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Yoda Had It Figured Out .... Success Advice From The Little Green GuyViews: 1330
Apr 28, 2008 2:48 pmYoda Had It Figured Out .... Success Advice From The Little Green Guy#

Michael Lemm
My friend Tony Rush (http://www.tonyrush.com/) has a very eloquent way of getting a point across ..... and giving you an eye opening education at the same time. Read on for what I think is one of his very best contributions of all time.


Did you know that there is no corresponding result for the word "try"?

It's true. It's a word that has no meaning in the human mind or in the laws of physics. In the world of physics, a cause always produces an effect. But, not with the word "try".

Prove this for yourself by following some instructions for creating causes.

EXPERIMENT ONE: Pick up the phone on your desk.

What was the result of that cause?
You have the phone in your hand, right?
Cool...next experiment

EXPERIMENT TWO: Do NOT pick up the phone on your desk.

What was the result of that cause?
You do NOT have the phone in your hand, do you?

EXPERIMENT THREE: Try to pick up the phone on your desk.

Don't do it. (That was experiment #1.) Only TRY to do it.

What's the result? You're sitting there with your hand on your phone and you're somewhere in a limbo of picking it up and not picking it up. If you do anything at all, you'll fall into Experiment 1 or 2 which isn't the point.

Trying is a weak word that means less than nothing. It's a noncommittal word that seeks to do two things at once and winds up in a barren wasteland of "no results".

And the reason why is simple: "trying" is not a cause. Therefore it cannot have an effect. It is actually a disempowering state of mind that keeps you from being "at cause" of anything productive.

And yet "trying" is the thing that most people wind up getting stuck in.

Honey, I'll try to spend more time with the kids. Never gonna happen with that attitude. Then they'll wonder why their kids are suddenly 18 years old and don't want to spend any time with mom and dad

"I'll try to get started next week" .... and you never hear from them.

"I'll try to get the money to get started"....and you can call them in six months and they're in the exact same situation.

"I'll try to get some people to the meeting" .... which basically means they're going to trot out there with no expectations at all and then give up before they accidentally "do" anything.

And you guys know this already.
When you invite someone to dinner and they say, "I'll try to come"...do you honestly expect them to show up?

When a guy tells his date that he'll "try to see about going out again soon", do you really think she's going to sit by the phone waiting for his call?

When a boss says, "I'll try to get you some more money at the beginning of the next fiscal year"...do you really think he's going to bat for you to get you a higher salary?

"Try" is a weak word that should be evicted from the vocabulary of every person who is cultivating a mindset of leadership. Do something or don't do it. But, for God's sake, don't TRY to do it.

Yoda had this figured out in Star Wars: A New Hope. He told Luke Skywalker to do something and Skywalker replied, "Okay, I'll try."

Yoda said, "No. Do. Or do not. There is no try".

Yoda's right. And by all measures of success the guy who created him (George Lucas) knew what he was doing when he wrote those lines for the little green guy. George Lucas doesn't try. He DOES.

Do you do?
Or do you try?

And if you ARE trying...how soon can you stop trying and start DOing?

God Bless,
Michael Lemm
FreedomFire Communications
"Helping YOUR Business....DO Business"


Private Reply to Michael Lemm

Apr 28, 2008 3:24 pmre: Yoda Had It Figured Out .... Success Advice From The Little Green Guy#

Robert Cass
I agree...there is no "TRY." Just keep doing...Keep making your calls, keep following up, keep reaching out, keep on doing. I have found that I have been most effective when I am not attached to the end result. There are times when I am most effective by letting people know that if they are not interested in what I am selling to just let me know because I am not interested in wasting their time or my time. The funny thing is that, psychologically, they will commit themselves to a sale because they can't say "NO!" you have given them the back door and they didn't take it. Give people the opportunity to anchor themselves into a position or get out, you would be amazed at how many people can close themselves.

That is where I am at right now, thanks for the time and space to share my thoughts...Rob

Private Reply to Robert Cass

Apr 28, 2008 3:58 pmre: re: Yoda Had It Figured Out .... Success Advice From The Little Green Guy#

Dan Reinhold
Amen to that!

As I wrap up one ebook and begin work on another product while launching and juggling a few blogs to boot, it doesn't get any more obvious that "try" is right up there with "pie in the sky"!

"Doing" something HAS to result in "accomplishing" something.
It may not be what you'd wanted to accomplish, but it is something and that equals progress.

I'll have to spread that word, or rather that people FORGET that word.

Private Reply to Dan Reinhold

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