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Lazy People Make the Most Money...Views: 1103
Oct 25, 2007 4:01 pmLazy People Make the Most Money...#

Steve Bralovich
After they work hard and then automate it!

They're really not as lazy as they appear to be. Many are just very efficient at what they're doing.

I work hard but consider myself somewhat lazy. I prefer to create websites and software tools that work for me 24/7 with little or no effort on my part once I get them going.

This is actually the basis for all super-successfull companies. You don't think Bill Gates or Warren Buffet actually handle all the details of their daily business do you? Of course not! What they've done is worked hard to start their companies and then hired people with resources to do their work for them. That way they can focus on overall strategy and other matters of interest to themselves.

Now I'm no Bill Gates but I see the wisdom of what he's doing and I try to emulate that at my own level. And you should too.

Today, we're fortunate enough to have a lot of very excellent tools to help us with our online marketing efforts. These work-horses help to make the job easier and can even make it fun to do our work.

I use so many of them in my daily work now and they perform so well for me, that I just don't know how I'd manage my online businesses without them.

I like them so much that I decided to run this discussion forum to let other people know about them too.

Lots of forums deal with general marketing information but I wanted to add the dimension of automation to the discussions so that people could actually get a break from having to do everything by hand.

The other thing I think is even more important is for forum members to do their own reviews showing how they use their own software to get great results. That way everyone can get an idea of how they might use something like that in their own lives BEFORE they spend money on them.

Anyway, if you have any software that you use effectively and you'd like to share it with everyone else, why not write a message post.? That way we can talk about it. It can be a commercial program or free and you can include a link to more information. Only please no affiliate links anywhere in the message...

Another thing that would be great is if you had questions about software that other members could talk about with you. You get the idea...

So, here's to hoping that we all become the richest and hardest working lazy people here on Ryze!


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