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Internet marketing and the phoneViews: 845
Dec 14, 2007 2:38 pmInternet marketing and the phone#

CedReynolds.com - The Entrepreneurial Pastor
Here's a question. What's best, strictly marketing online or marketing online and using the phone?

Ced - Host of The Entrepreneurial Pastor's Talkcast

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Dec 31, 2007 6:33 amre: Internet marketing and the phone#

Heidi Caswell
If your marketing plan includes building relationships with others, I'd say both. In my business one thing I use is a lead capture page, which uses automatic email replies. I get a much better rate of return when I call in person, even a personalized email to go along with the generated one helps.

I may find a website that is interesting, service or product I see myself using down the road. I bookmark it. Forget about it and go on. Later, where did I stash . . .

Yet those who I've talked via phone, met in person, or carried on an online conversation by web, I remember. I have no sense of loyalty to a faceless website, but a site run by real people, who I've had conversation with, even if it is an online conversation, I'd feel disloyal using or referring someone else.

Heidi Caswell

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Jan 07, 2008 12:50 amre: Internet marketing and the phone#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

I say it is not online vs. the phone. It's both. In fact, what works best is to take your marketing tools and attempt to synergistically link them. One person can do only so much. But, one person-to-three-people, three people-to-nine and on and on. Within just 14 days, you can reach 4,872,696 people (mathematically speaking) with a message.

Look at what happened in national politics recently. Mike Huckabee was outspent by Mitt Romney, 12 to 1. Yet, Huckabee beat Romney by a sizable margin in Iowa. How could that happen when Romney has so much more money? The news media does not hesitate to point out that Romney has more money than all the other candidates on the Republican side combined. Yet, a little known former governor of Arkansas, a former Baptist preacher, beats him. Then, a black Senator with only three years in Congress comes along and whips Hillary Clinton. How can this happen?

It happened because Obama and Huckabee have something that Romney and Clinton do not? They have an ability to connect with people. That is to say, instill trust and even inspire them. I believe the same is true in business relationships. You need to instill trust and also be a source of encouragement. Does it matter if you do it in person, over the phone, through the mail or online? No. What matters is that you do it, period. If you can manage to do it in a synergistic fashion, you are likely to reap success at a much faster pace.

Lamar Morgan
Attract more customers!

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