Then how many of you here - right here on this particular network - come in contact with my imagine targe market for Katie's products that are mentioned on her page - teenage girls -

Scott Allen - your son? any girl friends - parents of girls his age or thereabouts?
Paul - your wife is in the jewelry business - how about any of her customers - any of them have teenage daughters -

anyone with new borns? perhaps they have older sisters - look to the future -

Now let me see -

Suzette - you have ------mmmm - two horse riding daughters - them - their friends -the friends moms? or fathers?

now here is an interesting thought -

Jacqueline? - how can you use this product line for your personal styling work -

each person here ----- perhaps in distant way or a direct way comes in contact with or will come in contact with - trust me on this - with teenage girls or there parents and what we shoudl all do is sin up for a free website page from Katie and then introduce the program through the web site page to those people that we meet that fir the bill ----or wait - to everyone because the odds are that everyone we meet as the potential as well of comin gin contact in some way shape or form with the target market - --------well that is the program - how easy is it to make it work -

Well -----why not everyone sign up for that free page - link it to you site (no matter what you do) on a separate page marked business opportunities andsee what happens:


or better yet - when you do meet up with the target market individual (in this case the parents of the teenagers or friends thereof) - simply mention that there might be something of interest to them on the business opportunities page over on your web site - which may actually encourage them to fgo to your site and even actually look at and read about your main business as well-

what do you think?

All of this is supposed to be easy?

Let's see if Scott there is willing to initiate a plan to make this work right here on this very network - we can actually see if we can cause each one of our businesses to grow exponentially -

How about it?

then we can all get together and have a party with all the money that we earned and figure out some new plans - throw in some coupons as well and well see if we can add Scotts program in on this as well -


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Aug 09, 2007 1:13 pmre: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
Oh - by the way - whether this takes off here or not everyone is welcome to scoot on over to my network called Business:


where we can talk about anything business related - no matter what and - well if this works out in anywhere near to a fraction of a degree to which I imagine it can - well this Virtual Handshake Network may just become the sodt active network in the entire world - why not - we may just break the barrier that has kept all of the networks relatively frozen in time - thanks to Katie's honest to goodness heartfelt question - if there are any doubts pleas pur both of these books on your to read list:


that one is free to read on-line -



which is my all time favorite book ever -

thank you!



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Aug 09, 2007 1:18 pmre: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
oh - I almost forgot - if anyone along the way wants to lose weight - the more money you make the less hungry you will be to eat food -

(my take on the whole thing) ------


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Aug 09, 2007 1:29 pmre: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Lindy Asimus
Great news Greg.

Maybe there is something you can initiate with your Ryze contacts to test out too.

Walter seems to be cooking up a few good ideas to follow.


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Aug 10, 2007 2:24 amre: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
when it comes to people the saying separating the wheat from the chafe - implies that there are the right an wrong people to be communicating with -

however - I decided a long time ago that there was a potential in every person to be the exact right person for me to be dealing with - and my perception of each and every single person being the right person for me to be speaking with works out for things to be that way simply because that is my perception or belief -


Private Reply to Walter Paul Bebirian

Aug 10, 2007 3:34 amre: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Lindy Asimus

I think there are right and wrong people to be communicating with. Sometimes we are the wrong ones for others... But that is not to imply that there are "wrong people"! Just perhaps, not the right fit.

Nothing wrong with toads, and just as we can never be sure if we are actually the princess in this tableau, so too, we can be quite wrong even when we are sure that we have picked the right people.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Walter is quite correct, in that there is no accurate way to know when you meet someone that they are not going to play some important role in your future. It may be a deliberate action on their part, but more often than not, a quite accidental move that brings you to someone else who *is* the ideal fit and with whom the Magic happens (in a productive networking sense!).

Years ago I attended a conference with a speaker who made the observation, that every time we point a finger at someone else, three are pointing back to ourself. When we talk about others not being the right one for us, we can forget that it is not them, it may be us, who is the wrong fit. Or it may be we who have failed to be proactive enough, open enough, or precise enough in stating what it is we are seeking and how they can help, if they are interested. We may have failed to say clearly, what it even is that we do, for which we are worth recommending to others.

What an interesting thread this has turned out to be. Thanks Walter. I may not always post to say it, but invariably I enjoy your posts and find them to be thought provoking in the extreme.

Here is an excerpt from a newsletter that I received from Daryl Logullo which seems to be a nice fit here, and I will leave you with these thoughts. Make of them what you will.


What is one HUGE factor that sabotages a person's
effort to develop client and prospect referrals, fast?


Rather -- I should say -- it is LACK of connectedness.

Keith Ferrazzi is CEO of a chic and brilliant
marketing and sales consulting training firm
out in L.A.

Prior to flying solo, Keith was Founder of
Ya Ya Media, and cutting edge firm

He knows a TON about connections. In fact, one
mantra he lives is that of cultivating relationships.
Or simply as I say, *connecting.*

Lack of consistently "connecting" with others is a major
killer in accelerating what I call the 3-Rs: relationships,
referrals and renewals (as in repeat business).

Keith penned a brilliant book called, "Never Eat Alone," and
I highly encourage you to check it out.

Antonio Lucio read the book.

He's PepsiCo's Senior Vice President of Insights and Innovation. He was so
moved after reading it, Keith says he sent him a
brief list of beliefs.

I share some of them with you here:

+ Live to Wow the world....work, family and friends

+ Be curious about people and you will learn for life.

+ To build relationships you always need to add value first.

+ Do not ask to be mentored.... Build a relationship with
people you admire by advancing their
agenda... all else will follow

+ Follow through on your word and commitment always.

+ Vulnerability is an asset.... Not a weakness

Do yourself a favor: Start your own ritual of practicing
the above every day.

Because when you do, you are CERTAIN to attract more new
strategic alliances and client referrals.

Think about it and grow.

Private Reply to Lindy Asimus

Aug 10, 2007 3:41 amre: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Scott Allen

I understand and appreciate very much where you're coming from. Even though I count so many people here as friends and not just business associates, there's still only so much "just socializing" that a busy entrepreneur can handle during the day.

And yet, there was something that just kept nagging at me about your posts, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Well, I finally did...

"I'm wanting to network with those who are serious prospects."

OK... here's the thing...

No one is here on Ryze or any other networking site because they're looking to buy.

There is no such thing, I think, as "networking with serious prospects", because no one is a prospect at the point in time you're networking with them. That's not to say that people won't buy -- just that they're not here because they're looking to buy.

There's a temptation to try to turn everyone into a prospect, but doing so misses the mark, in my experience. You absolutely DO want to engage with the kind of people who could be "serious prospects", because people tend to know people like themselves. So the more people you meet like that, the more people you will meet like that. And that increases your pool of people who are potentially "serious prospects".

But if you approach them as prospects rather than simply focusing on developing the relationships, that turns most people off and will get you nowhere fast.

Maybe I'm reading too much into that one sentence, Katie, but that's what people tend to do online. ;-) So if I'm willing to articulate it, I reckon there are a bunch of other people thinking it, at least subconsciously. And that may not be at all what you meant, but I'm letting you know that that's how it comes across, so you might want to reconsider how you word it when you enter other networks and other sites.

Scott Allen
How I Became an A-List Blogger (And You Can Too)

Private Reply to Scott Allen

Aug 10, 2007 10:32 amre: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
Scott -

Part of what you are saying to Katie and to all of us I understand and yet life and time is very very short and shorter yet especially if you are living and working in New York City and vicinity - Someone pointed out to me the other day that RYZE New York City for all of the 8.5 million people in this area has perhaps the lowest overall RYZE participartion - quite unusual for a highly business oriented town and the answer or reason for that may be as simple an answer as I was given the other day by a neighbor as I attempted to keep pace with her and her husband as they were fast walking to the subway to get to work in Manhattan the other day and I was on a leisurely walk to the post office - in response to my question why they and so many other people in New York city don't even go on the Internet - no time - I asked then - well what is it that all of these people are doing with their time?

And here answer was - they are too busy making money - ------ ----- -----

So with the disparities in connections and opportunities in this world in this country and in this city - I believe that people enter this arena - a business networking arena (on-line) with hopes and dreams and challenges, difficulties and loves, wants, ideas and mysteries that they are faced with hoping to get some idea of what to do - how to make their business work even to the subsistance level - never mind growing their businesses to the heights of profitability as that of an Exxon or a Microsoft (although that would be nice) and they want answers - have questions - want to make things happen - want to understand how to do what it is that they see so many other people whose lives are written about and touted as seeds for those dreams and ideas that they have in their minds and hearts -

And then they find the RYZE networking arena and with all the force that they have they begin to attempt to connect with like minded people - get answers - let others know about what they have latched onto as their subway car to heaven and well there are so many people here with different understandings and ideas and concepts and sometimes they conflict with our new person to the business world and sometimes these people are able and willing to give help or worthwhile suggestions - but then again there is so much in the way of information people ideas and which way does a person turn - how can they turn down so many great opportunities and what do they do if that which they have based their dreams on and have put all they have both time and money wise and energy and dreams wise as well in - is not quite working out as was the plan?

Sure - get a coach - after you spend half of your life deciding which type of coach you are interested in and then perhaps come in contact with 100 of those types of coaches here on RYZE -

What are your strengths - where are your best chances of finding something that you love to do and being able to stick to doing that day and night for what 30 years? - 40 years? - 50 yerars - 60 or 70 or 80 years - ?

Ha - retirement - now that is a joke and what happens when a person reaches 60 70 80 ot 90 years old let alone 100 or 120 or even 150 as the trend towards longevity is pushing us towards?

And then relationship wise - can whoever you are in your main relationship in with handle - deal with - grow with that which you are doing or think that you have to do in order to build - grow - maintain - expand and then perhaps sell or pass on to a next generation (if there is such a next generation or will be such a generation in this world of terrorism) that which you are spending (or investing) so much of your precious time here on this planet on doing -

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmThis all separate from any psychological help in just maintaining some sort of stability in sucha constantly changin world -

finances- now there is a joke for the average working person let alone for the person who is attempting to jugle things or manage their money as they are starting a business - which new gadget do they need - how long can they make that old computer work before or until it becomes obsolete - or until the old one slows down their worl so much that they cannot simply compete -

and then in response to your next post about getting and evaluation on the linkedin networking group over there - well how about let's get all of the people on RYZE meshing in amore cohesive and better communicated way with more understandable and better functioning RYZE pages before we suck someone who has no clue as to what all of this networking stuff is all about before we stick the candy of more and better in their face andforce their focus to be disipated in yet another and then another and another direction -

Let's get one clear and concise picture down first before we move onto the next and thenext and the next networking group - and why would I want to join so many - if that group or networking system has something that this one doesn't can there be one that incorporates those features that the others have and grow that way?

Just a few questions - pointed of course in many directions to perhaps get a clearer picture ------

Thank goodness for Katie's question - since it has spurred the ability within me to express all of these questions and possibilites and I find it very interested that there has been no real attempt - discussion or way visible yet for what I suggested to take place here - no real networking (and that word does have a great number of meanins) effort or growth or concepts -

Would anyone care to begin to discuss either of the books that I mentioned above and come up with some ideas and then maybe the faintest hint of a plan to work on to really create a solid network???????

Please don't just read this as another post - but take it with you during your entire day and evening and while you sleep and dream and understand that we are in a most significant time in the history of mankind -

really really significant time where we can really make quantum leaps to the nth degree - (does anyone understand what that means and what the implications are for such growth and opportunity?) ---


Private Reply to Walter Paul Bebirian

Aug 10, 2007 12:56 pmre: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

*Katie Farmer
thanks everyone for the good ideas. I will take all the advice given and work on building relationships with other ryze networkers as well. I'm new to the business world to and just starting out.
I will have to check out the merchant circle Lindy.
Could you pm me the link for it?


Private Reply to *Katie Farmer

Aug 10, 2007 1:14 pmre: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
Does this mean the end - the end of the discussion - the end of the search the end of the dream the end of real networking to take place here?

To Quote Kelly - in his book - that I gave you a link to above:

"The only factor becoming scarce in a world of abundance is human attention."

or put another way - information consumes the attention of the recipient - and if you have enough information which is relevant to what any individual or group is interested in receiving - you then therefore have their attention -

thank you!



Private Reply to Walter Paul Bebirian

Aug 10, 2007 1:21 pmre: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
Perhaps PRego has the answer for you?:


it seems to follow the direction I indicated soemwhere above for a netwokring group to follow utizing the best of all the worlds that are in existence now -


Private Reply to Walter Paul Bebirian

Aug 10, 2007 3:00 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Lindy Asimus
Walter you have raised a lot of issues in this thread.
At almost 1am I think it is probably sensible for me to mull these over a bit before attempting to reply with the attention that your post deserves.

Perhaps what is lacking is not another "Social social networking site" but some practical strategies for laying out an action plan and enrolling those who want to make a commitment to test it out to step forward and do so.

Some basic areas would be good to have covered, for those who would want to participate in some kind of joint project. At the very least, they should be clear and concise in knowing what they do, how they do it and as in different ways you have, and Scott points out - who they do it for. Who are prospects - and who are not. Not yet, at any rate. There used to be a saying in the insurance industry, that a prospect was "anyone who could fog a mirror". Well it is glib and kind of sad/funny, but it isn't true. Not for insurance, and not for anything else.

As to your book recommendations, I am at the point where I have not the stomach for reading anything right now that speaks to global connectedness or the like. I am somewhat overdone with the Global, and ready to see a bit more concrete action on the Ground... Baby steps. Forward!


Private Reply to Lindy Asimus

Aug 10, 2007 3:48 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
perhaps if we have another thread on this network or else where on another network - we could have each individual post a list of the demographics or make-up of the potential cutomers that they are looking to reach - then after that each person could look and see whether they are seeking the smae target market as anyone else -

for example -

if I am going to chicken eaters that like to have hoy chili peppers on their chicken and another person is going for egg eater who use chili pepper on their eggs - the markets seem to be close but not exactly the same - perhaps there will be some overlap but not that much despite the fact that they both are looking to reach people who like hot chili peppers on different products from the poultry business - the chicken and the egg -

then I might also think that some of the plain chicken eaters - (perhaps there are many more of them than there are eater of chicken with chili peppers on them) to see if there is a way that I can introduce them to the idea of at least trying the plain chicken that they have been eating with hot chili peppers and that way I might therefore be expanding my market -

then there are the egg eaters - do they eat their eggs with the hot chili peppers on them when they are soft boiled - hard boiled -scrambled - sunny side up - diced and then can I introduce the idea to different restaurants for them to offer the choice of their eggs with the hot chili peppers - this might do well for a chain of restaurants -

what might this do for the sales in the restaurant chain - make the restaurant famous for the best eggs in the business -

or could the eggs with the hot chili peppers on them be used in products such as potato salad?

might this make one brand of red skin potato salad stand out above all others - especially if there is some heath benefits to eating food with the hot chli peppers on them -

in one case you looking for people who already fit a demographic statistic and in the other case you are introducing people who do not fit a demographic satistic to the concept and encouraging them to try the concept with the probability of at least some of them moving over to fitting your demographic statistic either soon or over a longer period of time -


Private Reply to Walter Paul Bebirian

Aug 10, 2007 7:35 pmre: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Marilyn Jenett

Hi Katie,

I would like to offer you a solution - what I believe is the true solution. Please try to grasp what I'm expressing here...

You see, I can sense that your mind is focused on weeding out the wrong people, on eliminating the people who are not serious. I am sure that is based on your experiences.

But as long as you maintain the thought of those people and the goal of avoiding them - guess what? You will continue to attract them to you. That is a very basic (and profound) mental and spiritual law.

Let me use an analogy. Let's say you want to eliminate debt. As long as you think of debt - consciously or subconsciously - you will continue to be in debt. Wanting to eliminate debt will not get rid of it.

Only by shifting our thoughts to those of prosperity, abundance, plenty - will we manifest the means to take care of debts.

But the thought of debt will only perpetuate the same undesirable condition.

So now let's get back to those people who are not serious, who need "weeding out." As long as you are thinking of having to weed out people, you will manifest more people that need to be weeded out. Get it?

So you should shift your thoughts and feelings completely to the right people...those who harmonize with you and succeed and prosper with you. Fill your thought life with plenty of wonderful people who are the perfect fit for you.

Dr. Joseph Murphy said that if you give a taxi driver two different addresses, you will never get to your destination. So you cannot waiver back and forth. Keep your thoughts only on what you want and you will attract it. If you keep your thoughts on what you DON'T want, you will attract that, too.

I came to Ryze four years ago and it changed my life. The success was dramatic. But that's because I only focused on being successful on Ryze, on meeting the right people who appreciated what I had to offer and who would benefit. I realize that every business is different. But the success doesn't come from the type of business. It comes from the type of mindset. When you become saturate with thought and feeling of what you WANT - and don't look the other way - you will have it. You will have the right business and the right people or your mind will guide you to them.

It doesn't start on Ryze. Ryze is not a cause. Ryze is an effect. The cause is within.


Feel Free to Prosper

Contact me about my small private mentoring groups.
Receive the benefits of personal mentoring but at a much lower cost than my one-on-one mentoring. The powerful Feel Free to Prosper lesson material is included

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Aug 10, 2007 7:53 pmre: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Walter Paul Bebirian
So well put Marilyn - thank you!!!!



Private Reply to Walter Paul Bebirian

Aug 10, 2007 8:34 pmre: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Marida Sapichino
Dear Marylin

Today was the day, I really needed to read your post. It is one I will remember.. I am one of those people who try to do way too much at one time... I am although, only focusing on what I believe in. I too am on ryze and wish to find those who can benefit from me and those who I also can learn from. I am very new to ryze and find it to be a wonderful place with great people. I consider my self lucky to have found such a place. I will in time find the right people. I am looking to share my thoughts my beliefs in my business and learn though all the experienced people here. You to me are one of them.

I thank you for your post. I have saved it to re-read again and again.

My Best

Private Reply to Marida Sapichino

Aug 21, 2007 10:50 pmre: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

*Katie Farmer
thanks I didn't think of that. your right Iwill reshift my focus and say I will meet the right people who will help me succeed. God will help bring them to me. I will start to be successful and prosper.

thanks for your input. this will help me refocus.

Private Reply to *Katie Farmer

Aug 23, 2007 3:37 amre: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


I think you have gotten a lot of good advice here. I would simply like to add to it. Rather that viewing Ryze as a solution to your need for more customers, see it as a tool that you can use to design a plan that results in more customers. What good is having pieces of a puzzle if you have no clue as to how they fit together? Ryze has numerous tools you can use to promote your business. Do you know what those tools are? Do you know how to use them? Do you have a PLAN to use them? If the answer to any of these questions is "No," I have good news. You can ask "how to" questions. Get answers and in the process build relationships and increase your knowledge at the same time.

I think you will find that most folks here on Ryze use more than Ryze in their PLAN. They use online resources like Skype for calling people, Squidoo for online lens creation, Odeo for the creation of audio website links and Youtube for online video placement. What's really important here is not simply the use of any one tool, but the design that is created. For more often than not, success comes by design...not by accident!

I wish you nothing but success. So, design for it. Plan your work...and work your plan.

Lamar Morgan
Attract more customers!

Private Reply to Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

Aug 23, 2007 4:30 amre: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Reg Charie
Ryze is a great place to "hang out" and build friendships.

Everything under the sun is discussed and the opportunity to make new friends is everywhere.

What you do with these contacts is up to you.

When I make a new contact or they join my network, I make my instant messenger info open to them if the wish to chat.

No sales pitch, just exchanging info about each other.

If you ask what I can offer a small business that is starting out, or one that wishes to go to the next level, I can often point you in the right direction, either using my services or in a "Do It Yourself" way.

I am always open to chatting, for whatever reason.

Help folks out, try to stay pleasant and upbeat, and Ryze will be good to you. I have about 80 domains hosted for Ryzers and more come in all the time.

Get a picture up, go Gold, start a network about something you understand, give to the community and you will prosper.


Private Reply to Reg Charie

Aug 24, 2007 3:57 pmre: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

*Katie Farmer
I've been reshifting stratgies as Marilyn suggested. I'm making really great strides with it. thanks Marilyn for helping me get refocused and changing my thinking and my stratgies to be a success in business. for showing me its building relationships thats the most important investment you can make. the rest will fall into place.

Private Reply to *Katie Farmer

Aug 31, 2007 12:35 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Marilyn Jenett

Walter, Marida and Katie,

Thank you so much for your acknowledgments. I had not returned to this network since I posted - until now - so I just saw your posts.

Marida and Katie, I'm delighted that I was able to offer benefit to you. That's really what the others have been suggesting all along - find ways to give of yourself in the networking environment.

I believe we should also promote and sell our products and services - after all, this IS networking for business. The right people will gravitate to you and buy from you if you let your light shine in other ways and let them know you do want to benefit them.

I am going to send you a private message also.


Marilyn Jenett

P.S. I am offering a Holiday HALF PRICE Sale on the top two Feel Free to Prosper Audio Programs - this week only!
Click here for details:

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Aug 31, 2007 5:31 pmre: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Chris Wolfeagle
I think you just keep it real and
build relationships.

I am in different network communities.
We see each other at these other networks
and at ryze. It's fun.

Invite your friends to ryze as you
meet them and share what you do
that has a value for everyone.

Such as I am in the Shameless Self
promotion telecalls every Sunday
and this is just another way
of getting to know others. They are
on Ryze too and if not we invite them.

Relationship building is the key for me and of course
referrals. I love referrals and give them too.

Much Love

BOOKS and AUDIOS Do you read books? This Rocks!

Private Reply to Chris Wolfeagle

Jan 25, 2009 11:53 pmre: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


It's not easy to find evidence of folks willing to network. But, I can show you evidence of folks willing to give each other a "mutual uplift."

Back in 2006, the Fox News Network came to a small town in Northern California to address a parade crowd. This was the result of a letter-writing campaign begun by just 30 high school students. What made the campaign a success was not the cooperation or interest of the local citizenry. That was nonexistent. Instead, it was caring Ryzers from around the world who wanted those kids to be successful in their effort. Want proof? Visit Middletown Days 2007. (This Squidoo lens is actually promoting an event that took place two years ago.)

Just this past October, Ryzers again stepped forward to help a local shopping center have a successful grand opening. All each Ryzer did was write a "Dear Editor" letters. However, those letters not only helped to entice a large crowd to show up, but garnered local news coverage of the event. See for yourself at Hardesters Shopping Center Grand Opening Promotion.

What can you do to entice serious business networking with regard to your business? I have a few suggestions:

1) Learn how to become a "go-to" person. Get a copy of the book, The Heart and Art of Netweaving and read it. You can do that by going to Netweaving.com.

2) Get yourself a Twitter.com account and start following folks and twittering (140 character messages). As Twitter will demonstrate to you, the best way to build an audience is to begin by becoming one for someone else.

3) Follow me on Twitter at lamarjmorgan. Send me a direct message your would like for me to re-tweet (share with my audience) and I will gladly do it.

Ryzers can and will help each other out. You simply need to find the right folks. If you find folks who really do CARE, really do want to CONNECT and have a GOOD PLAN for achieving a particular goal, you're all set.

Good luck.

Lamar Morgan
CDMM - Synergistic Business Marketing
Attract more customers!

Private Reply to Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

Feb 20, 2009 5:20 pmHow do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Paul Finkelstein

Patience. Persistence. And Followup.
All three are critical.
Especially FU <--Followup!!

Kindest regards,

Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein

Mar 09, 2009 12:56 pmFU=?/ How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Paul Finkelstein

FU= Follow up is so important! :)


In 1998 if I could put a photo online and get a few dates, pick one for a wife, and celebrate our 10th anniversary Sept 09 , then why not do the same social networking for business and more??? I help co-moderate the entrepreneur network*Fun & Rewarding!*

Kindest regards,
VH Network co - moderator (of profile reviews)

Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein

Mar 09, 2009 8:43 pmre: FU=?/ How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Ilka Flood
That is soooo cool, Paul. Congratulations to you and Sara!!

Follow up is very important. However, often the intentions are good, but follow through not so much. If you don't have a great system to follow up with your customers/clients/prospects than they will still fall through the cracks.

When I first started in this industry about 10 years ago, I used a 'harmonica folder' with dates from 1 to 31. I would call my leads, write down the info and what was said and then drop them in a pocket dated 3 days later as the date I called them the first time. I would go through the folder on a daily basis and call the leads (or follow up) on that specific date. It worked great back then.

These days of course we do everything on the computer. But it can work just as well. For instance we can set reminders in our email clients or contact managers.

Point is...the money is in the follow up.

Our customers, clients or prospects are on a different time table than we are and we never know WHEN they are ready to order or join our business. So we have to stay constantly infront of them.

I started off January with an almost $500 order from a customer who hadn't ordered anything in two years...just because I sent her a little Christmas card :)


Ilka ;o)

Ilka Flood

Private Reply to Ilka Flood

May 24, 2009 1:02 am How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Paul Finkelstein

Add to a couple of conversations just TWICE a month here and in time you will meet other REAL people on the other end. :)
It is my hope we ALL meet and connect with someone NEW /a friend /biz relationship this month of May 2009.


"Put Your BEST Face Forward! BIG SMILE :) HUGE!"
"Live Where The Sun Spends The Winter On The Beaches Of The World!"
* http://paulstevenphotography.com/ "Pictures Are Forever!"

Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein

Apr 06, 2022 2:32 pmre: How do you gain serious prospects on the Ryze?#

Paul Finkelstein

Good questions and replies here

Fb page: http://www.facebook.com/paulstevenfinkelstein
li: http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulfinkelstein
fb profile: http://www.facebook.com/planaborc
t: http://www.twitter.com/paulsteven

Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein

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