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Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)Views: 2199
Aug 14, 2008 10:55 amAge you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Paul Finkelstein
Must have been EARLY when I started volunteering for various projects for other organizations, schools, and more.
I would always look for ways to make more money and improve the efficiency of an operation and I always wanted to OWN the operation and be the boss.
I think I learned later in life in 20's or 30's that I wanted the flexibility a boss has over an employee.
About 8 or 9 I probably started seeing my mom be an entrepreneur though. I did see my mom grow her CPA practice while finishing MBA at Pace University while raising 2 kids and a husband and getting clients. Mom is my entrepreneur leader mentor first and intitially.
I did win a few contests with a photo or two when younger.
Nothing big though then.
How bout you? When did you get the Entrepreneur interest?
Kindest regards,

"Put Your BEST Face Forward! BIG SMILE :) HUGE!"
"Live Where The Sun Spends The Winter On The Beaches Of The World!"
* http://paulstevenphotography.com/ "Pictures Are Forever!"

Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein

Aug 14, 2008 1:45 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Scott Wolpow
Age 7. I had created some plaster of paris items for my brothers 12th birthday. One of my Mom's friends owned a showcase in a local store {Joel and Morton's]. She asked me where I had bought them. I repled that I had made them. She wanted to sell them, so I startet a business. It expanded and by the time I was 8 I had a large product line and did almost $300 in sales. This was 1970.

Scott Wolpow Help me Raise Money for MS http://msnyc.kintera.org/bikems/scottwo

Private Reply to Scott Wolpow

Aug 15, 2008 9:54 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Kurt Schweitzer
I was about 35 when I first took the jump.

I have always been creative, but never really cared about money. Even after I was in the workforce money was never a motivator. Material goods just don't mean that much to me.

It wasn't until I was laid off that I thought I'd try going into business for myself. I started with computer consulting but quickly switched to Internet consulting and Web development. (This was back when the Web was young - the leading browser was Mosaic 0.9!)

I've finally gotten past the solopreneur stage, and am working on building a Small Business with multiple employees and serious financial resources and goals.

I hope I learn how to do this before I go completely broke!

Kurt Schweitzer
Urban Village Scooters

Private Reply to Kurt Schweitzer

Sep 17, 2008 1:57 amre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Doug McIsaac
I was always entrepreneurial.
I started selling magazines door to door when I was 9 or 10 then shoveling snow, doing lawns and babysitting.
Then I sold vacuum cleaners at the county fair when I was in junior high.
Did telemarketing in high school and tried a couple of MLMs in my early twenties...umm no I'm not interested in your opportunity :-)
I started my first real business 15 years ago and I haven't looked back.


Free Marketing Tips http://www.online4offline.com
Free Small Business Online Marketing Expert Series

Private Reply to Doug McIsaac

Sep 17, 2008 8:52 amre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Moneeta Chainani

Its great reading all the stuff so many of you write.

My dad has always been an independent businessman n i get my will of wanting to do things from him. I dont really know if i should call myself an entrepreneur yet after reading most your posts.

I started doing sketches for free actually since school, and then even did a few events and a lil research all in good faith.

Officially i established my little graphic dessigning business a year back, 2 years into my professional life. I still enjoy freelancing with event organisations. Its great that you cando so much more with your time when you are not restricted to a specific position or job profile.

Keep the posts coming, its really encouraging.


Private Reply to Moneeta Chainani

Sep 22, 2008 8:27 amre: re: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Ravi Singh

I think I had this ability to stick to something which I enjoy doing consistently and eventually get results.However if I am not interested or not conveninced in doing something ,I will not do it come what may.

While working for a very reputed Indian company as Regional head of a division at 30 , I had to face change of 5 bosses who were national heads with in 3 years.So it was virtually every six months adjusting frequencies of working with a new guy , create rapport.....and guy changes. One recoomended me as best guy, another ...observing , third ...best guy, fourth - ok ok , fifth -- average, where as I was the same but my performance kept varing ..as my bosses thought about me.I realized ..this is rediculous and I am not meant for all this.

Took my first jump at 32. Its never been so good in totality.

Cheers , Ravi

Private Reply to Ravi Singh

Sep 25, 2008 8:39 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Will Peters
I started my entrepreneural ventures when I was about 9 years of age and my parents chose to only purchase necessities (i.e food, clothing and shelter) and no toys. I kept taking apart my toys to see how they worked...lol... Always analytical.

I had a $5 a week allowance and used it to purchase candy in bulk from the wholesale store my parents went to. I purchased a large bag of now & later candy and began reselling to fellow students and neighborhood kids. As my business increased, I enlisted the help of my family and friends. We grew into a variety of products ranging from music, clothing and electronics.

A friend of mine has since started a music business that I consult, another continues his clothing store that I consult and my cousin now has a wholesale electronic business that I consult. I love all facets of business so I went the consultant route to help other business owners become successful with anstad.com. I have since accomplished my B.A in Sociology and Marketing and currently pursuing my MBA, followed by my PhD.

That's my story.

Private Reply to Will Peters

Dec 31, 2008 1:40 pmre: re: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Victor Jory
13 or 14, tried Amway. It didn't work for me and I went on to a cycle of a new venture every three years for a couple of decades. Never worked for anyone else until I was 45. Even then it was an entrepreneurial job. When I did the Amway thing I got burnt out on MLM and never tried another so was surprised to find myself getting involved with one this year.
Victorseo www.seowins.com

Private Reply to Victor Jory

Dec 31, 2008 1:56 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Richard Ackermann
I began selling newspapers at age 12, without knowing English. By age 14 I was in charge of an electronics, photo and record retail shop in Briarwood. I have worked ever since, I am not in favor of Summer camp and believe children should work from an early age to understand why you need to be a good student and get your degree.

My company Credit Resolution was founded in 1986 and we were pioneers in collecting unpaid billings for major law firms. Today I own Real Time LLC an Internet software and Web development firm in New York. We are the agents for www.wildnettechnologies.com to contact me go to www.realtimeshoppingmall.com.

All the best everyone, if you need free anti-virus or other protective security software contact me and I can help you.

Private Reply to Richard Ackermann

Dec 31, 2008 2:11 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Patricia Barboza TreasuresofPassion.com
I love this question!! For me it was at about age 9. I remember finding these feathers and trying to sell them for a penny to my friends. That did not last long as I got in trouble with my mom :) But ever since I have had it in me to own my own business. I see it in my oldest daughter too and love it!

In fact we are starting a our own home business with my 3 daughters to give them the taste of running a business. It is one of our home school projects and one I hope will help them determine what path they are going to take when they grow up.

Patricia Barboza
Passion Parties Executive Director

Private Reply to Patricia Barboza TreasuresofPassion.com

Dec 31, 2008 2:56 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

George Husted
I guess I was raised and guided towards becoming an entrepreneur from a very young age. My parents were real estate investor landlords when I came home from the hospital. Most of my child hood involved maitaining property. I was always cutting lawns, painting, cleaning up, picking up trash, etc..

Then we started buying HUD Homes and renovating them and I improved my handy skills and learned more about buying, financing, legal system, building inspectors, etc..

Soon I was a full blown entrepreneur managing my own crew working for investors renovating and buying property.

Private Reply to George Husted

Dec 31, 2008 6:47 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Ilan Mandel
I've always been an entrepreneur. At the age of 7 I started collecting pine-nuts at the park with the intention of selling them to the local grocery store. They never made it to the store - I ate them all myself - but it's the thought that counts, isn't it?

PS - I'm just launching the Hugs For Free campaign at http://www.hugsforfree.org/ - it's an exercise in manifestation & leadership, and I'll be very grateful for your support!

Private Reply to Ilan Mandel

Jan 01, 2009 1:42 amre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

The longing for entrepreneurship has always been in my heart but making it into a reality didn't start until I turned 30.

By then, I had worked for Corporate America for 10 years with the reality that climbing the ladder to success wasn't going to happen with two young children.

After what I can only attribute to God's providence, I was forced to choose between my job and being a mother. I chose motherhood and just kept doing whatever it took to be home with my children while earning a living.

In 6 months time, I was in business and haven't longed for anything else since. I've been in business for more than 10 years and I love it. My children have grown up with the knowledge that I'm a phone call away and so have my clients. LOL! Take care and God bless.

Gazelle Simmons, Virtual Asst/Owner of Admin Services, http://www.admnsrvcs.com
A Gift of Inspiration - http://gazelle.simmons.googlepages.com/twdnkpreview
Satisfied Customer and Marketing Executive, http://www.melaleuca.com

Private Reply to gazellems

Jan 26, 2009 7:32 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Tonya Pope
While I probably always had "the itch", I took my leap when I was about 27 opening my own computer consulting company. Since then, I have owned 2 multimedia companies (2 mostly due to a change in principals, 5 years total) , a themed entertainment consulting company (8 years), and my current resort development company.

I don't think I could live any other kind of life. It suits me well.

Private Reply to Tonya Pope

Jan 27, 2009 2:04 amre: re: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Reg Charie
I started at the age of 4 when there was a lot of new "wartime" homes being built on my street.

After the workers would go home I would go through the building sites and pick up tools that had been left behind and return them the next morning.

During my career as a printer I usually had a "hobby" sideline to provide extra income.

It took me quite a while to leave my well paid job, but when I did I found I could no longer work for someone else.

Sink or swim, I was going to make it on my own.
It has been 19 years now.

Reg - NEW DEMO!! Turn photos into paintings http://FantasticMachines.com
All You Need is Dotcom-Productions and a Dream. http://dotcom-productions.com
0Grief http://0grief.com/special_hosting_accounts_for_my_ryze_friends.htm
CRELoaded websites http://RegCharie.com - SBTT http://thinktank-network.ryze.com

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Jan 27, 2009 5:03 pmre: re: re: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older.#

Paula Horlick

I have always wanted to work on my own, but circumstances just didn't allow for it.

Like Gazelle, I have worked in Corporate America, but the life wasn't me. Just didn't fit in.

I am 47 and due to downsizing at my Corporate place I am now giving my business 100%.

I know God is helping me the whole way. It is very tough and a lot more hours, but I also don't have Corporate America breathing down my neck.

The Vintage Scarf

Private Reply to Paula Horlick

Feb 04, 2009 7:05 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Carrie Groff
I was 21 when I joined my first network marketing business and am now 24 and am on my third one. Third one's the charm! I always wanted to open up a coffee shop but then got looking into network marketing and realized how much residual income I could make and have been hooked ever since. My dad has worked his whole life and for what? He hates his job but he has to stay because my mom doesn't work. They don't even own their home..they rent. I don't ever want to be "stuck" in a job for the rest of my life. I'm glad to be young and to have this wonderful opportunity.

Private Reply to Carrie Groff

Feb 04, 2009 10:51 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

James Possible
Great question...

I cannot think of a time when I didn't look at the world through the glasses of opportunity.

The rules have never really made sense to me and more so now as an adult. Especially when the results of what is typical is SO CLEARLY NOT WHAT I WANT!

Great question,


Possibility is not an accident, it's a choice!

Private Reply to James Possible

Feb 19, 2009 11:23 amWhen did you get YOUR taste of being an entrepreneur?#

Paul Finkelstein

Hi Entrepreneur gang!
Now that I got a taste of Entrepreneur spirit and working my biz, the Entrepreneur bug is in me and its AWESOME!

Did you do anything TODAY in your own venture lately that reminds you when you first got your first taste of being an entrepreneur???

Kindest regards,
Put your best FACE forward!

Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein

Feb 19, 2009 3:07 pmre: When did you get YOUR taste of being an entrepreneur?#

Bryan Spann
When I realized I was responsible for my own actions by being a business person.

Private Reply to Bryan Spann

Feb 25, 2009 8:39 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Scott Allen
I didn't really do much work as a kid, but once I started, I jumped right into entrepreneurship. I was doing freelance computer work at 18 and had my own software company by 20, which I sold out my share of to my partner a couple of years later. Since then I've bounced back and forth between entrepreneurship and employeeship, but I've never held a job with anyone else for more than two years.

- Scott -

Private Reply to Scott Allen

May 20, 2009 9:58 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Robert Nocera
My parents were never the entrepreneurial type, my mother has had the same job for 25+ years and my father worked for the same company for 37 years until he retired a few years back.

I remember, as a teenager, however, the stress my father went through whenever his company was going through layoffs which happened quite often since the 80's.

After college I found a jobs in various IT shops, a couple 3 year stints, and 1 year long stint until I went to work for a Internet start-up. After that failed, my business partner and I devoted 100% of our time to our business (now 2 businesses) and that was 9 years ago now.

I could never go back.

Robert Nocera
IT Consulting: http://www.neosllc.com
Legacy App Support/Migration: http://www.vgosoftware.com
Blog: http://www.java-hair.com

Private Reply to Robert Nocera

May 20, 2009 11:26 pmre: Age you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Mike Fesler BizHarmony
Been having fun since the first lemonade stand set up with my neighbor

At age 7 I had a paper route that I got from my older brother. Increased the route size 100%

Age 15 bought my first stock (Thanks Mom & Dad, they had to sign)

Age 18 bought my first property (real-estate)

Age 18 consulted my first client (a local bank) on operations, front office and back office procedures.

Age 25 negotiated and bought my first company (increased the revenues 750% in 5 years).

I feel totally blessed to be with C4 WorldWide right now, as they are on the verge of changing many lives and putting many back to work.


Private Reply to Mike Fesler BizHarmony

May 21, 2009 9:09 am Age you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Shivram Ravi
Great sharing! well my Dad was an Army Doc and Mom a home maker. after being in Marketing with major publishers like Harper &Row Inc, Double Day Feffer and Simons, and CBS Inc... when CBS got purchased my sweet wife Rajitha who comes from a business family gave me enough confidence to start a business.. so we started off with two retail book stores, and to be very candid I never knew I can miss manage this much!
lost all that I earned! and was back to another job hunting spree..

However having done some business and as it was a learning experience..( the fees was heavy!) did a self audit.. and I am back in business.

Yes, My first book published by us and authored by me will be released this summer. I think we have have done our homework this time around this is the first BOOK in India on ad slogans. and it was almost like a "8" years itch. the first year did not really know where it was itching! As I do lot of corporate training on Brand management and corporate Image building classes. I am very positive that this will do very well. more details in www.brandlifeline.com and also pl post your valuable comments on my blog too!http://slogansmith.blogspot.com

I have few more titles which will be rolling out soon, on Event management, and also Visual Merchandising.

Well thank the lord that I am in "good books" of others in spite of my first nightmare!!!


Ravi Shivram

Private Reply to Shivram Ravi

May 05, 2010 7:13 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Dan York

Private Reply to Dan York

May 06, 2010 8:06 pmre: re: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Maria Alvira
I became an Entrepreneur myself at 21 and have continued...now 37.

Maria Smith-Alvira
"Simplifying Small Business"

Private Reply to Maria Alvira

May 06, 2010 9:00 pmre: re: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Gillian Linge
Grew up in business, My mum had a hairdressers, and Dad a Driving school, they also owned a taxi firm and small hotel. All us kids were roped in to help.After I left College I changed jobs a few times and hated being spoken down to. I started a mobile disco and when I met my husband we opened our small garage repair business, later the Autoparts Store and later the fishing lake, paddocks and commercial area. There is NO WAY I could work for anyone else again. I love being my own boss and treat my staff as family, They have been with me for years. We both love to stretch out and try different ideas, some work, some don't, but we have lots of fun trying!
The age I took control "21" I am now 53. and my toy-boy hubby is 51

Do you tweet? Join me.

Private Reply to Gillian Linge

May 15, 2010 3:00 pmre: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Mirdza Hayden
I was 38 when I started my own business. I started getting interested when I was around 28, and even took some MBA courses, but then I lost interest. It didn't peak my interest anymore until I was introduced properly to the network marketing style of business where I could actually build a business while still staying home with my kids. I could do what I loved to do from home, without ever setting foot in an office. I loved that concept! I also loved the concept of building a business by teaming up with people anywhere in the world; people that were interested in the same things as me. For the past two years, I've been working this way and I absolutely love it. I truly believe this is the best way to build a business for soooooo many reasons.

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Private Reply to Mirdza Hayden

Apr 06, 2022 11:43 amre: re: Age you you **started** being an entrepreneur? (Entrepreneurs are all ages.young/older..)#

Paul Finkelstein

How you doing??

Fb page: http://www.facebook.com/paulstevenfinkelstein
li: http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulfinkelstein
fb profile: http://www.facebook.com/planaborc
t: http://www.twitter.com/paulsteven

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