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Apr 21, 2008 9:58 pmLive Customer Services#

Howard White

What is selling in UK?

Almost everything !!!
United Kingdom, once a part of gigantic empires, the land of Stonehenge , the land of romans and Normans and Anglo-Saxons, ”the” medieval earth, has always been rich in habits and culture. This is the land of origin of etiquettes and rules. If anyone knows how to use a product, is the British.

The concept of UK synonymous with markets and shopping arenas is almost as old as UK itself. They knew, since the beginning of time, that to sell their product, they will have to be attentive and nice towards their clientele. That interpersonal relation, the closeness later formed the bonds between the people of small towns, where the barber knew everyone, the fruit vendor addressed everyone by their pet names and so on. UK was where etiquettes to do anything and everything were marketed first. In marketing, what impresses us about the company or the vendor is the way of presentation of course. Would you buy anything from a foul-mouthed salesperson?

The population residing in UK knows that. Since the advent of internet they are there inside, buying and selling and more importantly, observing.  This is why in UK online customer support is not a novel concept, but not much has been done to convert that into live support. This is what we are offering. We are offering live help as the basis of customer service support. And this thought of entering into the domains of a country where more than 60% of its population is spending 2 billion pounds on the internet in a year, is daunting indeed.In 2007 alone, the online retail spending in UK crossed the figures of a record £10.9billion. And it is expected to go beyond £ 28 billion mark by 2011. With around £1.2bnbeing invested by venture companies in the internet in UK, we know that you guys are taking your internet seriously. UK was “in” the Dot Com Bubble, and they were amidst the brisk rise and fall of the bubble. That was followed by a prolonged early 2000s recession. This why now for ecommerce services UK has different polices altogether; concentrating more on developing a loyal clientele, than just creating a large sporadic audience.

Since we will be attending to diverse users, studying their consumption habits, their main concerns and inclinations will give us an insight into their anima. We take pride in our sense of perspicacity. And we let our Web Greeters show that.

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How is this supposed to contribute to your sales services?

We are assuming that you do want to increase your sales. If you do want to increase website sales, then you know by now very well, that you will have to work extensively on your customer support modality. We are willing to take that off your hands. Now you can relax while our trained Web Greeters manage your customer service deals, offering live chat to everyone coming to your site. Imagine the relief of your customer, who knows that he can chat live to a salesperson from site immediately after logging in, and wont have to browse endlessly to find out exactly what is he looking for. Why would he spend hours on your site in the first place?

That is the aim of our live in support, giving your client the confidence that come what may, we will be here on the site, to answer your queries and lead you through the site to what you are looking for. We will be there to help you decide the services you want, the additions we can offer, the customization possible and any other thing that you might want to know.

Every Entrepreneur knows that online sales are directly related to the quality of customer services offered on the site in addition to the value of ecommerce services. In context to ecommerce services UK has been self-sufficient since eons.  However we are willing to offer what ever we have learned about customer services and the special needs required in context to the consumer segmentation in UK.

The consumer segmentation studied broadly revealed the following results.

Visit live customer services in UK to have a live chat with live website greeter

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