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My First Two WeeksViews: 1293
Sep 22, 2008 2:40 pmMy First Two Weeks#

Morgine Jurdan

This is Morgine and this is the first time I have posted. I have been doing week one of the Feel Free to Prosper Program for two weeks. I went to the beach for three days during the first week and had a profound transformation spiritually, which I will share at the end. It was something I had known, almost since I began my spiritual quest over twenty years ago, however, it was only on an “Intellectual” level. Now I had it fully into my presence, by body and my life. I was more grateful than words could express!!

Circumstances, working hours, prevented me from getting to the computer to begin the second week’s work (reading the instructions), so I just continued with my writing my affirmation and using the two words every day. I had a coaching session with a friend helping me to get back to writing my book. She wanted me to make my desk here, where my computer is, like an altar, a beautiful place I could hardly wait to sit down at! So I began to think about that.

I live an hour from town and go shopping one day a week and do all my grocery shopping, recycling, and everything we need. This week I also visited Office Depot and such. I did not find much I liked except some wooden, rectangular paper holders for $21 each. While they were nice, I was unwilling to pay that each, for 2 small paper holders. Regardless of my money mindset, that was ridiculous! I could buy a chair for that! It was hot and muggy and a fire was burning in Oregon and the air was smoky, the sun orange and I was going home for today. I was hot and tired.

I got something out of my trunk and found a bag of pears I had picked and had offered to bring to a friend clear across town! That would mean coming home in rush hour traffic! Uggh. Yet I had called her myself and I thought I need to deliver these. On the way I passed Goodwill and Divine Spirit told me to stop, even though I was in a bit of a hurry, so I did! I walked quickly through the store and to my GREAT surprise, found not one, but TWO wooden paper holders, one walnut and one oak, for $2.99 each!! I was delighted! Then on my way out I also found a book I wanted to buy last year, right out in the open with the cover facing the isle for $5.99, originally $25 last year when it came out! I knew I was “in the flow”!
I continued on to my friend’s house with the pears, and she gave me a new fruit picker (which I had been needing at my other friend’s house to pick more pears!) free, sitting in her garage gathering dust!!

Then I proceeded on through the traffic to the laundry to wash some clothes on the way home. While sitting and waiting for it to wash, I began reading this book. Remember I had an awakening at the beach, which brought me to another new level of awareness of somethings truly amazing and that had opened up other areas. However, I needed some more “affirmation” about what I was now experiencing, because it was so profound! I had not really asked, it was just the “state” I was now in.

Well reading the first three chapters of this book I began to cry sitting there at the laundry mat!! Here was someone else’s experience duplicating mine, word for word!! I was more grateful than you could imagine!! The wooden trays and now this amazing book too!!!

The following day I had four or five consultations (I communicate with animals & Nature professionally) and I spent much of the day canning pears I had picked from a friend’s tree. I was unusually tired. I began working on Friday doing catch up for being gone those days and found my older Sheltie had some incontinent problems and I had to wash several things on the floor, so I went to the laundry again, a half hour away. I was going to do some other errands, however, I was totally exhausted and just sat in the car and slept. Connecting with spirit, I found that all my new mental changes required rewiring of patterns in my brain and body and my “tiredness” was totally OK, so just be “with it”.

I drove home carefully and was beginning to worry a little bit. I was attending a full day of a convention the following day as one of the key note speakers and had yet to prepare or get my things ready. I was still very tired and asked for some help! I was assured all would be well. Spirit helped me pack my bag of books and papers. I had to speak for two and a half hours, over double the time I had ever done before! I went to bed at 1 :00 AM and up at 5:30 baking a dinner for a potluck I could not attend in person with Native American friends for their yearly gathering. I delivered it with some chairs at 7 AM and drove to the convention.

It was an amazing experience! With no notes, I spoke for the entire time and did not even finish all I could have shared!! People were left in tears and kept thanking me for my amazing presentation!!

The following speaker was a close friend, talking about 3 near death experiences, intuition training and channeling. One of the things she was doing was short channeling as a demonstration. However, it ended up being two hours (due to requests), and she thanked me for helping ground her the entire time!! That was followed by the last speaker and I drove home, getting there at midnight!! I went to bed shortly and up early to bake something for the morning breakfast with my Native American friends. It was a glorious morning with great food and sharing in circles, wonderful wisdom. The chief honored me with some personal time and wisdom and I drove home at 4. I did two end of life sessions with a dog and cat, and down for a much needed Nap!!!

Finally, I was awakened a little over an hour later by a call from my room mate (former partner), whose car had broken and who had to be towed home. I got up and moved my car out of the way and prepared dinner. I called people I would not be able to see today, because he needed my car, and knew it was all perfect and OK!! Onto my second week’s lessons today, endlessly grateful for all that has transpired in the first two weeks of Lesson 1!!!

Endless love & appreciation, Morgine ….. Awakening I experienced at the beach I shared with friends below….

life begins again…
time away bungalow ocean breezes no interruptions just me with me.. where am I going what is calling me what is the best thing for me “to do” right now where do I find inner peace..

they KEY to life is never in what I do it really does not matter what I do there is no right and wrong answer, no good or bad path to take in fact there are no mistakes the Key is ……….who I am BEING when I am living my life who am I “b e i n g” when I am doing all that DO-ing? Life is filled with endless choices unlimited destinations places to go things to do really who I am, an extension of God experiencing itself as me… has no real agenda it experiences itself through how I am “being” when I am doing

I can be peaceful walking on the beach, meditating, writing, eating , cooking, vibrantly dancing... Someone else might be peaceful racing a car, climbing a mountain, shooting targets, painting a house. we are each Unique … It IS the Experience itself which is most meaningful and not what does or does not get “done”, finished, completed… who am I being writing my book is more important than if I finish or not I am writing for myself, for the experience of writing for yet another opportunity to just “be” me authentic real when I am Being….. the “doing” comes more naturally, more organically more of my senses are alive my experiences richer and deeper

when I am lost in the doing, for the sake of doing, I miss out on life the experience is shallow and often dull, boring, tiring I get lost in the doing and shoulds and why and deadlines, goals, agendas and I can bury myself in the bottom line of life

the real MAGIC of life comes when I make a conscious choice on how I am going to Choose to Experience every moment, instead of looking for what kinds of moments might fulfill me as god …I am always satisfied with what is, the magic is always present because I see myself as that Essence from which i am creating myself and into which I happily place myself day by endless day

when I make the conscious Choice on how I am choosing to experience life …it flows “to me” and an endless array of wonderful things come pouring through my door the seeking ends and the living begins

endless gratitude for your help in getting me here….endless smiles on the waves of life soaking it all in……….. Morgine

Private Reply to Morgine Jurdan

Sep 23, 2008 4:12 amre: My First Two Weeks#

Marilyn Jenett


I have a Goodwill story of my own that I think I will share.

Stay tuned...I'll be back :-)


Marilyn Jenett
Founder, Feel Free to Prosper Program

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

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