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We Need to Eliminate That "S" Word, Too...Views: 1106
Aug 12, 2008 8:19 amWe Need to Eliminate That "S" Word, Too...#

Marilyn Jenett

The Feel Free to Prosper Program

Marilyn Jenett

We Need to Eliminate That "S" Word, Too...

FFTP Members,

Last month I told you that you had to forget the "R" word and focus on"progression" and not buy into the mass mind and media thinking about the economy.

Well, now we're going to discuss another one of those culprit words that gets lodged in our subconscious and keeps us from expressing who and what we really are...

So much of my writing is triggered by the comments made by individuals on the various forums that I visit. I am grateful for that fact, because it allows me to not only share my teachings in reply, but I can then bring my views to you, my reader.

That day a woman expressed that she felt that her struggles are making her a better person. Well, my radar began buzzing and I felt a reply coming through, as follows...

I do not believe that your struggles are empowering you to be a better person. I believe somewhere along the line that belief was instilled in your mind and it can even become an excuse for NOT overcoming the "struggle" mentality.

Yes, it's a mentality. When someone contacts me to discuss mentoring or my programs, I can tell in minutes on the telephone what their subconscious mindset is - and why they are not moving forward in the way they want. I can tell by the words that pop up in the conversation, usually repeatedly in a matter of moments. Often they are not even aware that they are saying those words.

Well, one of those very common culprit words is "struggle." And I don't see any use for that word. I think it should be eliminated from our vocabulary!

We were not brought into this life to struggle. Really. Well, maybe making our entrance from the womb wasn't a piece of cake, but we were not given entrance into this life so that we can struggle to be a better person.

We are here to discover who and what we really are.

Do you know what the purpose of your struggle is? The purpose is to become aware of the laws that govern your existence so that you will break through that consciousness and shine your light. It's a wake up call. It is a sign that you are not aligned with your true purpose and your inheritance from the source of all good and that it's time to change that and learn to receive what is rightfully yours.

It is our soul revealing to us the "mirror" of our consciousness so that we will take the action to create a new reflection. It is our spirit telling us to come up higher, that there is more to life than that "s" word.

I used to kick and scream and rail again struggle. Or rationalize it. I went through so much to learn how to accept and receive. But one of the enlightening moments in my life was when I realized that human beings feel they have to suffer and feel pain before they can receive their answers. As a society, we don't understand that it is our right to receive by what I call grace.

And I am so grateful for the time that I finally got it. I got that I didn't have to kick and scream or do anything at all to make something happen or better. I could just relax and trust and my answers would come at the speed of light. Wow...I didn't have to pay for it by struggling. What a concept! :-) Gee, I wonder if I can let others know about this.

Although struggle can be a part of growth and enlightenment, we will only continue to experience it until we realize that it is no longer necessary. We can come above those "growing pains" so to speak.

Struggle may deepen our compassion and empathy - I have no doubt about that because it worked that way for me. However, we do not need to hang on to it. Once we learn to connect with our source and receive our good, we can release it entirely and use our understanding to help others if we so choose.

And by the way, I am not just referring specifically to financial situations. This can apply to all areas of life.

There is a scripture that addresses this beautifully and a great American poet who had her ownunique spin on this concept...

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

~ Matthew 6:25-34

Consider the lilies is the only commandment I ever obeyed.

~ Emily Dickinson
American poet

~ Marilyn

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Copyright 2008 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved

Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information, visit

Marilyn Jenett
Founder, Feel Free to Prosper Program

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