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Telme TalkViews: 351
Jun 28, 2008 7:49 amTelme Talk#

Glynipher Co

TelmeTalkFrom an individual to the network: the revolution of daily communication. Would you not like to be part of a global community where communicating is a pleasure that you never have to give up?

Telme Talk offers you the possibility to speak with whoever you please, without limits and with zero costs. You can work in close contact with work colleagues, that are a hundred kilometres away, always be close to your friends, and share your daily emotions with them.

Telme Talk signifies audio and video calls free of charge within the Telme network from your computer or mobile device, utilising a connection to the Internet. It also signifies chatting, blogging and sharing media...

All this is made possible due to the technology WoIP2, the platform created by Telme. .Telme Talk is a system of global communication which is free and always accessible. Even TelmeTalk utilies the power of YOUR AirGate: all you have to do is connect it to your home landline telephone in order to become part of the Telma Air network and use the services of TelmeTalk.

In fact, by connectiong the AirGate to your landline telephone, you can transform it into a new and incredible device, able to call all of the other Telme users on their AirGate, computer or mobiles. All of this at no cost by utilising an Internet connection.Your indetity within the network is called VSIM (virtual sim), a multi-account that can be utilised in the entire world offering a simple access to VoIP mobile services, for audio and video calls utilising a connection to Internet.

VSIM is a number that you can utilise with any device.

Your VSIM will accompany you everywhere in order to always be close to whomever you wish.

The TelmeTalk system



TelmeTalk includes a together of applications, products and services that make up a global communication system of unique possibilities.

  • TelmeTalk on your PC: DeskCall Ng - it is the application to install on your computer and it permits you to chat, call, video call, send text messages and start a conference within the Telme network. It is an Instand Messenger (IM) that manages more than one account: if you posses other account (Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, ICW or Jabber) you can easily utilise them on your DeskCall Ng. All in a single application.
  • TelmeTalk on your mobile: Telme 3G - the first application in the world that brought VoIP on the mobile. If you have a third generation mobile, with the Symbian OS or Windows Mobile, you can utilise it to call or video call through the WoIP2 network.

    With Telme 3G you can be in contact with all of the Telme users that utilise the same application or that use DeskCall Ng to video call them or to chat.
  • TelmeTalk from the Web the Telme community can also count on Web applications installed on our sites in order to communicate with all of the power of the WoIP2 network.
  • International geographic numbers - Telme offers international geographic numbers (DID) in over 60 countries of the world. A LOCAL number from YOUR country that can be reached by anybody in the World.
  • Call from your ATA or telephone IP - you can also utilise your VSIM to configure your ATA adapter or your telephone IP. All you need is a high speed internet connection and you can access the WoIP2 network without having to change your old telephone.

Telme has thought of you and all of the people for which communication is essential in order to intensely and fully live their lives. On your mobile, at home, in the office in front of your computer, your contacts shall always be close at hand.

The advantage for you is that of being able to talk cost free or at very low costs and always be reachable. What if the person you wish to call is not part of the community? Telme offers you a series of advantageous services even for calls outside of the network.

So, why continue to pay for your telephone calls when within the Telme network you can communicate free of charge, as you wish and with whomever you wish? Why continue to walk when we offer you the possibility to fly?

http://www.telmeinternational.com - Telme International Community

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