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.ME Domains AvailableViews: 634
Jul 21, 2008 9:33 pm.ME Domains Available#

Hank Cramer

If you haven't heard there is a new TLD availble with the extension .ME

I expect there will be a lot of 'boutique names' coming out of this much like the .US introduction.

.ME is available for open registration as of July 17th, and auctions are going on now for domains which had multiple requests during the pre-launch period.

I was able to get landscape.me and shred.me ;)

The auctions will be going for a few more weeks and can be viewed at this URL if you want to see what's going on: http://auctions.domain.me

 You can register .ME domains at http://CentralParkHosting.com if you think of a great name you want.

Here's a list of current domains at auction to give you a sample of what people are doing with them:

I'm able to bid on Insure.Me but it's a bit out of my price range for my needs.

Domain Name BidsTime LeftCurrent Price
insure.me682D 17H$10,005
brand.me252D 17H$415
sky.me22D 17H$305
ride.me142D 17H$270
thats.me112D 22H$255
social.me92D 22H$255
why.me142D 22H$255
ski.me92D 17H$234
survey.me122D 22H$227
blogs.me42D 17H$155
enroll.me122D 17H$155
vacations.me32D 17H$130
lock.me52D 17H$105
california.me32D 22H$105
voyeur.me52D 17H$105
page.me62D 17H$105
spoil.me52D 17H$100
atlanta.me32D 17H$95
perfu.me32D 17H$90
motorcycle.me22D 22H$85
chris.me22D 17H$85
transfer.me32D 17H$85
ukraine.me22D 22H$85
doc.me32D 22H$85
invent.me32D 17H$85
optimize.me32D 17H$85
tempt.me22D 17H$80
sony.me22D 17H$80
flywith.me22D 17H$80
dazzle.me22D 17H$80

Here's some coming up soon ...

Domain Name Time LeftPrice
pdf.me3D 17H$75
ride.me3D 17H$75
ski.me3D 17H$75
survey.me3D 17H$75
trademark.me3D 17H$75
humor.me3D 22H$75
elect.me3D 22H$75
tutor.me3D 22H$75
personalize.me8D 17H$75
puzzle.me8D 17H$75
hypnotize.me8D 22H$75
logo.me8D 22H$75
solarpower.me9D 17H$75
php.me9D 17H$75
surf.me9D 17H$75
quote.me9D 17H$75
repair.me9D 22H$75
demo.me10D 17H$75
quiz.me15D 17H$75
motivate.me15D 17H$75
license.me15D 22H$75
solar.me15D 22H$75
refill.me16D 17H$75
ebook.me16D 22H$75
match.me16D 22H$75
seo.me16D 22H$75
ping.me16D 22H$75
program.me17D 17H$75
webcast.me17D 22H$75
podcast.me17D 22H$75
msg.me22D 17H$75
spell.me22D 17H$75
zing.me22D 22H$75
lucky.me22D 22H$75
bbq.me23D 17H$75
raffle.me23D 22H$75


Private Reply to Hank Cramer

Sep 05, 2008 1:54 pmre: .ME Domains Available#

Hank Cramer
The .ME auctions are over so I thought I'd give an update on what some of these names sold for at auction.

Domain Name / Price
humor.me / $1,015
trademark.me / $1,520
php.me / $560
tutor.me / $3,615
ski.me / $5,575
quiz.me / $3,560
seo.me / $8,225
motivate.me / $5,020
refill.me / $401
quote.me / $4,860
survey.me / $6,505
msg.me / $7,000
zing.me / $4,860
license.me / $2,255
repair.me / $4,605
spell.me / $1,200
program.me / $2,035
podcast.me / $2,756
lucky.me / $7,045
pdf.me / $165*
demo.me / $75
webcast.me / $75
bbq.me / $75
raffle.me / $175
ebook.me / $505
landscape.me / $75

And the big kahuna: INSURE.ME

Drumroll please ....



Looks there there is still a market for notable domain names.

You can see more sale prices at: http://auctions.domain.me/recentSales.aspx



Private Reply to Hank Cramer

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