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Manifesting With Natural Ease
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You Don't Attract What You Want. You Attract What You Are.Views: 857
Oct 29, 2007 9:45 pmYou Don't Attract What You Want. You Attract What You Are.#

Marilyn Jenett

On another network recently, someone mentioned about "rolling with the punches" in life. Another member responded with...

"Marilyn will have to validate this, but as I understand the Law of Attraction, if you choose to "roll with the punches" the Universe will likely give you punches to roll with. How funny is that?"

So of course I had to join in and asked...

"I wonder what happened to all the viewers who watched that old TV commercial a zillion times: 'How about a nice Hawaiian punch?' Heh, heh."

Now the real topic of the thread was...

"Do you ever think about what you want your life to be like in five years? One year?"

Of course the prosperity teacher in me saw a challenge in this question and I had to respond. This is a bit profound for those new to these principles, but read it over a couple of times. You'll get it. :-)

When we "want" something, it's giving the message to the mind and the Universe that we don't have it. And the law is that we attract what we "already have" in consciousness.

Dr. Joseph Murphy: "We don't attract what we want, we attract what we are."

It took me years to REALLY get that. We attract what we are in consciousness. Period.

So the way to really manifest our desire is to think and feel that we already have it...as Dr. Murphy would say, "Feel the joy of the answered prayer." Live in the state of the fulfilled desire, feel the reality of the goal accomplished.

THAT's the key to manifesting what we want.

We were discussing this in one of my private telephone groups yesterday. First I had them reach a certain state. I had everyone imagine that all of their needs and wants were met in this moment of time - mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually - I wanted them to let go of all sense of "needing" or "wanting" anything and in the NOW moment feel complete satisfaction, complete fulfillment. Complete relaxation.

So, now there was nothing to want. However, now in this fulfilled state, they could create anything at all. That is the nature of life is to keep creating and expanding and growing. So if all of our desires were fulfilled, the next step would be to create something new. Just like when we attain a goal, we then go for another goal. And in a relaxed, calm state we can create - without static and distraction from negative thoughts or feelings.

So, when the students reached that completely fulfilled state, I had them pick one thing that they wanted to create in the near future. But I had them create it in consciousness (thought and feeling) NOW. Again, there was no "wanting", "needing" or "desiring." There was only the creating - in that moment. There was only experiencing the creation itself.

I had each person create their scene and describe it as it was happening in that moment - but it was important that they get out of their heads and completely into their feelings - what they were feeling as they experienced the created event. Whenever they would describe it like it was "out there," I kept bringing them back to what they were feeling in that moment as the event was happening. They were there, immersed in the role. Immersed in their feelings. It was incredible - there were tears of joy, feelings of overwhelm (positive), deep feelings of gratitude.

These students were LIVING their desire, not wanting it. Why would we want something that we already have? I would bet that each of these students will see their creation appear in the physical world in a very short time. I told them to repeat this creative exercise as they fell asleep at night.

And what is most interesting is this...when this does happen - when our creation does appear physically - it won't even seem like a manifestation. It will seem like there is nothing unusual going on. That is what happens when we have already accepted our desire in consciousness. It's like it's just the normal flow of things. But then we look back at the whole thing and say, Wow, I created that - first in consciousness, then it appeared in my world.

Words and affirmations are powerful - you have heard me say that. But just ONE moment of feeling the reality of your desire is more powerful than a thousand affirmations.

So don't "want" it. Own it. Be it. Experience it.

As the greatest teacher of manifestation, Neville, advised: Ask yourself, "How would I feel if...?"

~ Marilyn

Copyright 2007 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved.

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Feel Free to Prosper

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