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How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)Views: 1327
Nov 27, 2007 8:21 amHow do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)#

Dave Charbonneau
Subject: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?'

Ours is a newer company and since the first day, 100% of our paying clients have come from referrals.

As such, we're looking to approach 'Business Promotion' specialists (e.g. PR, radio/print, marketing, consulting) in our becoming an active resource to them.

Here's the skinny: I know when I open an email or letter, in my mind it starts out as junkmail from the begining; guilty before proven innocent.

How do you suggest I approach other professionals without appearing to be the 'used car salesman' - thus wasting their time and mine?

What would YOU want to see in a potential partnership? What makes you stand up and pay attention to a solicitation? When you open an email, answer a call, or open a letter, what comes across to you as something of value?

Thanks for your input.


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Nov 27, 2007 7:55 pmre: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)#

Kurt Schweitzer

Cold calling works, IF you have a product or service that the person you're calling is interested in. A cold call can get you a meeting, then use the meeting to make the pitch.

Be sure to call them at work. Also, know your prospect, at least well enough to call at a time of day when they're not likely to be busy.

Small businesses are best to cold call - fewer gate keepers.

Kurt Schweitzer
Urban Village Scooters

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Nov 27, 2007 11:36 pmre: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)#

Joni Garcia

I am a member of your target audience. I went to your website and it took me quite a while to figure out what it was that you did exactly and what it is that you offer that would be of value to me. Even now, I'm still not quite sure.

My suggestion would be to revamp your website to make it (a) more professional and (b) be very, very clear (and much sooner in the presentation) about WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME and why your offering is better than other options.

Many times we marketers need to persuade others on our team to buy-in to a new venue/concept. I'd also keep that in mind: help us make the case.

Private Reply to Joni Garcia

Nov 28, 2007 1:36 am re: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)#

Dave Charbonneau
Thanks, Kurt.

Oh, I can't stand the cold-call. It reminds me of me 'employed' days. Some people love it. I love people. I almost always have positive experiences when doing it. Just don't care for it. Low joy-factor. However, you're right, it does work, doesn't it? If it's in the budget, I hire others to cold-call. Finding someone who likes to be on the phone, there's no pressure for them (they're not making a personal connection), and it adds credibility if they're simply calling to establish a time for me to call.

I've seen you around in a few posts, so perhaps you know your way around here. How do you feel about applying contact methods in an eNetwork environment?

As you can tell, I can get wordy, my gut tells me to spill a ton of info about me in an email; if they're interested they'll get back to me. However, it seems less is more, and build that relationship step by step - like a date (of course, my wife will tell you I gave all the info upfront there, too. lol). What have you found here?

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Nov 28, 2007 2:49 amre: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)#

A. (Carey) Law
Hmmm Dave..That is a good one..For me, well it all comes down to credibility and professionalism as well as offering something of use. Emails that present an issue that I may be having that a company may be able to solve, and thereby being competitive while still giving me a steal deal without compromising product quality.

I went to your website and here are some ideas.

For emails, this may or may not work, but I'd try this:
In the Subject line:
Biz Owners: Tell your story & expand customer base!

You're the Biz EXPERT. Make it expand Customer base!

You're the EXPERT, right? MAKE it sell with your story!

Tell YOUR story=Expand Customer Base!

Get your Customer Base increased with Your Story!

Owners: Don't tell other's stories. Tell your OWN!

Tell your story to help people get what they need..from YOU.

Its all about relationships and stories. Tell yours first.

Increase sales/customer base-tell your story-LIVE!

Be our talk-show guest and tell YOUR story!

Successful in biz? People want to hear about it!

The public needs to know your story, if you want to sell to more of the public!

Put your story to benefit others in biz-Be our Guest Speaker!

This is all I can think of at the moment..see if any strikes up an idea and see what happens and let me know if this works for you!


BTW-its a great idea you have for your company. I myself have thought of such an idea way back when, but never followed through with it..(too much life getting in the way back then I guess!) Its fantastic that you have!

Private Reply to A. (Carey) Law

Nov 28, 2007 8:24 amre: re: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


It sounds to me like outsourcing may be your best bet in spreading your business message. If your time is too valuable to spent it searching for customers as opposed to servicing them, why not outsource? Let someone else make the cold calls and mail the prospecting letters.

It's important that you have some kind of marketing strategy. You know who you want to target with your marketing message and how to contact them. As they say, "plan your work and work your plan."

I would not hesitate to use Web 2.0 resources in this regard - such as Talkshoe.com (interactive podcasting), Orb.com (online broadcasting), Jott.com (voicemail/email transcription), PRWeb.com (online press release service) and GetLocalNews.com (online citizen journalism service).

Good luck.

Lamar Morgan
Attract more customers!

Private Reply to Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

Nov 28, 2007 8:44 amre: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)#

Dave Charbonneau

Thanks for the suggestions. I can tell you put your brain into this, and thanks for the encouraging words.

I tend to get a lot of 'bigger is better' advice (not nec. in this string); and I used to think that way, too. I think the bigger is better can overwhelm and cost a lot of money. Making a profit while creating massive value - then repeat the proven process isn't a bad way to go.

I 'spose I still think Bigger is Better, it's just that my bigger means different things than it used to. Networking will be playing a HUGE role in where the company goes next - more important than how a website looks (altho I hear mine is in disprepair with certain browsers, grrr...). Small is good, right now. Through proper networking and offering huge value, we can remain 'small' in spirit and attention to our guests and strategic partners while having the impact of the larger network. Thus, getting in touch with those who want to work together to create value is more my target, than the end customer/Featured Guest. Thus, this email string.

Certainly, the ideas you've presented can be sculpted easily enough to address partnerships rather than end users.

Thanks for your time; enjoy the StoryBoard workbook and please keep me informed of questions, and your overall experience. You're a RockStar! I'm off to preview your profile. :)

--Dave Charbonneau

Private Reply to Dave Charbonneau

Nov 28, 2007 9:26 amre: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)#

Dave Charbonneau

Thanks for your input. I'm reading a book right now called Made To Stick. They talk about how we, the marketer, can have "The Curse of Knowledge," where we're saying what we know is right and true to what we know, it's greek to those not in the know (Say THAT 10 times fast).

While there are disagreements over long-form vs. short-form web pages, I agree with you that the uniqueness of the product requires describing the product much earlier in the page (like, first). I think what I attempted to do was get the benefits up there first, which may be wise for other products. I've taken your advice and made a brief change: Tell 'em what it is, then tell 'em what's there. I've still got the benefit-teasers at the top of the site, but then I go into basic product. It still may not be clear as you and I would like, but it's better.

Thanks for the valuable input. It means a lot. Thanks for ordering the workbook. Please let me know of your experience there, as well. You rock!

--Dave Charbonneau

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Nov 29, 2007 5:40 amLamar: re: re: re: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?'#

A. (Carey) Law
Thanks Dave! I hope all works for you! Good ideas Lamar, thanks!!
(That is exactly why you are one of my favs!)
I stole your links and ideas too, hope you don't mind to further what I myself, am doing.

On a side note: You would not by chance have any ideas on Companies that sell advertising on the net would you? I am looking for additional companies that specialize in Real Property Advertising, especially Computers or whatever there is out there that I can market and present an opportunity for my people to work that biz, from their home office. They understand that they work on a piece work basis.

My 1099 employees that work from home, are always looking for more stable work they can do over the net either-biz to biz, or biz to consumer.

My goal is 4 different companies that market on the net, and 120 total employees that provide a service for lead generation/lead verifiers/closers and one Accountant for payroll. And yes, I have people ready to go as soon as contracts are signed. (Thank you Craigslist and even MySpace-don't ya love those free classifieds? You might have concern using this avenue. I am a good weed-er-out-er, so, those places don't scare me..besides, if they don't sign a contract with me, usually they will just go away, if they are full of crap or know their refs won't fly..)

Mucho Appreciated Lamar, and anyone else that may have some ideas for me!


Private Reply to A. (Carey) Law

Nov 29, 2007 7:21 amre: re: How do I NOT be a 'Time Waster?' (AKA: Giving my emails a chance to survive)#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


The fact that you are on Ryze indicates you recognize the need to build business relationships with other folks whether they end up becoming a customer of yours or not. It's not just that you have something to sell an audience, but also that your audience can sell other people on you and your business. This is called putting the "pay it forward" principle into action - something often referred to these days as "netweaving" as opposed to networking.

If you are not too familiar with the art of netweaving, I enccourage you to click here.

Lamar Morgan
Attract more customers!

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