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Entrepreneurs with ADD
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Anyone have any ideas on handling obsessive thoughts about systems?Views: 510
Jan 24, 2008 5:23 amAnyone have any ideas on handling obsessive thoughts about systems?#

Art Toro
To clarify, what I have noticed myself doing lately is getting paralyzed about which way of using paper notebooks is best for capturing thoughts.

I spent too much time straining over the regret of having started so many different notebooks over the years with good intentions to use them to help me focus. For one reason or another, many of them are not filled as I have started fresh ones with a different "focus" for the notebooks. As a result, I have thoughts spread out into many notebooks with little hope of gathering it all back in and benefiting from all the time and creativity in those many notebooks.

I "think" too much about whether my latest "system" will stick or if there is a better (or more simple) method I can think of. I have feared starting a system of notebooks and then having it not work as well as I had hoped.

I realize you may just say, "Don't worry. Just write anywhere. Be happy". But I was hoping someone may have had a similar problem and can share how they dealt with it.


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Jan 25, 2008 7:07 pmre: Anyone have any ideas on handling obsessive thoughts about systems?#

Ingrid Webster
Hello Art,

ouch, ouch, ouch! Yes, that sounds vaguely if not accurately familiar. I have bunches of collections with little notes or tidbits, addresses and other information with the result that I forget to look at them alltogether.

The only "system" that really incurred any change is "time". Or , as a teacher of mine once explained, do nothing and time will take care of the problem.

Needless to say, this got me into a lot of trouble over the years.

I will start a new compilation of notes with all the best intention, and then one day they will have slipped my mind completely and I start a new one and so forth.

You have no idea how many address books and files and lists I have, how many unanswered emails, how many unfinished tasks and projects.

But then, looking at it with a little humour in mind, I discover that through all that "unfinished business" there is quite a load of things that actually does get done. plus the note taking process helps me in an odd way to keep at least somewhat focused and it fosters a ton of creativity. The one thing I don't allow to happen is for none of these items to grow mold or worse, I'm trying to keep it clean and neat and organized (if I really may use that expression).

So if there is someone with a miracle fix, there are now two people who could use it!

Friendly greetings

Ingrid Webster
The Neverending Necklace
"A String of Love and Peace going around the World"

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