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Telme AirViews: 528
Jun 28, 2008 7:48 amTelme Air#

Glynipher Co
TelmeAir - the first global Wi-Fi network

TelmeAirTelme is constructing a global Wi-Fi network, where You are the centre of the universe. This network consents the access to Internet from various places, permitting you to share with others all of the advantages of a free and always available communication. Whereever you are, you will have the possibility to navigate, send e-mail, telephone and communicate.

The secret of Telma Air resides in a very simple principle: the sharing of a part of the individual resources in order to create a common resource available to everybody. The Telme users, therefore, are the authentic protagonists of this exciting project and the fundamental key for a real and true revolution for communication.

How does Telme Air work


Telme AirGate routerTelmeAir starts with YOU, through an instrument that allows you to access the Telme universe universe: the AirGate.

The AirGate represents a first and indispensable step for whoever wants to start to communicate utilising new services, and is, in any case, the sole and only device to access the Telme world and its incredible possibilities.

The AirGate is a router with Wi-Fi technology, that is to say, wireless: which permits you to safely diffuse your Internet connection in the surrounding area. It is special since it allows you to connect to the network in a simple and comfortable way and at the same time share a part of your connection participating in the creation of a global Wi-Fi network, based on the principles of Internet Sharing.

In fact, thanks to the AirGate, TelmeAir is available in the entire world because every Telme user makes part of its broadband available. An advantage for you and all of those who install it. Where the global network has not yet arrived and there are no AirGates, the most simple action is to install it and have them installed, because the global network starts directly from you.

Imagine having an AirGate installed in your house, to convince your friends, family and places you often visit to install it. An advantage for you and all of those who install it: You can reach them anywhere: on their AirGate, on their mobiles, on their computers.

Yet this is not enough. Thanks to the broadband sharing, every user makes a part of their connection available. This means ANYWHERE you are, you can FREELY connect to an available AirGate and call, video call, access the Internet without hassles. All of this is FREE.

It is easy to use. You just need to connect it to Internet or your telephone and configure it following a few simple instructions. The opportunities offered are truly unique.

Telme AirGate routerThanks to your AirGate you can build::

  • YOUR Wi-Fi network, free and global in order to always have a free and available connection to the internet due to the sharing of Internet broadband
  • Your network of communication to easily call, video call and chat...and that is not all
  • Your social network to share your passions, make fiends, exchange audio and video contents


Telme WI-FI


Your business network to start earning at the maximum levels, in total liberty and autonomy. Telme has created a powerful instrument for you, reliable and easy to use. All you need to do is turn it on to be in contact with the entire world.

Everyone of us, by simple sharing a small part of our connection with about ten people in your close range, in exchange, can connect to thousends of AirGates in the entire world.

Connecting to the network anywhere and at anytime is now possible. Your strenght, the strenghtf the network shall be all of the people that make a small portion of their connection available for the advantage of everybody. An avant garde technology and a common vision permit to obtain this incredible prize, surpassing the barriers of space, givig life to a more open world, welcoming and close at hand.

Telme Wi-Fi

Why Wi-Fi


Today Wi-fi technology is present in all of the digital devices (mobile, pc, pda, etc.) and it will continue to be used more and more even in the future. Every day thousends of devices utilise this technology because it is simple, quick and accessible.

Imagine a milion of Wi-Fi router installed in houses, offices, on public places over the world, instead to be "closed" they are "open" and accesible to anyone...

The answer is very simple, being a part of this project and sharing a part of your internet connection to the Telme community, you have automatic the access to milions access points which are shared by other Telme users who are a part of this project.

Telme has realised this thanks one device how divide your internet connection to 2 networks, one is private and the other one public - secured for YOU.

The Business


TelmeAir also represents an incredible business opportunity for all of the network users and an important showcase for the community and Telme services. External users can also connect to the network, by payment, that dispose of the two possibilities. They can choose to enter and become part of the Telme worlds and start to navigate and utilise all of the Telme services free of charge, or they can choose to navigate or call by purchasing a special "pass" that consents them to identify themselves to navigate in search for an AirGate, worldwide.

Become a protagonist


TelmeAir is an exciting project. We offer you, in a simple way, to contributer to its success. All you have to do is take part in order to participate in the creation of the first global wireless network to enjoy all of the incredible advantages.

http://www.telmeinternational.com - Telme International Community

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