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ABHP - A Bit of Humble Pie
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ask bj - exciting new feature sneak peek!Views: 2088
Sep 11, 2008 4:56 pmre: Breif intro to how it works - Ask BJ is IN - Now taking your important questions!#

Eileen Brown

I had forgotten to comment on the adorable graphics BJ
created for this thread. Cute, Cute, Cute!

That dark haired girl is supposed to be ME. *LMBO!*

Let's give BJ a boost and get this thing going, who has a
question for BJ about web design?

Eileen :D

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Sep 11, 2008 6:03 pmre: re: Breif intro to how it works - Ask BJ is IN - Now taking your important questions!#

Mitchell Allen
Okay, my question is in.

When a response comes back, will it be in the Ryze notifications?



Private Reply to Mitchell Allen

Sep 11, 2008 8:37 pmre: re: re: Breif intro to how it works - Ask BJ is IN - Now taking your important questions!#

Bobbi Jo Woods
Mitch -


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Sep 11, 2008 8:48 pmIn search of a simple mini-shopping cart solution - Ask BJ is IN with your answer!#

Bobbi Jo Woods

Q: Is there such thing as a simple mini-shopping cart solution?

Dear BJ,

I'm paying for a merchant account with VISA. If I don't use a shopping cart, I can only take orders for services over the phone. Not only am I hearing- impaired, this method also results in the highest fees (card-not-present).

Is there a really really lightweight thing-a-majig that let's me have a mini- shopping cart for my clients? In other words, a PayPal style button that goes through a gateway (or whatever).


A: Magic 8 Ball says, "Quite possible"

Ask BJ free web site tips and adviceHi Mitch,

You're not alone! Many people do just need a quick and simple cart for processing orders online that allows flexibility no matter whether you are processing your payments manually via Verifone or other machines, or capturing payment info online and approving it securely. Still many others swear by PayPal or other hosted processing solutions like Google Checkout.

I think I may have found a few for you to look into *. None of these require you to have an entire web site store like OSCommerce, ZenCart, and the like. These are all basically just drop-the-code-in-where-you-need-it style solutions. I took the liberty of including an example of sites that use each. I hope you find one that works for you!

NOTE: As with any shopping cart solution, be sure to check out all the features and compare to find the one that best meets your needs!

Free solutions

E-Junkie.com's Fat Free cart is a free and easy way to have a cart that accepts PayPal and Google Checkout. You just drop in some code, configure product options (up to 3 variables per item), tax, shipping, etc. and away you go. There is also a pro version for more flexibility and control.
Example store

Mal's E-Commerce has been around a long time and made many merchants very happy with its robust cart options and flexible payment gateway compatabilities. Secure checkout is very simple and hosted by Mal's SSL, so you don't have to worry about paying for a unique IP along with an encrypted security certificate service. It's well known that even the least tech-savvy folks have had success Mal's. It's also platform-independent. Doesn't matter if you are hosting an .ASP, .PHP, or static html site.
Example store

NOP Free Shopping Cart is another free option without any scripting or CGI. This cart supports multiple languages and product options, yet is simple to configure and use. Accepts Authorize.net, WorldPay, and LinkPoint. You may need to set up your own SSL certificate encryption through your host, if using this one.
Example store

Paid solutions

CoolCart lets you have a very lightweight simple cart that accepts payments from PayPal Website Payments Pro, AuthorizeNet, PayPal's PayFlow, and LinkPoint. Just add the html to your page. There is a monthly fee for this service ($2X.00/Month):
Example store (set up by coolcart, not actual store)

Beamed Cart - Another copy/paste style cart solution to check out. There is a $9.95 per month fee but you should incur no transaction fees.
Example cart

* Please note - Ask BJ is intended only as an informational resource for business/website owners or individuals who are interested in website design expertise as related to their own website or client websites, and should not be construed as legal advice. if you are concerned about the legal issues related to your website(s) and/or business, please consult with an attorney.

Bobbi Jo Woods, Owner
B. Woods Design - Professional Managed Websites & Hosting
Toll - Free (877) 99-MY-WEB

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Sep 11, 2008 9:33 pmre: In search of a simple mini-shopping cart solution - Ask BJ is IN with your answer!#

Laura Wheeler
I can second the recommendation for Mal's. We've used it, it is highly flexible, and reliable.

Mom to Eight
Firelight Business Enterprises, Inc.
http://www.firelightwebstudio.com - Exceptional Website Services
http://www.frontporchfolks.com - Networking community for small business
http://www.microwebmasters.com - MicroBusiness Service Provider Trade Association - Unite to Succeed!

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Sep 11, 2008 11:57 pmre: In search of a simple mini-shopping cart solution - Ask BJ is IN with your answer!#

Lindy Asimus

Great job.


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Sep 13, 2008 6:04 pmre: re: In search of a simple mini-shopping cart solution - Ask BJ is IN with your answer!#

Mitchell Allen
Bobbi Jo,

Thanks for this excellent advice!

I'm keeping a copy of the resources on my hard drive for future reference.



Private Reply to Mitchell Allen

Oct 04, 2008 11:33 amAsk BJ has MOVED - Free Website Advice & Answers#

Bobbi Jo Woods
Sorry, folks. I have moved this thread to the following URL (because of confusion and lack of activity due to ambiguous subject line, if you MUST know!):


Thanks! See you at the new thread!

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