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Legal Needs
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confusion over surnameViews: 1226
Oct 19, 2008 7:33 amconfusion over surname#

7 Th Thinking Hat
In Tamilnadu many people do not have surname, unlike other states. Instead the son/daughter carries the first letter of father's name as 'initial'.

For example if father's name is Sundaram and son's name is Natarajan, The son will describe his name as S.Natarajan.If Natarajan has a son by name Govind, he will describe his name as N.Govind.

So far no problem. But many forms of Govt and banking agencies etc, either ask for surname or ask the initials to be expanded.

Where surname is asked for, the Tamilnadu people treat initial as surname. So Natarajan will suffix his father's name to his own name and describe himself as Natarajan Sundaram. This is simillar to Ashok Gupta, whose first name is Ashok and Surname name is Gupta.

Where the form asks for expansion of initials, Natarajan is described as Sundaram Natarajan and his Son's name is described as Natarajan Govind.

Thus in one document,the same person is described as NATARAJAN SUNDARAM and in another document he is described as SUNDARAM NATARAJAN.

In one particular instance,the Income Tax department, truncated the name because they are very long in their computer format. The result was that in the Pan Card of grand son (Govind in our example) carried the Grand father's name ( Sundaram in our example). The assessee concerned, living in North India had a particularly difficult time in getting his PAN Card fixed.

Now his employer switched over to a new computer system, which, addresses the grand son with the faither's name.It is like calling Govind in our example as "Dear Mr Natarajan", because N.Govind is expanded to Mr Natarajan Govind.

Now my questionis: (1) what is the legally correct way of stating one's name for Tamilnadu people shwon in the example.
(2)How to deal with the non-uniform way of treating the names by different organisations so that legal complications may be avoided in future.

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Oct 23, 2008 3:12 pmre: confusion over surname#

Look up my Pm
charu hasan

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Oct 27, 2008 2:21 pmre: confusion over surname#

7 Th Thinking Hat
OMG, no help for me inspite of patient waiting for several days! What happened? Everybody is celebrating Deepavali or my confusion?

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Oct 29, 2008 1:30 pmre: re: confusion over surname#

The Indian Constitution does not demand a father's name or mother's name to exist. Every child is a by product of pleasure.

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Oct 30, 2008 3:27 pmre: re: re: confusion over surname#

why not somebody come with an answer that a testube baby is not a product of pleasure

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Oct 30, 2008 3:50 pmre: re: re: re: confusion over surname#

Manish Paliwal
As far as i know there is no law about, how a person is to named.
It is only in case of juristic persons like company the law lays down some condition/requirements.

You can name yourself the way you like. In various forms you are asked to fill up your name. The basic idea is to identify a person. Think about a situation where no body has a middle name or last name. It will create a lot of difficulty. In order to avoid this difficulty different cultures have different system of naming. In some parts it cast, in some parts it is gotra, fathers name, mothers name, wifes name etc.

coming back to main question in order to avoid practical difficulties it is better to maintain consistency in whatever name you choose and if you want to change the same follow the procedure laid down in law. Because in that case Law prescribes certain modalities.

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