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Insights On Article Marketing To Create More TrafficViews: 1208
Oct 20, 2007 4:10 pmInsights On Article Marketing To Create More Traffic#

Michael Lemm
Here's some insights on using articles to "market" your business/services/products. If you have additional ideas and suggestions please add them as replies here.

God Bless,
Michael Lemm
FreedomFire Communications
"Helping YOUR Business.....DO Business"


How To Make Article Submissions Part Of Your Network Marketing Plan

Everyone who has a product or service to sell on the internet uses networking to draw visitors to their site. In order to be recognized by search engines, there needs to be information on the site relevant to the product or service being offered. There are also needs to be links from relevant sites leading visitors to the site for search engines to recognize it as a viable business ..... and one that visitors will not be disappointed in when they are directed there.

Articles relevant to the site in ezines or newsletters are one of the quickest methods of obtaining new visitors as well as having links back to the site. While many people either write their own articles, or have a ghostwriter to prepare them, having them published can be a tough part of the job. There are several sites that accept article submissions for free distribution.

Using article submissions to improve the number of quality links back to the site can improve the standings with the search engines. This type of submission service can play a major role in a networking plan and can improve the site’s standing, especially in a competitive market niche environment. With some franchise etc. businesses, there may be numerous sites replicated from the original and in a global environment, having visitors directed to one specific site can be tricky, at best.

Article submissions with the articles containing links back to one specific site will help attract traffic as well as improve rankings on searches. However, simply submitting a few articles is not going to keep the site at the top. One other aspect of a site the search engines look at is how new and updated is the information available. Most experts recommend adding fresh content frequently, not less than once a month, in order to maintain the interest of the search engines as well as a higher ranging on the results pages.

Article marketing is a terrific traffic generation tool. It's marketing to a group of people via a well-written and informative article. Some people use article marketing as their main form of advertising because it can be so effective. One of the reasons that article marketing is so great is because you are positioning yourself as the expert before you are prompting the reader to buy anything. This gives you credibility and makes the reader more inclined to buy since you have already given them something of value for free. The added benefit is that you are just teaching them. Nobody likes a sales pitch and with article marketing, you're not really making one. If the reader is impressed with the information you provide, they will click on your link in the author bio to get more information from you without you having to ask them to.

There are many different factors that contribute to making article marketing a success. To help, here's 3 key points.

1) Articles show up in organic searches on big search engines. Make sure your article is packed with keywords that your target audience is most likely to use in a search. Get a good keyword research tool to help you find out which keywords are the most popular.

2) Don't forget to put a covered hyperlink in your "About the author" section, at the end of your article. This ensures that they must actually click on your link in order to go to it (which will help you track it). Use a short sales pitch to get people to go to your webpage.

3) Find the budget to use an article submission service (Google for options...there's lots of them). This will save you a ton of time over manually submitting them - it will be worth it.

In order to generate strong traffic for your website through article marketing, you need to optimize your articles. Even if you have a well-researched and well-structured article, you will not get a positive nod from your market if it still has an foreign feel for them. That is why it is important to learn the culture of your target market to make them feel that what you have written is especially for them.

To increase the exposure and performance of your marketing articles, here are twelve elements to follow:

1) The article should have zero self serving links in the article body..

2) The article should have no more than two self serving links in the resource box.

Your resource box at the bottom of your article should be short, sweet, succinct, to the point,and be less than 10% of the total word count of your article.

3) Is the article short (no more than 500 to 550 words)? If so, great.

4) Your article should deliver quality original content with numbered lists, bullet points or easy to glean information that their audience would find valuable.

Make sure your articles are 100% original content. Anything less is really an insult.

There are many other considerations that publishers look for, such as

5) Are you well recognized or respected within your market niche?. If so, excellent!

6) Relevancy of the article to the ezine publisher's core focus

7) Timing of the article and its relevance to current market dynamics

8) Grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure are perfect

9) Simple, clean, neat and no abuse of the bold/italics/underline attributes

10) Formal approach to the article vs. blogging loose style

11) How well referenced the article is

12) No excessive use of keywords and no keyword stuffing

There you go. Now you're armed to enter the world of article marketing for your business venture.

The next step.....start writing!!

Private Reply to Michael Lemm

Oct 24, 2007 7:04 pmre: Insights On Article Marketing To Create More Traffic#

Steve Bralovich
Thanks for that informative post Michael. I've been using article marketing for a couple of years now with great success.

I use a number of specialized tools that allow me to create unique articles very quickly and then submit them. It's very important that your information is totally unique because Google demotes sites that simply copy and paste information.

The one-way links you get from article submissions are essential since they count as a "vote" for your site. Without them, your pages just won't be found in search -- but with them you can quickly gain ground in SERPS.

I've written a report about SEO and 1-way links that can found here: http://viewthe.info/Search_Engine_Optimization.html


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