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The Eagles Nest Motivational MinuteViews: 293
Nov 03, 2008 4:33 pmThe Eagles Nest Motivational Minute#

The Eagle: Motivating Champions Around The World
Why do some people seem to effortlessly rise through the ranks in a company, even when they appear to have very little talent, while most of us get stuck in jobs knowing that we could do better?

What is it that marks some people out as being worthy of notice from 'above'?

Is it the way they dress? They way they talk? The way they walk?

Surely it can't be the way they do their job - we do ours so much better, don't we?

It is a combination of all those things - people who get promoted tend to have rehearsed their new job long before they were put up for it. They notice the behaviors of the people above them in the organization and subconsciously (or even consciously) begin to emulate. They demonstrate in many small ways that they are worthy members of 'the club'.

If you feel that promotion is your due, start to become an observer. What tiny things do the people higher up in your organization have in common?

Do they all use a particular type of fountain pen, for instance? Then save up and buy one!

Do they always have shiny shoes?

Do they keep certain office hours?

Do they wear a particular style of clothing?

Don't be obvious about it, but gradually assuming the characteristics of the managers and directors of your organization, you will slowly be accepted by them as part of the club.

But before you do all that, there is one more thing that you must do - that 90% of employees never even think about. The 10% who do are generally the ones who enjoy seemingly meteoric rises through the ranks.

That one thing is to realize that you actually have two jobs. The first job is your normal everyday one. You must get that right and deal efficiently with the day- to-day tasks.

The second, and usually forgotten job is to realize that you are working for the benefit of the company. You must always keep an eye on how you can further the cause of the organization you work for.

Out of every nine co-workers that you are in competition with for promotion, statistically, only one will have their eye on the bigger picture. Let that one be you.

Most people, when they are sitting in an interview for a better job talk about how good they are at their current one. But their bosses know that already! That's why the interview is happening in the first place!

What the interviewers really want to see is a broader vision.

So if you want more success at work, take a look at the bigger picture, show your managers that they will be comfortable with you in their club, and get ready for lift off!

Author Unknown

Richard "The Eagle" Motivator
Live and Act Like a Champion Today!!

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