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It's Saturday and Time to AdvertiseViews: 442
Oct 06, 2007 6:58 pmIt's Saturday and Time to Advertise#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

What do you need to advertise to the members of this network? Do you operate a small business that could use a few more customers? Do you host an online talk show that could use a few more listeners? Whatever your commercial business advertising need is, Saturday is your day to advertise that need on this network. Please take advantage of it. Just be sure to add your commercial ad to this single thread rather than starting one all your own.

Every Saturday I will start a new thread for commercial ads. Keep in mind you have four different ways you can advertise - plain text, HTML, audio link and video link. All free. While it is true you need to be a Ryze gold member to use its HTML editor, you can get around this by requesting someone who is a Ryze gold member (like me) post your display ad for you. I will be more than happy to do that. Just ask me via a private message. I will give you my personal email address. You send me the picture as an email attachment. I will load your picture to my server and get the job done for you on this network. I have done this for others. I will gladly do it for you. Just ask.

Happy business networking!

Lamar Morgan
Network Moderator

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Oct 06, 2007 7:33 pmADV: Outsource Your Marketing Needs To CDMM And Get Some Needed Synergy#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

Is your marketing approach synergistic? That is to say is it connected in such a way that you are getting MORE than your money's worth rather than less? Remember the song that spoke of your bones being connected and that those bone walk around? Well, if your marketing is not connected synergistically, those bones are not walking. You are no doubt wasting valuable time and money.

People do not care that you spent money to get their attention. No one reads the newspaper, listens to the radio or watches TV because you advertised to them. The only way to MAKE people care about what you have to offer is to CONNECT. And, SYNERGY helps to make that happen.

If you need to CONNECT with an audience, contact CDMM.

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Oct 07, 2007 2:11 amre: ADV: Dr. Ann de Wees Allen#

Lajon Webb
Dr. Ann de Wees Allen
Super Sunday – 21st August, 2007

Shalom, they call me the Alpha Scientist. I own a nutraceuticals company; I own a Human testing facility in the University of Florida and have hundreds of researchers working under me. I have spent 24 years of my life in medicine quantifying scientific and medical breakthroughs. As you have heard I received the first glycemic patent worldwide and I received the first patent on L- Arginine in the production of the anti-aging hormones for growth hormone and testosterone, which are the main mechanism of aging. I am a multi-millionaire many times over for my patents. One of my patents was named breakthrough product of the year by success magazine and I beat Bill Gates out that year for the award. It is always nice to beat Bill Gates at anything I think the message I want to deliver is: I am head of the Agel Medical Advisory Board, the Scientific Advisory Board so anything that goes in your mouth is my responsibility. I take that real seriously. So in order for you to trust the products, you need to trust me. And in order to trust me you need to know who I am and what I stand for. That is the most important thing.

Here is the point: when people are interested in joining Agel, in taking the products, they want to know who are the people behind the products. Who are they? And it is my job to make sure that you have an answer that will knock their socks off. It is my job to make sure that our science in this company has no holes to be poked in it.

To me this isn't really an MLM company, that's just the marketing form. This is a futuristic scientific corporation. MLM is just marketing. So at the peak of my scientific and medical career, I chose an MLM company. What does that mean? Now my fellow researchers at the National Institute of Health said to me: "Are you nuts? Are you crazy? You can make a lot of money with what you're doing. In the NIH or pharmaceutical company or whatever…" But as Randy explains, sometimes, you are lucky enough to be in the right place on this universe at the right time at cortex. And that cortex is Agel. It is at the right time and the right place and it is about to explode.

Let's go over some of the patents that I have, that I have licensed to Agel, not to a pharmaceutical company but to Agel. Yeah, Ok,. these are our new genetic patents: African-American polymorphisms, Sickle cell – I have filed 3 patents on Sickle cell and Thalassemia, which was offered to be bought by a pharmaceutical company for $250,000,000. And I licensed it to A gel for ZERO.

Ok. Nothing.

And that is a true Mitzva because a pharmaceutical company is going to take your product and make it only available to the Elite. I don't like that. I don't want to play that game. This year my team found the treatment for Thalassemia and Sickle cell, which we will probably win the Nobel Prize for. These types of patents, and research and science have been licensed to an MLM company is reeking havoc in the scientific community, I can tell you.

We got a call from a little group of bankers, which said: "what did you do with those patents?" I said: "Well, we licensed them to Agel." " An MLM company?" "Yeah, yeah, licensed it to Agel." And they said: "Ok well, we want in on it. " That company is called JP Morgan!

Ok., Mitochondrial D.N.A and Alzheimer: They recently found out that the cause of Alzheimers is low-growth hormone. I happen to be a growth hormone specialist for 20 years. We received the first glycemic patent and growth hormone patent award worldwide and so what we are doing now in genetic polymorphisms and Alzheimer is looking for where nutritional adjuncts – not drugs – that can change the mechanistic behavior of genetic diseases and aging diseases such as Alzheimer. That puts all of these patents into your hands! And that is why JP Morgan and every other banking financial institute in the world, is watching to see what Agel does. This is the time to get in the company. As I said, I could be with any corporation in the world, as I wanted to be, I could charge anything I wanted to. I chose to be in Agel because they have the right legs to get me where I want to go, which is getting out these patents and research to as many people worldwide as we can. I did not spend 20 years of blood sweat and tears to give away my life's work to a cold-hearted pharmaceutical company. That's what I meant.

Not only did I come wit h Agel, but my partners at the National Institute of Health, came with me. So now the top researchers in the world, in all aspects of medicine, have followed me over here, are in Agel. And I am going to introduce you to those people: this is the research team that I brought with me to Agel. These are the top scientists in the world in their fields. There is no company in the world, whether it is pharmaceutical or nutraceuticals that has this quality of scientists. When people say to you, Ok. that sounds like a good marketing plan or company, why don't you show them the science, the science behind the company, the scientists, the patents, and the research – 90 years of research.

Dr. Claire Francomano M.D. – No. 1 genetic researcher in the world. Had a huge career in NIH. And she just recently resigned from NIH to join me here in Agel. Medical advisory board for John Hopkins. Graduated at the top of her class. Complete, total genius. Nobody in her field at NIH is higher than she is, in terms of expertise in genetics.

Next person: Dr. Randall Maxey. M.D Ph.D in cardiovascular pharmacology.
Leading cardiovascular expert in the world and kidney expert. He is the former president of the African-American medical association. He just won the lifetime achievement of work from the White House for Genetic diseases in African-Americans. Dr. John Abernethy Dr. of medicine from the University of Florida. One of the kindest, gentlest human beings I have ever met in my life.

Well, this is my team. And this is who brings you the products at Agel. And I dare to have anyone poke a hole in these scientists.

You can't poke holes in good science. If you understand who are the scientists behind the prod ucts that is more important than understanding the minutia of how to take the products. Those you could definitely learn at any point.

It is my job to educate you, and teach you how your body works and what you should be putting into it to stay alive as long as possible and ward off disease. So now the scientists that you have met are the only scientists in the world who have discovered the key-code to the fat zone. That's what all those patents are for. So the next progression in terms of delivery of molecules and one in which the most amount of patents are being filed right now, worldwide, billions of dollars are being spent on the newest delivery system for nutrients.

Because tablets and capsules are really really antiquated. That delivery system is like a bicycle compared to Ferrari. It just isn't cutting it…
Almost every multivitamin I see, in a health-food store, has Iron in it.

Oh, not a good idea. Do you know that Iron is a contin gent of males and causes cardiovascular disease in men? Not one man in this audience can take Iron in a capsule or a vitamin. No Iron! Every multivitamin has Iron in it.
Do you know why the do it? Because you don't know the difference. But if you'd know the difference, you would say: "I refuse to buy that".

So the products that you see in the health-food store and the GNC I consider to be extremely dangerous. Pretty soon, you will not see any tablets and capsules they will be totally irrelevant. So the most advance technology in delivery systems is Gel Technology. So I spent years trying to figure out how to take an L-Arginine molecule and stabilize it in a gel suspension matrix. I'd have to study another 20 years to try and figure it out.

But then I heard of a company that has conquered Gel Technology. It was called Agel. The point is that if you can take something a molecule, such as an Arginine molecule, and you can suspend it in a gel, it is really a three dimensional utilization of capturing that nutrient so it is not oxidizing.

Exposed to air.

Tablets and capsules are completely antiquated. In fact by the time they have processed it in the laboratory, it is not bio-available any more. The only way to suspend it and have it is alive and actually completely bio available is Gel Micro emotions. Now Agel has conquered that more profoundly than any group of researchers worldwide. I don't care if it is NIH or a pharmaceutical company who spent billions; they haven't been able to do what Agel has done with Gel Technology. So for me it was a great marriage that I was going to take my patents and my nutrients and put them into Agel's Gel Technology, which is like suspended animation.

It suffices to say that the Agel products are the only suspension gel technology, which I consider to be efficacious. And somebody in the lecture last night said, "well, are there other companies that make gels?" "Oh well, we can make pudding too! A cat can have her kittens in the oven but they doesn't make them biscuits". So the point is, it is the technology; it is the intellectual property, it is what is at the guts of a company. What does Agel have? The most scientifically advanced technology patents and research than any company in the world.

You combine those 2 things, the science and the company and you have an
unbeatable company. This company is going places.

And I am Agel and proud to be Agel. And as I said to my husband last night:
"this is a tough world, you have got to be Agel to survive.

http://www.GlycemicResearchLaboratories.com (see About Us)
http://www.Glycemic.com (Cephalic Seal)

Here is some information on our project. Please review it in its entirety and let me know if it makes sense to you!

The Agel Phenomenon! - http://www.ageldvd.com

Watch the Agel Phenomenom Today! and then email me at lajon@comcast.net or call me at (707) 416-8558.

Have an AWESOME day and May God richly bless you!
Lajon Webb - (707) 416-8558 Cell - Fairfield, California U.S.A.
Call (877) 248-7063 and then go to http://www.ageldvd.com

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