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So, What Is REAL Success - to You?Views: 1137
Jun 06, 2008 4:39 amSo, What Is REAL Success - to You?#

Marilyn Jenett
Metaphysical Marketing Workshop

So, What Is REAL Success - to You?

Prosperity Thinkers,

Here is something I would like you to think about. Please share your thoughts with us.

So, What Is Real Success - to You?

I've had decades to ponder this idea of success and what it really means, and I have arrived at the following conclusion...

To me, success means being connected to your Universal Source of Supply - Invisible Substance - or whatever you conceive that creative power to be. You know that with your connection in place, this source energy will provide you with whatever you require for your health, wealth and happiness. Success is becoming open and receptive to receive your supply from the Universal parent through the umbilical cord of your thoughts and feelings - through your belief.

Now, money, for example, can come and go. Someone can have a million dollars one day and lose it the next day in the stock market, business or whatever. But that million dollars does not represent success. If a person is connected to their Source of Supply, they know that Substance is unlimited and even though it may retreat, they know it will flow again toward them just like the tides. They know that Substance in any form - not just financial - is always available according to their ability to receive - according to their heartfelt, deep inner conviction and connection to the Source.

Producer Mike Todd (one of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands and the love of her life) had a saying, "I've been broke many times but I've never been poor." Although I don't like the use of negative words because they impact the subconscious, I have to say that this man truly had a success consciousness.

He knew at some level, consciously or unconsciously, that appearances meant nothing, that he could always receive again because he was connected to his Source.

I have experienced outer success and accomplishment. I have also had my dark nights of the soul. But it was during one dark night of the soul - the final one - that I finally got it. I knew - really knew - that no matter what the appearance was at that moment, that my supply was at hand because I was connected. Not just paying lip service, but really connected. My supply arrived, and faster than I could have ever imagined.

From that moment on, I have considered myself a success, no matter what the current "tides" condition was.

One of my greatest teachers gave me an affirmation years ago: "All my wants and needs are filled now." All my wants and needs are filled now. Perfect.

Knowing that whatever your need or want is - that you have the ability to open your mind and heart to the Universe and receive it...without limitation...knowing that you are connected, tapped into the Source of every good thing, a Source that wants to give to you, not withhold from you...what could be more successful than that?

"Success is not to be measured by how much material wealth is possessed,
but whether you are able to create at will what you need."

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

FFTP Aliens

Success is certainly an individual idea.
It should come from our heart and soul and be aligned with our own values - not another's.

~ Marilyn

P.S. Are you ready to connect with your Source?

Or contact me for information on Feel Free to Prosper program options.
All forms of alien life welcome.

Copyright 2003-2008 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved
Contact Marilyn for reprint permission

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jun 06, 2008 11:34 pmre: So, What Is REAL Success - to You?#

Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA
Success for me is total peace of mind, KNOWING all is in Divine Order!

Kathleen Jaap
Business and Personal Prosperity Coaching and Consulting

Private Reply to Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA

Jun 07, 2008 2:07 pmre: re: So, What Is REAL Success - to You?#

Sandi Thompson
Business success for me is getting the opportunity to connect with others and be of service in their lives. And, receiving direct or indirect compensation for my work.

The compensation doesn't always come as money. I have a wonderful barter with an acupuncturist/chiropractor. He barters bodywork for my nutritional therapy services. This type of barter was something I stated in my annual goals for this year and it manifested in March.

Life success for me means being happy and interconnecting with others meaningfully. I have that in abundance.

Yours in health,

Sandi Thompson, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Blog: http://sandithompsonnutrition.blogspot.com
Your Body is a Temple radio interview with Beverly Mahone:

Private Reply to Sandi Thompson

Jun 07, 2008 2:39 pmre: re: re: So, What Is REAL Success - to You?#

Funny this question popped into my inbox this morning because I was just wondering if I felt I am a successful parent. I realize you are meaning business wise success but since all is connected....I have two very wonderful souls as children, ages 21 and 16. Because they are good people who care about others I felt I was so blessed and a success as a parent. Now my 21 year old son is suddenly back home on my livingroom couch, supportimg an out of wedlock baby girl and unhappy with his work and his financial choices (and probably personal choices as well). My 16 year old daughter's car broke down last night and had to sleep over her boyfriend's grandfather's house untilI can get there this morning....my husband and I love eachother but live in separate locations due to logistics (schooling the kids and living in a rural mountain area)..Jiminy Cricket all of a sudden I'm not feeling as successful as I thought I was! My son doesn't cook, my daughter doesn't clean, my son can't save a dime if his life depended on it, my daughter is hanging out with her boyfriend way too much, I have a 17 year old girl living with us due to her unfortunate family situation - shucks, I should be over at the "Vent" network for all this but you did ask!! Business wise success is finding a niche that you can fill to give people healthy choices that can enrich their lives and having an excess of money flow through so all needs and some luxuries can be taken care of. Viviana

Private Reply to Viviana

Jun 08, 2008 3:29 amre: re: re: re: So, What Is REAL Success - to You?#

Marilyn Jenett

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts so far...

Just a reminder that my post is not relating only to business success. Otherwise I would have entitled it, "So, What Is REAL Business Success - to You? :-)

For those who are not as familiar with my way of teaching prosperity laws - that is why I often use the words "our good" or "our supply."

For me, these words represent all forms of spiritual substance - spiritual substance that can arrive in any form in our lives to fulfill our needs and wants.

When Dr. Champion Teutsch gave me that affirmation years ago, "All my wants and needs are filled now," he was not just referring to monetary supply - although it's important for us to realize that money is ALSO a form of spiritual supply that should be just as accessible as any other form. And that seems to be a form of supply that the majority of people grapple with.

Why do you think I love my wonderful FFTP aliens so much and shared them again in my message? Do you see how varied notions of success can be? Their message goes beyond just being cute - although to me they are about as successful as can be in the cute department. :-)

So success or prosperity does not just mean financial or business prosperity. My own quote in the introduction to this network:

"In fact, these laws can be used to change any area of life. One can "prosper" in finances, health, love and relationships, creativity, or spiritually."

Recently in a thread about gas prices - and of course I am imploring everyone to focus on increased income instead of any form of scarcity - I posted this quote from Charles Fillmore (the founder of Unity) with regard to supply. This is an excerpt from his writings that I include with my program material:

"There is no scarcity of the air you breathe. There is plenty of air, all you will ever need, but if you close your lungs and refuse to breathe, you will not get it and may suffocate for lack of air. When you recognize the presence of abundance of air and open your lungs to breathe it deeply, you get a larger inspiration. This is exactly what you should do with your mind in regard to substance. There is an all-sufficiency of all things, just as there is an all-sufficiency of air. The only lack is our own lack of appropriation."


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

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