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Top Tools For WebmastersViews: 3225
Dec 27, 2007 2:56 pmTop Tools For Webmasters#

Hank Cramer
What are the top tools you couldn't live without as a webmaster?

Share the top tools you use with the rest of the group and give a quick overview of why you use them.

The one tool I use most often is CuteFTP Pro from GlobalScape.

I'm currently using version 7. The Site Administrator is easy to setup sites I need to ftp into, it's cheap, easy, and I can view and edit "in place". If I have full code and directories on both the remote site and my local system I love the feature where it sync's the viewing on both local and remote sides as I traverse around.

I use Dreamweaver Studio for HTML editing and some page design. The Macromdedia flash and png editor are good for graphics editing. My version's a couple years old - purchased from MacroMedia before Adobe took 'em over. I just can't find enough reason yet to upgrade to the newer versions.

I'm waiting on Visual Studio 8 to become available in January so I can get started on some web applications I need to do in .Net and ASP.

So - what are your favorites?



Private Reply to Hank Cramer

Dec 27, 2007 4:55 pmre: Top Tools For Webmasters#

Eileen Brown
Hiya Hank and All.

Your comment on CuteFTP Pro reminds me that I have the same
version you do but have only used it for uploading music to
uh, music sites I take care (webmaster) of for clients.

An online tool I use regularly for clients web sites (that
I webmaster for) is the keyword position tool at
www.seocentro.com. It is one of those free to use online
tools that once you find it and use it - you cannot imagine
life without it.

Because I offer SEO services with web development packages
I have to keep up with search engine positioning and of
course the competition for those clients.

I use this tool on a daily basis and don't know what I
would do without it at this point. Of all the free to use
tools out there - this one is one of the best.

To go directly to the tool:


I also pretty much keep this tool to myself. I don't
usually share this information but am filled with the
Christmas Spirit!

Happy Holly and Merry Berry

Eileen :)

"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple." ---Oscar Wilde
Hosting: http://www.buddywebworks.com/ Cowpokes: http://abhp-network.ryze.com/
SEO Copywriting: http://www.buddycopywriting.com/copywritinghome/
Gift Shopping: http://www.eileenseshop.com/ (get ready for the home page music)

Private Reply to Eileen Brown

Jan 08, 2008 6:01 amre: re: Top Tools For Webmasters#

Danny Lane
Hi Eileen.... long time no text....

For my tools I use the Freeware text editor Crimson which I write code in. For design, image processing and settings I - still use Ulead PhotoImpact 12. I use it since version 4.5 and it rocks.

Due to clients demand, I'm moving more into Java, CSS, Flash ASP and PHP. I now study Adobe CS3 Design Premium. I can, still, write code faster than the software can move images on the screen, so it will take me a while to move over to DreamWeaver, PhotoShop, InDesign, Flash, Illustrator and Device (mobile). It looks great and the flow is absolutely fantastic with Bridge.

I've tested EZGenerator and WebEasy Pro, but was never able to invest my time to a point of creating a full site.

My choice for FTP is FileZilla - Freeware of course. For SEO I use IBP since it came out.

This week I will finish my 100th client's website design. I host about 80 of them and I'm getting into clients who want massive e-commerce sites - It will be a very interesting 2008.

Take care and make 2008:Great!

(my baby sites)

Private Reply to Danny Lane

Sep 11, 2008 3:22 pmTop Tools For Webmasters#

Hank Cramer
I've been working on an ASP.net project the last few months and needed a good tool for accessing SQL Databases from a web page.

I tried out quite a few but finally settled on a suite of components from Devexpress. http://devexpress.com/

They've won some awards from ASP.net PRO website and Best of TechEd. They have components for both Windows programming and Web Development. Excellent drop in components for data retrieval / updates, navigation, menus, aesthetics, and much more.

It's worth taking a look at their offerings if you need some serious work done and want to minimize your coding time with excellent results.



Private Reply to Hank Cramer

Sep 14, 2008 10:02 pmTop Tools For Webmasters - ASP.net Tutorials#

Hank Cramer
I found this set of ASP.net video tutorials which look pretty nice.

If anyone wants to learn more about ASP.net this looks like a good place to start:


There are 14 introductory lessons followed by 67 "How do I" videos, plus another section on how to migrate to ASP.net.



Private Reply to Hank Cramer

Sep 27, 2008 6:47 pmCreate Dazzling Videos For Your Website#

Hank Cramer

Learn how to create dazzling videos for your website.

Of the people viewing marketing-orientated videos (videos promoting a product or service),over half will take some sort of action after viewing a video...including 12% who will actually buy the product being offered.

To put this into perspective, typically only .5% to 2% of visitors to a "text only" web site will end up purchasing a product.

See and learn more at Web Video University:




Private Reply to Hank Cramer

Nov 19, 2008 11:56 pmre: Top Tools For Webmasters#

The tools I can't live without is Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. So I can find out who is visiting, where they are from and how they found the site.

I also am in love with the browser Firefox and all the nice plugins you can use for free: pagerank checker, resize window (so you can see your site in different window solutions) and fireftp. It is really nice to have the ftp program integrated in the browser.

Per Pettersson

Private Reply to pcpettersson

Jan 05, 2009 1:05 amTop Tools For Webmasters - eMail Encoder#

Hank Cramer
I hate putting email addresses on websites because the spam bots collect them and then the junk mail starts flowing.

I always scramble email addresses.

The link below is a simple tool you can use to do the same:



Private Reply to Hank Cramer

Feb 08, 2009 6:59 pmre: Top Tools For Webmasters - eMail Encoder#

Reg Charie
I've found that the email harvesting robots can read scrambled addresses.

The only solution seems to be setting up a contact form that is captcha protected.

Captcha is the form field that requires one to enter text from a displayed graphic. I have an example on http://dotcom-productions.com/08/contact_us.php

I also like to give the email harvesting robots a hard time by including a link to a scrip that fills up their database with nonsense email addresses. This will often render their lists useless.

Reg - NEW DEMO!! Turn photos into paintings http://FantasticMachines.com
All You Need is Dotcom-Productions and a Dream. http://dotcom-productions.com
0Grief http://0grief.com/special_hosting_accounts_for_my_ryze_friends.htm
CRELoaded websites http://RegCharie.com - SBTT http://thinktank-network.ryze.com

Private Reply to Reg Charie

May 31, 2009 8:49 pmre: re: Top Tools For Webmasters - eMail Encoder#

Gregg Hasenjaeger

I am new to web design so I know nothing about eMail Encoders, but as for the turning photos into paintings Photoshop has had that ability forever. I have worked to some extent with Photoshop since its inception.


Private Reply to Gregg Hasenjaeger

Dec 23, 2009 1:17 amCSS / HTML / JAVA Online Reference#

Hank Cramer
I was checking out SitePoint.com and found some good online reference guides for CSS, Java, and HTML:


Might be good to bookmark for later use.


Private Reply to Hank Cramer

Jul 11, 2010 7:44 pmre: re: Top Tools For Webmasters#

Vince Rufus
Hi Eileen,
Check out www.whatpageamion.com.
All you need to do is enter your site's name and your keywords and save it.

WPAIO will run the scans and update your dashboard with your site's rankings from Google, Yahoo and Bing

Private Reply to Vince Rufus

Mar 28, 2011 6:59 pmre: re: re: Top Tools For Webmasters#

Ally Lennon
Thanks Vince- that's a useful tool I had not previously found in my internet travels. Just bookmarked it and will be signing up.


Private Reply to Ally Lennon

Apr 28, 2014 1:12 pmre: re: re: re: Top Tools For Webmasters#

Webindexia CEO
Hi All,
We have released here in Israel a collection of Websites discovery tools and a lot of SEO Experts uses them currently.

I would like to share them with you.

Webindexia's Tools Available in Chrome FREE!
Get Instant reports for Top Forums, Blogs, sites, alerts, news, Rss and more enhanced results for local markets!

Install Free http://www.webindexia.com

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