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*It's a Dog's Life*
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cute things your dogs doViews: 1017
Apr 24, 2008 1:06 amcute things your dogs do#

Cathy Markowich

any cute stories about your pups?

One of my dogs is 18 months and everytime I leave home I will come back to find somebody's shoe on the bed. she doesn't chew it or anything but just picks out a shoe and puts it there. I have no idea why, this has become a habit almost everytime we all go out.

today I come home to find the scatter rug from the bathroom on the bed and she is all curled up on it sleeping. She was so adorable.

anyone else have cute stories about your dogs?


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Apr 24, 2008 2:39 amre: cute things your dogs do#

Ann Rader
Not that cute! Lucy is just adorable. Thanks for sharing with us! xxoxo Ann

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Apr 24, 2008 4:01 amre: cute things your dogs do#

Pamela Akkerman
It is funny that you would ask this question today.

I cook meals from scratch for our two bassets and today I tried a new recipe. We started cooking for them after the recalls last year because one of our bassets is diabetic and we wanted a low-fat and low glycemic vegetable with meat meal.

Our 4 year old ate everything today, and then waited for her sister to finish her dish. After she figured out there was nothing left in either dish, she came to me. I had been cooking dog treats all day and had just sat down to listen to the news. She placed her two front paws in my lap and proceeded to give me a half dozen chin kisses. Then she nicely laided across my feet and rolled over on her back so that she could look up at me. She just looked at me and wagged her tail.

I know that she was telling me that she was very pleased with the new meal and would like it again. Good that I had some left over for several more meals and sealed it for freezing.

I love it when we can interact and understand if they are happy. It makes all the work worth it!

Hug your fuzzy child today.

Where Seniors Are The Top Dog

Private Reply to Pamela Akkerman

Apr 24, 2008 3:44 pmre: re: cute things your dogs do#

Gretchen Hulett
Frenchie will 'dig' just before laying down on the bed. It is so funny because she puts her head down and just starts raking the bed really hard.

She also will rub her nose on a new food then rub it on the carpet, over and over until she feels it is ready to eat. LOL

Private Reply to Gretchen Hulett

Apr 24, 2008 4:12 pmre: re: re: cute things your dogs do#

Marielena Alvarez
Interesting bed time rituals

Lady, my shepherd, likes to rake the carpet at bed time. I always wondered if this was a nervous habit as she was a rescue that had been abused.

CiCi, my loveable pit bull, likes to pull/curl up part of her bed, before sitting on it, rather than leaving it flat. Her bed time ritual is to turn around three times before curling up to sleep. Do dogs have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Both dogs seem to whimper in their sleep (limbs twitching, like the cats) as though they are having a bad dream, in Lady's case, perhaps about her life before being rescued and becoming my pampered pet.

The cats like to "knead" the covers, so I only buy non-snag fabrics for our bed (they get old towels for their beds - easy to throw in the wash). All the cats will twitch in their REM sleep, even making some crying whisker twitching mouth movements/sounds. Always wonder if they are chasing prey or other cats.

I had one cat who liked to pull up and chew on the carpet!

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