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True Prosperity.... Exactly What you need when you need it!Views: 1353
Jul 18, 2008 7:15 amTrue Prosperity.... Exactly What you need when you need it!#

Shondra~ Rose of Light~
Hello Dear FFTP Folks,

I have really shifted my focus in many ways, and one of those is about what real prosperity is. It is not my goal to "be a zillionaire", since I came to this planet to be of service, not just to make money, but I see my prosperity as having exactly what I need exactly when I need it. I had another beautiful example of that show up today.

I was heading out to see a friend and on the way, to get some fresh fruit at the farmers market before they closed about 4:30 PM and when I looked at my car, my tire was completely flat. I am not one to get dirty, and I do not know if I possess the physical strength to do the job. I was not interested in doing it myself, I just desired it done. I recently moved to this community from another state, and do not know the area that well yet. I was assessing the situation, and got on my cell phone to my friend to say I would be a little late, and was getting out my AAA card to call them when I heard a man say " Do you need help with your tire?"

I looked up to see a charming man in big a white caddilac (knight on a white horse? LOL!!!)offering to help me. He was actually from the state I came from, just passing through today. He had everything necessary to do the job, even took me down to the farmers market (where I got my lucsious white peaches and blue berries, so I did not even miss a beat!) on his way to check out the tire at the service station, and picked me up on the way back. He even had hand cleaner so he did not even need to wash his hands at my place!

I gave him a few dollars and some blue berries, and he was pleased as punch, and I did not have to wait 90 min for AAA! I dropped the tire off at the local tire shop to be repaired, and was just in time to meet up with a friend who happened into town just then and got to spend some very rich time together.

Life is just one graceful flow after another these days!

How has your universe shown up for you lately?

Abundant Blessings,

Shondra ~ Rose of Light

Private Reply to Shondra~ Rose of Light~

Jul 20, 2008 3:47 amre: True Prosperity.... Exactly What you need when you need it!#

Marilyn Jenett

I love your story, Shondra!

For newer members to FFTP, Shondra has had quite a history with Feel Free to Prosper and its programs. Events like this are kindergarten for her :-)

But she never stops being profoundly grateful for these every day miracles that reveal to us what true prosperity really is:

Success is not to be measured by how much material wealth is possessed, but whether you are able to create at will what you need.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Aug 17, 2008 10:40 pmre: True Prosperity.... Exactly What you need when you need it!#

Deanna Whitten
What a great story!!! He was your white Knight!


Private Reply to Deanna Whitten

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