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    Hi, my name is Jad (tj) Duwaik. I recently moved to China in November, 2003 to teach English in LiaoYang, a small city (pop: 600,000) in the Liaoning province. I've set up the Lao Wai in China network in Ryze for foreigners to meet one another online.

    What is Ryze? Ryze is a virtual community. Every Ryze member has their own Web page with their basic info such as name, interests, background, etc. (Here's mine.) Think of it as a digital rolodex.

    In addition, Ryze allows its members to create networks. What you're looking at right now is a tailored introduction page for the Expats in China network (which I set up). If you go to the Ryze home page then you'll see the generic introduction page.

    Ryze membership is free, so please sign up and look around. And please feel free to email me if you have any questions -- or private message/post a guest comment to me once you've signed up.


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