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Clusters: Small Business Group Netweaving
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I commend you.Views: 478
Sep 27, 2008 3:02 amI commend you.#

Angie Baker

I thought I would write you a note commending you for what you are doing. Whether you are successful or not, you are giving it your all, with much opposition. I wish you much success.

Warmest regards,

Angie Baker. Visit http://angbkrtreasures.shopping.officelive.com

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Sep 27, 2008 5:08 amre: I commend you.#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


The concept of CARING, CONNECTING and having a good DESIGN works. That's why people do it. That is why Wall Street works...when people do it with honesty and integrity - playing by the rules. However, when people choose to CHEAT and profit by BREAKING THE RULES problems will arise. We are seeing that right now manifest in our nation's economy.

Even ants instinctively know the importance of working in community with one another. Human beings, on the other hand, do not instinctively know what is best for them. They have to "figure it out." As you can clearly see from feedback on some other Ryze networks, folks would rather find fault with an idea than to even attempt to make it work. In other words, they DON'T CARE. And, that is the initial requirement for receiving a "mutual uplift" for any business. If you DON'T CARE about something, that something is certainly not going to perform for you benefit. After all, you cannot grow a garden if you refuse to plant the seeds.

Lamar Morgan
CDMM - Synergistic Business Marketing
Attract more customers!

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