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Can your actions affect your subconscious and your prosperity?Views: 1188
Oct 03, 2008 7:25 pmCan your actions affect your subconscious and your prosperity?#

Carl Weisman
I consider myself a good shopper: use coupons, wait for sales, buy generic, etc. But are these smart shopper "actions" sending a bad signal to my subconscious? Afterall, the message I want to send is "I can afford anything (at any price)". How about it, do we have to be as careful with our actions as we are with our words?

Carl Weisman
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Private Reply to Carl Weisman

Oct 03, 2008 7:51 pmre: Can your actions affect your subconscious and your prosperity?#

Marilyn Jenett

Hi Carl,

This is a wonderful topic and I have definite answers for you...I have written about this often (see below)

But I will need to return to the network later. I haven't been around here recently because of many wonderful doors that have opened for Feel Free to Prosper.

But hang in there...I shall return for updates :-)

In the meantime, I looked up a couple of the past threads here in the archives. Here's one:


I am copying and pasting my posts from the threads here:

(In response to one woman's post:)

It's interesting how all of the elements in synchronicity came together for you to enjoy even greater benefits of service for hundreds of dollars less this year.

Have I mentioned to you all that one of the great perks of becoming a student of prosperity laws is that savings and discounts of all kinds will follow you on the path? Suddenly it seems like the Universe becomes your personal shopper whose goal is to provide you with the best for your needs at the very best price.

This is not to be confused with a kind of "bargain" thinking that is based on lack and the consciousness and fear of not having enough. The spontaneous manifesting of savings comes when we accept prosperity as natural to us and know that the Universe is providing for all our needs. It's a joyful experience. We really do feel guided.

I recall many fun and exciting experiences of being guided specially in this way, and I will share a couple of them shortly.

~ M

So here are my thoughts relating to prosperity consciousness vs. bargain consciousness...

On the subject of sales and bargains, there is something magical that happens when you acquire a prosperity mindset.

One of the great perks of acquiring a prosperity consciousness is that savings and discounts of all kinds will follow YOU on the path. When we are connected to our Universal Source, suddenly it seems like the Universe becomes your personal shopper whose goal is to provide you with the best for your needs at the very best price. You no longer have to shop to seek the best prices - no comparison shopping, no bargain hunting. Discounts and savings seek you and appear before you magically as if you are the elite member of a private wholesale club. Except that the savings you attract are often far below wholesale!

This is not to be confused with a kind of "bargain" thinking that is based on lack and the consciousness and fear of not having enough. The spontaneous manifesting of savings - the real bargains - come when we accept prosperity as natural to us and know that the Universe is providing for all our needs. It's a joyful experience. We really do feel guided. We attract bargains at the highest possible level. We are spontaneously led to the right place at the right time.

I recall a couple of my many experiences of being guided specially in this way to ‘Universal’ size bargains. :-)

I have always loved beautiful and very fine quality handbags. I also love touches of leopard in my wardrobe and accessories (not real fur, of course).

Well, one year I walked into Nordstrom's and found an absolutely gorgeous black leather and leopard handbag. It was extremely expensive looking, but I didn't recognize the designer name. The attached tag showed the price of $135 - not at all unreasonable for such a beautiful bag. I had to have it. It was the only one in the department. I gave it to the saleswoman and she looked at the tag and told me she couldn't sell it to me. She said this designer's bags sold for at least $500-600 and this had to be mislabeled. Although the label was attached, she refused to sell it to me. She believed she was justified. The manager wouldn't be in until the next day. We arranged for the saleswoman to put the bag on hold and have the manager call me that next day to give me the correct price.

The next day, the department manager called me, told me the bag was $600 or so, but that since there was an attached tag that read $135, she told me that by law (or store policy, I don't remember which), she had to sell me the bag for the displayed price. She told me to come pick up my bag for $135. :-)

I still have that beautiful bag after many years and it still looks brand new. I have found that expensive bags do seem to stay new looking for years.

Another year I found an elegant Donna Karan Couture clutch handbag in a department store. It was $900 - way beyond the price I would choose to spend. But I had a "hunch" to ask the saleswoman if the bag might go on sale at some point. For some unknown reason, she looked over the bag very carefully and found an imperceptible teeny flaw hidden in a fold that no one would ever see. I certainly would not have found it. But she said that since it had that teeny flaw, she would be able to sell it to me at half price! Now remember, I never asked for this. She offered. Another beautiful bag I still have that receives many compliments.

One of my most striking experiences happened when I acquired a complete collection of Villory & Boch dinnerware a couple of years ago. I didn’t set out to buy a collection – I thought I would buy a few place settings of the gorgeous Plantation and Tropical Switch Collection. By “coincidence”, I found out that that particular pattern had just been discontinued. Without ever leaving my telephone, I was able to manifest the entire collection from various Bloomingdale’s and Villory & Boch stores around the nation. The retail cost of the whole collection: $7,000. The price I paid for everything: Under $1,500!! That included not only all the dinnerwar (10 settings) and accent pieces and accessories, but all the bakeware and three different styles of flatware. And a few extra duplicate pieces I use as planters.

Just last month I was shopping for a couple of specific sleepwear items. I didn't intend to buy anything else. But I was irresistibly drawn to the sale rack. On that rack were two Ralph Lauren pieces - top and bottom - in my favorite shade of red. They were the only two pieces, both my size and fit perfectly. They were marked down half price - $19.50 each - but I loved the outfit so much I would have paid full price. When the items were rung up at the register, the saleswoman informed me that they scanned at $6.52 each!!!!

I won’t get into the long details, but a major coup was when the Universe literally handed me my beautiful new car a few years ago – a Mercury Grand Marquis in ‘toreador’ red – and I was able to purchase it new for about $10,000 less than retail. I am the kind of person who needs a roomy, quiet, cushy, cruising ride – no sexy road cars for me. I love my car – I feel like I’m driving a mattress.

Do I look for bargains? No. Do I love a bargain? Yes!

The Universe is my personal shopper :-)

~ Marilyn

Marilyn Jenett
Founder, Feel Free to Prosper Program

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Oct 03, 2008 9:37 pmre: re: Can your actions affect your subconscious and your prosperity?#

Morgine Jurdan

Commenting on your reply to Carl, I am finding the same things happening to me and I continue to be EXCITED like a child!!

My former partner and I still live together and have been needed some new stools for our counter for probably 15 years...smile. He never could find any thing right height or that we liked. Finally I decided "I" was going to begin looking myself. Then he began looking more. I began "knowing" something would show up!

We had to go to Ikea for some little thing and he was going to show me a stool he liked to see if I liked it to. He was looking in the returned/damaged/"as is" section to pass time while I returned something. He found the exact stool he wanted to show me (which I liked) and there were 2 of them! We got 2 for less than the price of one and we could not find any damage!! Prosperity!!

Then I have been re-doing my bedroom/office so I "Love" to be there more. It has been a very fun experience and I believe I am on the third week of your program. I was at Ikea again getting some fabric for curtains and I went into that same section. Lo and behold a PERFECT little Chester Drawers for my closet at 50% off!! I was NOT looking for one, however, I immensely disliked the old one I had, with 3 drawers that were all hard to open . I guess the Universe wants me to LOVE everything, even in the closet!! It had a few little marks and I did not care because it lives in my closet!!

It would not fit in my car and I was alone. So I had to take it all apart without instructions. (When they sell things "as is", they cannot help everyone take things apart or it would take too much time.) They do have a little area with tools hooked to wires. So I took it over there and began, just trusting it would all work out. I was having trouble with the little tiny nails which held the back on. Well here comes an employee....smiles...asks how I am doing and I said good except I need something thinner and do not have a knife on me. He disappears and returns with a something which works. Later he notices my trouble pulling out some nails and comes back with this little tool kit!! I needed some pliers. I figured it all out myself, got it in the car and it now is in my closet and I am SO HAPPY!! The drawers open SO EASILY!!! I also found some other perfect things for my room there I did not expect to find!! Even a perfect light! I had only been there a couple of times since it opened and Spirit showed me just where to go for what I needed! That is PROSPERITY!!

Love, Morgine

Private Reply to Morgine Jurdan

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