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Marvelous Monday MotivationViews: 915
Dec 24, 2007 8:18 pmMarvelous Monday Motivation#

Rasheed Hooda
A Client of mine asked as to why the LOA is not working for him. Here is my response.U

ntil and unless you are ABSOLUTELY CLEAR on what it is that you want, beyond doubt, you will not be able to attract it in your life. You also need to understand the difference between your DESIRE (that which you want) and the tools (that which you can use to help you bring what you want).

You MUST get absolutely CLEAR about your DESIRE. That is ALL you should spend your time doing, getting CLEAR. You should not worry of concern yourself about the TOOLS.

Let me give you an example. Let us suppose that you want a HOUSE. You should spend all your time getting clear about the FACT that you want a HOUSE. It is the HOUSE that you want.

Now, if you think you will need money (a tool) to buy the house, and start giving your attention to attracting money, you may receive the money by the Law of Attraction. But this money may find other uses and you may still not have your house. Because you were not giving your attention to attracting your desire (HOUSE), you were giving attention to attracting money (the tool), and having acquired the tool you may find many uses for the tool and start using it for other uses. Then you will suddenly realize that the money is all used up, and you still don't have your house and may think that LOA doesn't always work. It worked perfectly.

On the other hand, if you had only given your attention to your DESIRE, you might have found/inherited/won/borrowed the money or something else along the line, and you would have the house, or you may find that someone came to you out of nowhere and offered you a house in return for some of the services you may be able to provide them, that you hadn't even thought of, or you may just happen upon a place where they were building houses and were holding a raffle for those who visited the location and you won your house, or any number of other infinite possibilities, known and unknown through which you get your house.

So my advise to you is simply this. Get CLEAR on WHAT you want and give ALL your ATTENTION to ACCEPTING it as yours in your mind and be grateful that it is ALREADY yours.

Everything you NEED to succeed in life is ALREADY within you, and within this world. When you are CLEAR on WHAT you want, everything else falls in place by divine guidance. You don't have to do anything. Like you said, you have already seen it work in your life and in the life of others, so you know that it is true. If a doubt comes, reject it. That will be your greatest challenge.

Rasheed aka Mister Weirdo
Be Different, Be Yourself

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Dec 25, 2007 2:05 amre: Marvelous Monday Motivation#

Ernie Martin
I will be making a collage/pictures of countries that I am planning on visiting. It's a great tool for visibility and sinking in the head.:-)); as well as manifesting.

I want to collect pictures of the Trans Siberian railway/trains (Russian), Chinese railways/cities, Asia Minor (Turkey/Greece), African Rails (S. Africa/Tanzania, Zembabwe); Have already plans for India in place.

Peace & Joy,


Private Reply to Ernie Martin

Dec 25, 2007 9:48 pmre: Marvelous Monday Motivation#

Cathy Elaine
I agree. The greatest challenge is letting go of doubt and other mental conditioning. After many years of looking at conditions as problems, I find my mind searching for things to make into problems. I will find my emotional vibrations starting to sink, sometimes for no apparent reason.

Even though I am spending more and more time out of my mind, that old default conditioning still tries to take over. So, some of my current affirmations are to remind myself and to afFIRM, "Nothing is going wrong." and "Everything is unfolding exactly as it should."

It quickly raises my vibrations and gets me back into the moment, where everything is okay as it is.

Private Reply to Cathy Elaine

Dec 26, 2007 4:39 amMarvelous Monday Motivation#

Aakanksha Arora Goyal
Thankyou so much for sharing this Rasheed. I was keenly following the wide-range discussion on one of the other threads of Why LoA is not working.

My current Vision board talks of a few short term (1month-9months) 'wants' and I have been focussing on it. Those who I have shared this Vision with (Eg: Colleagues, because it is a goal for workplace) opined that its too stretched (read: unachievable) Sometimes, this doubt does creep into my mind and then I realingn myself to focus on the TOOLS!! I'm still trying to figure out a visualisation for this goal so that I can start to see it happen each day. I also have some seemingly unethical ways of achieving this target, but I'm just not keen on employing those techniques.

Should I continue to believe in this 'stretched target' because as time is passing by, very little has happened in this regard...to be precise, its 1% completion in 30% of the time.

Private Reply to Aakanksha Arora Goyal

Dec 26, 2007 6:29 pmre: Marvelous Monday Motivation#

A Pal
Thank you Mr. Rasheed,

I have got your point.You have explained it excellently.

Which happens to me in the month of August 2007.
What I attracted I got it.As my desire was clear to get that object.

I need one more clarification from you?

Due to politics or trapped by fraud persons.Even a persons own goal is clear and Desire is clear.

Due to the negative effects of those politicians and cheat person,how to manifest the Desire?

Normally it has landed as cheated.

Hope to get some light to see in the blurred vision.

Private Reply to A Pal

Dec 26, 2007 9:51 pmre: re: Marvelous Monday Motivation#

Rasheed Hooda
>>Due to the negative effects of those politicians and cheat person,how to manifest the Desire?<<

A Pal,

You have MISSED my point completely.

It is NOT our job or responsibility to figure out HOW to manifest the desire, that is God's job. Our job is to make a crystal clear request to God, so we can see it when we get it.

You do your job of making your desire crystal clear, LET God do his job of HOW to make it manifest. STOP trying to do God's job by trying to figure out HOW to manifest your desire.


Sign up for my Newsletter here http://www.misterweirdo.com/
Free e book here http://www.asamanthinketh.net/?kbid5639
and here http://www.scienceofgettingrich.net/gifts/just_4u.html

Private Reply to Rasheed Hooda

Dec 27, 2007 10:03 amre: re: re: Marvelous Monday Motivation#

A Pal
Dear Mr. Rasheed,

Thanks for an excellent clarification.

Law of Attraction again works at my life in August 2007.


As you wrote on the board today.

I did not questioned on how?

But your example of House and tools as money excellently clarifies the point.

I am greatful to those people,who gave me the opportunity to train and motivate people of various background.

I think and feel this is the gift, I got from God. Now I became confident to give trainings.

I was a trainer as apart of my job as a Manager.

I was never a professional trainer.

Now my desire to help people to fulfil their desire with help of Law of Attraction.

As Law of Attraction worked with me many times.

Time is the constrain now.

I can invest 2 to 3 hours a day in my new role.

I am confident,I will be successful to make it full time and will be able to earn money not only for living but also for giving.

I think and feel giving or helping people to fulfil their desire,not only an earning source for my living,but also a pleasure to see that someone became happy due to my effort.

My best Regards to you Mr. Rasheed.

Alok Pal

Private Reply to A Pal

Dec 28, 2007 9:48 amre: re: re: re: Marvelous Monday Motivation#

Marilyn Jenett

The great teacher, Dr. Joseph Murphy, said, "People win cars all the time." :-)

A current example of mine that illustrates Rasheed's well stated points:

For the past year, I was thinking that it would be wonderful to bring my program to the Latino community. I mentioned this several times. (Desire expressed)

But...I do not speak Spanish. I am not connected to the Spanish community, expect for a few students. I have no means of promoting to that community (Tools I did not have)

But in just one month's time...all of the following has occurred...

"Out of the blue" the largest Spanish newspaper decided to publish a feature article on me - although I am not Spanish.

Readers responded (in Spanish) requesting my program en Español

I happened to find a Hispanic/Latino Network here on Ryze and posted for a translator.

A most amazing translator responded who lives in England and in just two short weeks, Marta professionally translated all of my lesson material and web pages. She is highly educated and speaks many forms of Spanish - perfect for giving my program a "neutral" Spanish.

A Latino prosperity student of mine from last year came back into the picture - he speaks educated Spanish and is the live translator for my programs. He is my "right arm" and is committed to making the Spanish program a success and will travel with me as needed.

A doctor I knew casually at my gym over the years runs a medical center that has a large Spanish speaking clientele. He offered to promote my program to those visitors.

The first live program launches on January 14th at the Beverly Hills Country Club in Los Angeles.

All of this happened since November 27th when that article came out. An entirely new world opened up for me - and I had absolutely NO TOOLS to begin the process. What I did have was the belief in the laws of the Universe to "make a way where there is no way."

I wasn't even concentrating on that initial desire to bring my Feel Free to Prosper teaching to Latinos. I had the desire but I had released it. But the Universe/God listened and heard the murmurings of my heart. I did not have to force anything to happen.

The Universe provided every tool, every element that was necessary to bring about the fruition of the desire.

So much for the difference between concentrating on the desire and the tools.

We have the desire.
God provides the tools.

By the way, I am very proud to present:

La página web de Siéntete Libre Para Prosperar (new Spanish section of my website)

La página del Programa Siéntete Libre Para Prosperar? 14 de Enero 2008 (the upcoming program)

¡Muchas, Muchas Gracias, Universe!


Marilyn Jenett, Founder and Mentor, the Feel Free to Prosper Program
Website: http://www.FeelFreetoProsper.com
Ryze Network: http://prosper-network.ryze.com
Programs and Products: http://www.feelfreetoprosper.com/products.html

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Dec 29, 2007 4:43 pmre: Marvelous Monday Motivation#

Dennis Miller, Attraction Marketing
Hi Rasheed,

I always find it so interesting when someone says Law of Attraction is or is not "working" for me.

When we compare LOA to Gravity, we can understand that LOA IS always working.

So, we ARE getting what we are thinking or feeling whether we want it or not.

Once someone understands that they ARE attracting everything into their life, then they can begin to understand how they can CHOOSE what they attract by choosing what they think and more importantly FEEL moment to moment.

I am so very grateful for this knowledge as I am attracting more and more of what I DO want into my life and eliminating the things I do not want.

Many blessings to you... and a most glorious new year!

In sincere appreciation,

Linda Miller

We attract what we FEEL
whether we want it or not

We are Divinely designed.

Private Reply to Dennis Miller, Attraction Marketing

Dec 31, 2007 1:32 amre: re: Marvelous Monday Motivation#

Dexter Black

Congrad. on the spanish version of your website!
Thanks for sharing how things come together the way they do also. Very inspiring.


Private Reply to Dexter Black

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