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Using Prosperity Principles for Health and HealingViews: 1133
Nov 21, 2007 6:52 pmUsing Prosperity Principles for Health and Healing#

Marilyn Jenett

In our Gratitude Workshop this week, Julie asked a very thoughtful question...

"I'm eager to know, when faced with undeniable truths (i.e., symptoms like a Parkinson's patient's tremors), particularly when one must thinkingly perform actions (i.e., a diabetic needing to test blood or take insulin) in response to those symptoms, how we can eliminate the thoughts that attract more of the negative? If we perform the requisite acts which, in and of themselves, force us to acknowledge the problem, how do we prevent that "negative" thinking from further attracting more of the problem? (I hope my question isn't too abstract. I'm sure it will be covered in your future explanations.)"

I felt that the subject of physical health and bodily conditions was worth it's own thread here on the network, so I removed it from the Gratitude topic and placed it here.

First, an in-depth answer, then a short form answer...

Julie, I'm not sure if you really meant your question to relate to health conditions or if you were just using that as an extreme example, but I will follow through with the subject of health since you brought it up.

In the area of health conditions, that's a whole topic itself and would take a great deal of time to elaborate in detail on this thread. However, give thanks that my previous writings on the topic are available. :-) I will add some stream of consciousness thoughts here as well.

Below are two links where you will find my information about this and which at the very least, will give you the faith this it IS possible for our mind and consciousness to heal our physical bodies - and to heal others! Of course, we know that there are conditions that may be advanced and cannot be healed physically, but in those cases, there can be a mental, emotional and spiritual healing. But there is no doubt that physical healing CAN occur - in one of the two ways that I mention in my article below. You won't have to take my word for it...you'll meet renowned medical doctors who support the facts.

(1) This article I wrote has been highly praised:

Cosmic Relief: Healing Through Mental and Spiritual Law

(2) Tribute to one of my teachers, Champion K. Teutsch, PhD, of international renown, here on my network:

The tribute begins...

One of my own personal teachers, Champion K. Teutsch, PhD, together with his late wife, Joel Marie Teutsch, became famous when they authored, "From Here to Greater Happiness or How to Change Your Life for Good", which permanently changed for good the lives of hundreds of thousands of grateful readers all over the world.

Later, Joel Marie Teutsch’s masterful presentation entitled "Your Right to Perfect Health: Mental and Spiritual Healing Principles and Champion K. Teutsch’s Non-Medical Answers to Cancer, Heart Disease and Other Conditions", included professional secrets of this pioneer couple and outstanding success stories.

You can read the details about Champion and Joel Marie and their groundbreaking work in these two posts:



Spontaneous memories of two profound experiences here on Ryze...

There was one woman on Ryze who was in a life threatening situation. This was a few years ago, early in my FFTP career on Ryze. I offered to work with her at no charge in return for her testimonial if we created a healing. Within two weeks of applying my lessons and letting me mentor her, she informed me that her doctors were baffled and couldn't believe what was happening. Suddenly there were reversals (good) in her most serious lab tests. Her body was responding to the lesson work. She was very excited.

This woman had previously had the very damaging habit of posting about her illnesses and life threatening situation on a Ryze network (which is how I knew about her). My program required that she stop that immediately and she did - for awhile. Shortly after the medical "miracle" began to take place, I happened to spot a post of hers in which she was again discussing her old problems. Our deal was that she was not to discuss or refer to her condition ever. That is one of the most important components of the healing process.

I stopped working with her. I was not going to put my time into this situation because I realized that this woman was using her illness to get attention and sympathy. She was not ready to have her healing. It was more important to her to have the world commiserate with her.

And yet what had transpired was indeed a miracle to me and gave me proof of the validity of my beliefs and my teachings.

Also, around that time, a young woman on Ryze was disabled since very young. She was only in her 20s. Her Ryze profile page listed her condition and all her disability details. I took a chance and wrote to her. I told her to remove any and every reference to her disability from her Ryze page or anywhere else. I explained to her how it was perpetuating her condition.

I didn't know how she would respond. We communicated and she did exactly as I recommended. I put her on my lessons. I was thrilled to see how she completely healed herself after years of debilitating bodily function. Her life changed. She started a website to help disabled people. She was glowing. I believe that from the time she was young, her subconscious accepted the fact that she was disabled. But this young woman was ready to release her beliefs. She wanted a healing. She opened her mind to receive it.

One of my greatest life moments was when a network moderator asked her members to name their women heroes, historical or current. Andrea, the woman who had experienced her healing, listed four women and I was one of them. I was touched beyond description.

Isn't that interesting how I was drawn to these opposite situations? Both of these women were MY teachers.

Now, the short answer :-)

So, Julie, my short form answer is simply this, and this relates to any area of life, not just matters of health:

The success of my Feel Free to Prosper program is based on simple techniques that allow desired thoughts to be instilled in the subconscious mind, thus creating a new dominant thought. At the beginning, when students start applying the lessons, they are surrounded by their own personal "undeniable truths," as you put it. And to each individual, those appearances are probably just as important as any you describe.

But as they apply the principles, something miraculous happens...they discover the truth of what I have been telling them: that we have the ability to change and alter our "truth" at any time. When we are using prosperity principles to change our deep beliefs, we are not lying. We are creating a new reality. That new reality then becomes our undeniable truth - the one we desire. I want to repeat that: The new reality then becomes our undeniable truth - the one we desire.

What you are referring to are the conscious thoughts that cannot see beyond appearances. But when you have a marriage of the conscious and subconscious minds - when both agree on the same idea - your desire is manifest. Your subconscious mind becomes your friend and opens up the pipeline to the Universal wisdom that has all the answers and solutions.

So my answer to "how" to do that? Well, if one is really serious about changing their truth and reality, I of course recommend the Feel Free to Prosper program. Of course there are many other teachers and programs available, and I believe that our intuition attracts us to the source of wisdom that is right for us at a particular time.

Although what you have learned in this thread about gratitude is extremely important, and although I share a lot of other knowledge publicly, my most effective gift to others is the lesson material that the Universe gave me that is contained in my programs. That is the proprietary material that is reserved for my students.

So I invite everyone who resonates to my teachings to find their answers with my programs.

You can find all my program and product offerings at...


~ Marilyn

Marilyn Jenett, Founder and Mentor, the Feel Free to Prosper Program
Website: http://www.FeelFreetoProsper.com
Ryze Network: http://prosper-network.ryze.com
Programs and Products: http://www.feelfreetoprosper.com/products.html

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