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Need help with decisionsViews: 1483
Jul 12, 2008 1:28 pmNeed help with decisions#

Sharron Williams
As I am learning to change a few issues in my life in order for me to manifest what I want, some good opportunities have come my way.
1. I recently quit my job in June to walk out on faith to build my NP org. and other businesses I had created. Things are going well. Money is very tight but I believe that God uses all his channels to provide for us.
2. A week ago I was offered a position at the sister facility (next door to where I use to work) as the Director of Nurses making $10,000 more per year.
The Administrator and I have only talked briefly and she handed me the application. I hesitated wondering if I should take the job or not. This job meant more money and we of course can do almost all the things we said we wanted to do.
Staying home I can work on bringing in the same type of income and more and be able to do everything we wanted to do, it would just take a little longer maybe.
Now the corporate office wants to interview me and some other people for the DON and ADON(Assisted Direct.)The Administrator wants me, but corporate wants to talk to others.
So, to make a long story a little short(Lol) I don't know which situation I should visualize and affirm for. Both are great. One gets me to my dream faster trusting God for the finances to help us out. The other gives us the finances right now(I know I could get the job if I really want it)but delays the dream, for at least 1-2 years, but I'll have security.
Any thought on which one I should choose?

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Jul 13, 2008 12:22 amre: Need help with decisions#

Darleana McHenry
Sharon, I really think that you have to look within for the answer to this one. I have turned down many jobs in the past 7 years because I wanted to focus on my nonprofit. I made a lot less in income but I have been able to do everything and anything that I have wanted to do. I have traveled to 5 continents and really had a blast.

I accepted a full time job in August because I have to provide for my grandson in a different way. I accepted a position for less pay with insurance because I really enjoy the challenge of what I am doing and because it will contribute to the development of my non profit. I will be a better work shop facilitator because I will understand the problems of my clients first hand.

So I think that you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages and determine what feels right for you now.
peace and blessings

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Jul 13, 2008 1:48 amre: Need help with decisions#

Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA
Hi Sharron,

Congratulations on following your path!

My first impression about this "choice" is that it feels limiting....either this or that....how about being open to your HIGHEST good? Whatever that may be....I agree with Darleana....look within....what do you really want?

I too have turned down several jobs over that past few years since I retired from accounting...and I have had some HUGE offers. However, I would have had to give up my freedom.

maybe this affirmation will feel right for you...try it on....LOL

"I attract plenty into my life, as I enjoy my freedom more and more."

Keep up the great work! You deserve it!


Kathleen Jaap
Business and Personal Prosperity Coaching and Consulting

Private Reply to Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA

Jul 13, 2008 2:50 amre: re: Need help with decisions#

Sharron Williams
Thank you both for your comments, I really enjoyed them and it helped!
This morning after I posted this, my husband and I had another talk(3rd one)regarding my choices. My son, my husband and I all agreed to me staying at home and building my NP and other business ventures.
We talked about if I took this job, then it would be another year that my husband would not be able to go home to visit family with my son and I. So, Thanks! I'll be focusing on building my dreams from now on.

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Jul 14, 2008 2:31 amre: re: re: Need help with decisions#

Marilyn Jenett


I wanted to wait and see how you would approach this.

I am proud of you for stepping out in faith and not taking what appeared to be the easy way out. Feel Free to Prosper students know better than to put faith in "appearances."

Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur and on their own. Some people are very happy using their talents in a secure position. Many enjoy being "supporting actors" and like to be able to leave their jobs behind at the end of the work day.

However, I know that to you personally, Sharron, a structured position at this part of your journey equates with a prison sentence. :-) So I believe you are listening to your soul.

But please watch the language part. Re-read your original post and you'll see what I mean. Now, more than ever, you are jumping off the cliff and growing your wings on the way down. Your language is the wind beneath those wings.

Congratulations on your decision and the wonderful support of your family. That is priceless! They are behind you 1000% and not hung up on appearances - do you realize how valuable that it?

Go for it!


Marilyn Jenett
Founder, Feel Free to Prosper Program

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Aug 17, 2008 10:43 pmre: re: re: re: Need help with decisions#

Deanna Whitten
Good choice!!


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