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Converting Hits to ClientsViews: 1905
Aug 13, 2007 6:48 pmConverting Hits to Clients#

Andy Craig
I have a question. Any thoughts from anyone on converting hits to clients. I have noticed that I have received a small number of hits on my website the past couple of months (about 50 per month). However, none of them are looking for more info. I thought this might be because I have the price posted on my site and it might be perceived as a little high. So, I am having my web guy removed the price and have it say contact us for more detail/info. Any thoughts as to how to convert these hits. My main goal is to get a potential client on the phone and talk about what they are looking for. Once I have them on the phone, I know I can help them. I am VERY good at what I do. You can see for yourself at www.personalizedmotivation.com. Please look at the site and provide any feedback you may have.


Andy Craig
Personalized Motivation

Private Reply to Andy Craig

Aug 13, 2007 8:35 pmre: Converting Hits to Clients#

Fred Keller
Hello Andy,

That's a great question!

Most people find themselves asking that same one .......but .... it is a big, (giant) step from someone:
a) finding your site to start with among the 56-or so million out there to
b) translating what your service can do for them to
c) opening their cash box to you.

Many times people don't know they don't know their weaknesses. (some call it their 'blind spot')

So they - your target audience - think what you do doesn't apply to them. :o) That makes it a very tough sell for you.

Consider the magnet: does it chase after the iron filings? No - it draws the filings that are in range to it.

So too, your website must perform 2 basic functions:

1) bring your target audience into range
2) draw them to the site as a pre-sold, warm market.

It's quite easy to do when you have all of the pieces together as you do.

You have 90% ..... and the other 10% can be obtained. You can turn things around - but it will take some time and effort.

Touch on the link below - see some great concepts you can research that I know will provide a few Nuggets for you.

Hope this is helpful to you.

Good Fortune to You.



Private Reply to Fred Keller

Aug 14, 2007 1:36 amre: Converting Hits to Clients#

Denise O'Berry
Andy --

Looks to me like your biggest issue is that your website looks like a typical corporate site. It's all about you, not about your prospect's pain or issues.

Here are a couple of suggestions.

1. Start sending out a "tip of the week." Put a sign up box on your front page. That way you'll get interested prospects.

2. Put an analytics program on your site such as Google Analytics and start tracking where your visitors come from and what they do once they get to your site.

Best regards,

Denise O'Berry
Network Leader

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Aug 14, 2007 2:13 amre: Converting Hits to Clients#

Reg Charie
Hi Andy,
I took a look at your site and agree with Denise.
You have to focus on answering the question "What is in this site for me BEFORE telling visitors what you do.

It has been proven that having prices results in more sales.

You also need a way to pay online. Sites that actively sell or offer a means of payment are 1500 times more likely to get the sale.

Advertising online is a numbers game and you need to use your metrics to figure out how people get to your site. Where they are coming from or what search terms they use to find you.

Your web-stats program should tell you this.
If it is a comprehensive stats program you will be able to see referring links and search terms used to find your site.
Another stats program can be found at http://crazyegg.com They offer a free tracker that shows where people click when on your website.
This is great for refining your page layout so you direct people where you want them.

50 a month is a small number. You need to get more links to your site out there.

Getting someone to phone you from reading your site's material is one of the hardest things to do and the best way is to make it part of the "order" process.
The order process is not necessarily to order your services, it could be to "order" something free that you are offering.


Private Reply to Reg Charie

Aug 14, 2007 2:21 amre: re: Converting Hits to Clients#

Lindy Asimus
1500 times? Reg did you make that up? ;-) Sounds very official...

Like they all said, getting traffic is important (see the Merchant Circle banner on my profile page if you want some free help with that) and writing to address from your potential customers point-of-view too. Personally, I like to get some 'vibe' of who I would be working with when deciding whether products from a site are for me.

If interacting with visitors to your site is important (and I think it should be important for us all - I may even take this advice myself before I'm done...) there are chat applications that you can code into your site that are probably a good idea if you are online a fair bit. Here's one I googled up at random http://www.live2support.com/


Private Reply to Lindy Asimus

Aug 14, 2007 3:41 amre: re: re: Converting Hits to Clients#

Reg Charie
>>1500 times? Reg did you make that up? ;-) Sounds very official...
It was in a ecommerce report that I read a few years ago and discussed in a forum. It made sense and stuck in my mind.

Actively selling establishes a certain level of credibility as well as making getting the product easy. You are selling your "image" more than your product at first.

The Live Support is good but only if you are in front of your computer enough to support it.

I find that putting my instant messenger information on my "Contact Us" page works well also .


Private Reply to Reg Charie

Aug 15, 2007 4:26 pmre: Converting Hits to Clients#

Biana Babinsky

Very few people will contact you immediately about buying your services. A service is a high ticket item, so your potential customers need some time to think/get to know you before buying your services.

How do you get people to buy your services? Here are some tips to help you:

- Draw them into your circle of influence by offering them something for free to register for your e-mail list. The freebie can be a report, an audio recording, or anything else that will take you one time to produce and then people can download without your direct involvement.

- Send out your newsletter on a regular basis. According to some research I have seen, people need to hear about you 7 times(!!) on average, before buying. Keep in touch with your subscribers, share useful information and remind them about your services. This will help you turn some of them into buyers.

- Create other products. Many of your subscribers will never buy your services, but they may buy cheaper products, such as special reports, ebooks, teleseminars, etc. Create other products based on your expertise to create multiple streams of income and get more buyers.

- Get more traffic. As someone already said, 50 visitors a month is not too many. You need many more to get customers.

Use online marketing techniques such as search engine optimization, ezine publishing, blogging and other to get more web site traffic and clients.

My free report, Top Strategies To Get Service Clients Online shows you the step-by-step approach for getting clients online. You can get the report at http://www.avocadoconsulting.com/free_report.html.

Biana Babinsky
FREE Report, "Top Strategies To Get Service Clients Online"

Private Reply to Biana Babinsky

Sep 16, 2007 3:46 pmre: re: Converting Hits to Clients#

Zannie Rose
yes, my idea would also be to have a way of capturing their interest first, and gathering their email thru offering a free report or something else of value
and at times it is about being patient too
I offer a free e-course from my website and it was two years later when one of the readrs booked a sessin with me
so take into account that your webite needs to sow a lot of seeds with poople even if they do visit

do today what others dont and have tomorrow what others wont

Private Reply to Zannie Rose

Dec 10, 2007 8:55 pmre: Converting Hits to Clients#

Andy Greider
Howdy Andy-

Just a quick thought to add to the others already coming in right on target...

Giving a client an idea of what the personalized touch feels like - and what the benefits others have experienced have been - will help. Having audio and video testimonials also will assist - it build cache and rapport for you with those you covet.

I'd also recommend making an offer of something like an e-Book - I use EbookPro - www.marketingbooster.biz - as it allows for tracking once the free info is out the door. If the book is forwarded to a friend...it helps keep that all recorded and documented so I can increase my potential pool of clients - and not have to build it through straight site traffic.

Finally, I'd also recommend to you in full that you possibly help qualify your visitors - with something like Survey Monkey or the like - where you ask them specific questions pertaining to their pain points - and then use that info in the first calls with them or contacts through email.

If you'd like more ideas, ping me back and we can talk.


Andy Greider
Home Business Owner and Coach (www.saveyourbottomline.com)
Entreprenuer, Marketing and Business Consultant (www.carrollwhite.com)
Radio Show Host, Author (www.uniquenessispower.com)

Private Reply to Andy Greider

Dec 15, 2007 4:40 pmre: Converting Hits to Clients#

Kurt Schweitzer
First off, 50 hits per month is minuscule. I'm getting 45 unique visitors per day, and even that is barely enough to start drawing conclusions about what to do to improve my site. (It's at http://urbanvillagescooters.com if you'd like to see what I'm talking about.)

Second, under NO circumstances should you be worried about your price. Focus instead on the value you bring to your clients, and how your products and services are DIFFERENT from everyone else's. If what you offer is available at hundreds of other places, you can use your prices to help close a sale. Especially if you're selling your products online via e-commerce software.

If your product is highly customized you might give prices as part of a case study to say "I helped this customer solve this problem and it only cost him this much." Otherwise I'd avoid talking about price, and focus on VALUE instead.

Third, a site with a name like "Personalized Motivation" should reflect some personalization. Yours looks cookie-cutter corporate. At a minimum you should include pictures of yourself in action instead of those stock photos.

To me, the "Andy Craig" page is the heart of your site. You could get rid of every other page and your site would be just as effective. Probably even more so, because visitors wouldn't have to dig to find it.

Your testimonial page a) isn't a testimonial, it's an article, and b) it's hard to read. Use larger fonts (for those of us who wear glasses) and space out the paragraphs for more readability. It should be as important as your intro, but right now I bet it turns people off more than it helps.

Finally, keep the customer in mind. Even when you're talking about yourself, do it in terms of what you can provide to the customer, how you can solve the customer's problems.

I hope this helps!

Kurt Schweitzer
Urban Village Scooters

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