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Driving Inspiration...Views: 624
Oct 03, 2008 2:02 amDriving Inspiration...#

Meredith Greene

In our family, we watch other drivers and passengers while in the car. The novelty of being in a metal and plastic ‘bubble’ or sorts (all the while traveling along a road at a high rate of speed) always makes itself present in my mind. Looking at all the other cars with people inside as they pass, or are passed, makes for an interesting ride.

The many diverse faces and colors never fail to amaze me, not to mention the expressions, hairstyles, actions and correlations between these things and the type of car.

I sit with my notebook balanced on my knee, my latest chapter sprawled on the lined page in my own messy handwriting. As a car passes I glance at it through my window; the driver is singing to a song, nodding her head as her hair bobs up and down. Beside her a pre-teenager obliviously plays a PSP with earbuds in his ears. They drive on, to wherever it is they are going.

In my chapter a preoccupied woman suddenly appears along her sullen child, busily walking past the main characters.

Next up is a shiny SUV, complete with just one person, though it is capable of hauling 5 or 6; my mouth falls open upon beholding the driver, for the young woman is putting on her makeup while driving… on the freeway.

Cue one oblivious female character upon the book pages, narrowly escaping the consequences of her own foolishness.

A trucker powers by in the massive 18-wheeler; he eagerly drinks of the enormous coffee mug in his hand, rather resembling a Viking eldorman in his mead hall, downing the golden ale ceaselessly…

Hmm… *writing*

While the main characters of each story are dearly conceived in the Editor’s mind as well as mine, the lesser folk and faces that make but a brief performance on our literary stage are most inspired by what and whom we see around us. The nods of the head, the movement of the eyes, the flashing teeth while conversing, the small smile and bashful tilt of the chin, the hand gestures and intake of breath… it is all important to the storyteller and can be seen in the few seconds it takes for a car to pass my window.

Meredith Greene

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