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*It's a Dog's Life*
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Squirrel/OwlViews: 2078
Feb 27, 2008 11:02 pmSquirrel/Owl#

Denise St. John
Who are you? What are your passions, talents and specialities? Do we have internet SEO specialists to get us to the top of search engine rankings?
Do we have attorneys?
Do we have PR Specialists?
Who are the people who want to fight for the Pits?
Who wants to drive down pet overpopulation?
Who wants to build up volunteerism at our shelters?
Who are the organizers? The idea people? The problem solvers?

What are all our interests? Burning Desires? Could we come up with a list to look at?
Do you website or BLOG include a link and promotion for “It’s A Dog’s Life?” Where?

Are you a Hare, Squirrel, Turtle or Owl? Click here to take the test:
I have a dog bandana/jewelry/breed specific pins, etc. website. apaw.net
I do web graphics, illustration, & optimization (SEO). I own two other websites - silverstones.net & graphicpersuasion.com

Denise St. John

Private Reply to Denise St. John

Mar 03, 2008 2:41 amre: Squirrel/Owl#

Viveca Stone
Cool beans!

I will visit your sites tomorrow.

So - we have a hare, a squirrel/owl (that is husband also).

Who is next?


Founder, Get Ready for Love!
Visit, http://www.GetReadyForLove.com
and author, Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide

Private Reply to Viveca Stone

Mar 03, 2008 3:05 amre: Squirrel/Owl#

Pamela Akkerman
Good Evening All,

What a fun activity! We have another Hare here. Ideas are always coming out of my head.

My latest venture is Fuzzy Butts Bakery and will be launched this month. My husband and I have been very active in a basset rescue of senior dogs. We don't shy away from the elderly bassets over 12 years of age. They are wonderful and we truly enjoy giving them a quiet and stress-free forever home.

I wish everyone a terrific business week!


Pamela Akkerman

Private Reply to Pamela Akkerman

Mar 03, 2008 3:23 amre: re: Squirrel/Owl#

Jennifer Wilner
Hello!!! Viveca I LOVE the pics of your pups...they are precious!!!
Honestly we did the Squirrel/Owl test days ago, I think I confused it! Sorry we didn't reply sooner.

K9Confections is ready for Spring/St. Pats & Easter with our NEW Decorated Wheat Free treats for the Dog & Cat in your heart. I invite you to review our new spring line of healthy goodies.

Dutchess, Myself & Our Staff thank you all for your support, and for helping us help to make a difference with shelters across the country.

Bone Apetite!

Private Reply to Jennifer Wilner

Mar 03, 2008 11:20 amre: Squirrel/Owl#

I am a licensed wildlife rehabber. I take in sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, attempt to rehabilitate them and return them to the wild. I am a specialist when it comes to critters that are give "24 hours to live" sentences and intake serious cases like that on a frequent basis. Most go on to live a full and happy life and outlive their 24 hour sentences.

I mostly teach the kids about wildlife at schools and this year am scheduled at the County Conservation Camp to work with the kids teaching them about rehabbing.

And I think I am all of those you listed -- at one time or another. :^)

I also operate an online business designing websites and offering online advertising resources to generate income to feed my wildlife as I don't get paid to be a rehabber. http://matzos.net/te.htm

Licensed Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabber

http://doryandtheorphans.com Help Your Native Wildlife!!
http://doryandtheorphans.com/cam.html Live CoonCam

Private Reply to Matzo

Mar 04, 2008 1:49 pmre: Squirrel/Owl#

Viveca Stone

I am in visiting mode ... starting with Denise St. John!

I Love your bandanas! I will order a St. Judes for big Velvet and send you a picture with her in it. She will probably look as thrilled as your pup - Charlie is it?

And ... your Get A Date Bandana is hilarious! Have you contacted DateMyPet.com to see if you can partner with them to promote this? It would be perfect for them.

You have great products and contributing to so many great causes -- opportunities for love.

Best to you - Viveca

Founder, Save1MillionLives
Visit, http://www.Save1MillionLives.com
Author, Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide
http://www.FatigueBeGone.com and

Private Reply to Viveca Stone

Mar 04, 2008 1:54 pmre: re: Squirrel/Owl#

Viveca Stone
My Velvet is 12 years old and I have enjoyed each and every year. This is an older hound mix that I keep eyeing at my Shelter 'cause I would love to add to my pack and don't want to repeat my past ...

At one point I had a pup and a eleven year old. That is too big a difference when it comes to enjoying the walk. My old love would feel left out (or I would feel it and project it onto her!) Too much.

Yes - the older pups have so much to give and I love Basset Hounds! That is the perfect dog for my husband who likes to walk to the front yard (or back yard) and then back into the house!


P.S. Be sure and let us know when your business launches and your website is up!

Founder, Save1MillionLives
Visit, http://www.Save1MillionLives.com
Author, Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide
http://www.FatigueBeGone.com and

Private Reply to Viveca Stone

Mar 04, 2008 2:08 pmre: re: re: Squirrel/Owl#

Marielena Alvarez
I'm a turtle!

It does an accurate job of describing me too!

Private Reply to Marielena Alvarez

Mar 05, 2008 6:20 pmre: re: re: re: Squirrel/Owl#

Viveca Stone

We have a motley pack here! GREAT!

Turtles are wonderful (well we all are.)

Turtles see what's around the corner - they can foresee problems before they occur. Hares never see problems - can't imagine any of their wonderful ideas not working out until .... yikes!

Squirrels are the doers - they implement the ideas.

Owls are the ones who can look at a stack of ideas and choose the pick of the litter.

It takes all of us to make a balanced successful pack.

If you haven't yet taken the quiz, please do so. Next week we' discuss how this information is vital to our pack and personal success.


Are you a Hare, Squirrel, Turtle or Owl? Click here to take the test:

(Please copy the above into a new post with your name in the Subject Line.)

Founder, Save1MillionLives
Visit, http://www.Save1MillionLives.com
Author, Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide
http://www.FatigueBeGone.com and

Private Reply to Viveca Stone

Mar 22, 2008 11:25 amre: re: re: re: re: Squirrel/Owl#

Viveca Stone

I meant to explain why I started this thread last week and it's significance to us as a group ... that was before I caught the flu. Well there is not time like the present ...

I came across this information 5-6-7 years ago. It fascinated me AND gave my personal and professional life new direction. Let me explain why as briefly as possible.

This quiz easily and effortlessly identifies 4 distinct personality types that are critical towards the success of any business, group or enterprise.

Hares - the "Idea" people.  

Squirrels - the "Doers" who follow through on the ideas.

Owls - ability to pick the best idea out of the litter

Turtles - ability to foresee the bumps in the road. Identify the problems so they can be handled before they take you down.

Now imagine you have a business with 4 people. If you have 4 hares you will have tons of ideas but no follow through because they can't pick best idea, won't foresee the bumps and hate detail work. This group will exhaust itself and implode.

Imagine you have 4 squirrels. They will keep doing what they are doing for lack of a better idea, literally.

Owls need the ideas from the Hares to pick the best one, the foresight of the turtles with the squirrels to follow through.

Now do you see why this is so important?

Here's a concrete example. Once I had the great idea to sell on eBay. Then I had to do all the "tasks" to list my product (bleh.) Then I sold it. "It" was a poster. Then I had to find the shipping tube and send it out to the buyer. This took me almost ten days! I ended up having to send 2 posters to make up for taking so long! That was the end of eBay for me! I am 100% HARE - can you see why this business wouldn't work for me? I hated everything about it except for the idea!

Take a moment NOW to look at your business team. Have everyone on it take the quiz and look at the results. Are there blanks? If so you MUST fill them in. If not -- someone, maybe you, is doing something they HATE to do and that is costing you money, passion, health and happiness.

With a balanced team you will not only have more success but you will be doing, like the quiz asks, "what you love to do."

Haven't taken the quiz yet? Come on ... there's no trick to this:http://www.oneminutemillionaire.com/tools/hots.asp

(On a personal note - my husband is an "owl/squirrel" blend and I am "100% Hare." Now ... how do you suppose we are with money? I have great ideas (a very thick folder) on where to spend it - he picks the best "ones" and follows through! We would be 100% BROKE! without our turtles - our accountant and the teachings of Dave Ramsey! This info also helps us be easier on each other - we are who we are and we can't be what we're not.)

Next week I will share how I am using this information in my business team (and please do likewise.)


Co-Founder, DogCaptions.com
Visit, http://www.DogCaptions.com
Author, Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide
http://www.FatigueBeGone.com and

Private Reply to Viveca Stone

Mar 23, 2008 12:15 amre: re: re: re: re: re: Squirrel/Owl#

Rose Hope
Ok just a little behind. Just took the test and I'm a 'hare'. It's just a quick version of the Meyers=Briggs test, which is a personality test.


Private Reply to Rose Hope

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