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Minding Your Own Business
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Outsourcing business functionsViews: 983
Jul 25, 2006 3:12 amOutsourcing business functions#

Since this is the MYOB network, I am assuming you are all either solopreneurs or small business owners so I was hoping you could all help me with a little market research by answering the following questions.

1. Do you outsource any of your business functions?

2. If so, what?

3. If not, why?

4. For those who are outsourcing, what contributed to your choice of business or person to whom you have outsourced?

Thank you very much!!


Private Reply to Jill

Jul 25, 2006 5:50 pmre: Outsourcing business functions#

1. Do you outsource any of your business functions? Not right now.

2. If so, what? n/a

3. If not, why? I don't have any business functions to outsource. Right now, I do my own marketing, accounting and administrative work.

4. For those who are outsourcing, what contributed to your choice of business or person to whom you have outsourced? While I don't outsource, I would think to outsource to someone else would require the traits of trust, respect and honesty.

For trust, I'd ask for a confidentiality agreement. I give one to my clients and would want one from any business I worked with.

For respect, I'd want to know what they are capable of doing. I have done test assignments as well as worked on a temporary basis to earn clients respect.

For honesty, I'd expect this person to do what they say they will. If I give a client, my word to complete an assignment, then I do it irregardless of what that means for me in time, expenses, etc.

I wish I could have answered more of your questions Jill and I hope you get more responses to these questions. Take care and God bless.

Gazelle Simmons, Virtual Assistant
Let me help you!

Private Reply to gazellems

Jul 26, 2006 5:06 pmre: Outsourcing business functions#

Colleen Connery
1. Do you outsource any of your business functions? Yes

2. If so, what? Advertising, PR, Accounting

3. If not, why?

4. For those who are outsourcing, what contributed to your choice of business or person to whom you have outsourced?

Accounting - The person I work with is a professional CPA that deals almost exclusively with small business owners. Helps us not only with taxes, but also financial planning and tax planning for our business. We don't have his skills internally, so we need to outsource this so our bookkeeping is taken that extra step to ensure everything's correct.

Advertising/PR - We have employed contractors that are very strategic about these things. We don't do them internally because we're too close to our business. We can't take that step back to see what kind of advertising/PR would be most beneficial to our business. It is imperative for our success that we do not do absolutely everything internally. Otherwise, we probably won't grow much. Besides, outside folks have unique perspectives to share with us to help us be more strategic about all aspects of our business.

Thanks for asking...I hope these answers are of help.

Cheers, Colleen
President/Creative Director
CoCo & Associates, Inc.

Private Reply to Colleen Connery

Jul 27, 2006 10:17 pmre: Outsourcing business functions#

Robb Zerr
I outsource my taxes and client services such as programming and such. Otherwise, I do it all!

2. See first.

3. I used to have a virtual assistant but found I could do things faster myself. If I wasn't a marketing specialist, I would farm this out as well. I have, however, referred many of my clients to virtual assistants and they have found them to be a godsend.

4. There's a belief early on that you can do it all - but there are people who do it better and the cost is far less when you consider that you can be generating more revenue than you spend on outsourced services that are not part of your core areas of expertise.

-- Robb

Private Reply to Robb Zerr

Aug 06, 2006 6:33 pmre: re: Outsourcing business functions#

GiGi Gaggero

Great question!

Of course, this is really an internal self evaluation question -as well as a cost analysis question.

One must first come to terms of thinking there is nobody else that can do things as well as us.…. One must evaluate themselves internally, and decided weather you know your limits and boundaries and your own abilities and then- admit to them.

Analytically, there is always the question of labor and time management costs … these two items are now, and continue to be, my driving factors behind outsourcing.

I always internalize the "cost-versus-risk equation," and throw in a pinch of "where my time is most valuable" - hence my "Yield" - The answer.

I outsource anything I can do – but if I don't see value returned – because, I cannot perform the task properly; in a time frame that is deemed cost effective. (– See - I evaluate myself… A “touch it once and have it done right evaluation”) so to speak

One must taking into account - the size and availability of your current labor force, their/your education, (I’m chef- not webmaster) relevant experience, transferable skill sets, language skills etc….again- I outsource items I can't do well, or cannot find time to do because I am spending time doing something else.

I outsource VA assistance and Public Relations. Not to mention Web-Management.

Personally- I think it depends on where you find your own expertise most valuable.

I am a chef - my skills are not transferable in web management or development - or writing. I can whip up a mean Angus Beef Steak with Dijon Mustard Sauce- but I’m not strong at spending time writing articles.

nor- do I find interest in doing so.

I also am a firm believer that one cannot be excellent at everything... I surround myself with professionals that have strength in the area my business demands... like the old saying goes... “Your business is only as good as the people that work for you!" If you surround yourself with competent well managed- strong individuals - this will reflect and become visible sooner than you think.

all the best! It’s cost effective for me.

Good luck to you! gg

Private Reply to GiGi Gaggero

Aug 06, 2006 6:46 pmre: Outsourcing business functions#

GiGi Gaggero
Oh P.S. I should actually answer your questions: 1. Do you outsource any of your business functions? YES

2. If so, what? Anything technology related. VA stuff, Public relations managment.Some marketing, Accounting and HR dept tasks.Proofreading services. (I handle all customer relations.)

3. If not, why? N/A

4. For those who are outsourcing, what contributed to your choice of business or person to whom you have outsourced?

see above post.

Private Reply to GiGi Gaggero

Aug 09, 2006 9:30 pmre: Outsourcing business functions#

Jerrilynn Thomas, Founder WomenPartner Int'l
I plan to outsource my marketing and sales to free up my time for more revenue generation activities. I am in the process of interviewing people.

Jerrilynn B. Thomas, CEO
International Virtual Women's Chamber of Commerce
Facilitator of partnerships between busy business and professional women
http://www.IVWCC.org / jerrilynnbthomas [@] ivwcc.org

Private Reply to Jerrilynn Thomas, Founder WomenPartner Int'l

Aug 09, 2006 10:54 pmre: Outsourcing business functions#

Scott Allen
If you Google "outsourcing tips" you'll find this:

Top 10 Tips for Outsourcing Success

Private Reply to Scott Allen

Aug 29, 2006 8:09 amre: Outsourcing business functions#

Maria Marsala
1. Do you outsource any of your business functions?


2. If so, what?

House cleaning
Sometimes organizing
Book keeping
Prepaid Legal
Accountant for taxes
Web Maintance

4. For those who are outsourcing, what contributed to your choice of business or person to whom you have outsourced?

First, I'm not self-employed. I'm running a business and I want my business to grow and work on it's own as much as possible. I do currently work from home.

In some cases I met them locally. In some cases we started bartering and then turned into paid situation. In some cases I just needed help. Also... I try to outsource things I don't enjoy doing, especially when I can pay someone to do that job... and I can work... and more than make what I pay them per hour. I also outsource things I can do... but again, I value my time... and therefore, whenever I can pay someone do do something... while I make more money... to me that's a gift.

Now... why are you asking these question? What's your research about?

Maria Marsala

Private Reply to Maria Marsala

Sep 01, 2006 1:03 pmre: Outsourcing business functions#

Maryann Durland
I outsource or contract for several services:
1. accounting - cpa
2. transcription services (taking my digital recordings of interviews, focus groups, etc and typing into docs)
3. writing, editing and doc creation (I may have a report with many tables, charts, etc. and I would use someone to format the document, create the inserts in a particular way and work with me on the writing and the creation of the report such as editing, etc. I do most of the actual writing but want someone who can also edit and suggest or rewrite is necessary)
4. statistical analysis - for large projects I may not want to do myself.
5. contract work for short term member of a research team to do specific work such as focus groups, or interviews, or surveys.
6. some web development

Private Reply to Maryann Durland

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