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You Asked For This and Here It Is...Views: 1136
Sep 05, 2008 8:04 amYou Asked For This and Here It Is...#

Marilyn Jenett
Feel Free to Prosper Live Call

The Feel Free to Prosper Program

Marilyn Jenett

You Asked for This and Here It Is...

Feel Free to Prosper Network Members,

If you've been around over the past few months, you know that several of my posts and newsletter issues have been centered on the current economic climate, such as these:

Your Business: Metaphysical Marketing
Your Business: Forget the "R" Word
Positive or Negative Impact on Your Business?
We Need to Eliminate That "S" Word, Too...

The issues about the "R" and "S" words really brought a lot of response from readers. The subject obviously struck an important nerve. Here are just a few of the replies I received:

~ ~ ~

"Marilyn, what a wonderfully inspiring and uplifting message in this issue! As one who is charged to lead a group of focused and determined brokers in the Colorado mountains, I find that media hype and "chicken little" buzz words are the enemy of production and success. Thank you for your laser-focused attack on "giving in" to our electronic environment. And, until it improves, our response to anyone who chooses to throw out the "R" word: We have chosen not to participate! Thanks again!"

~ ~ ~

"Dear Marilyn,

Absolutely LOVED your newsletter on the "S" word - brilliant!

I especially liked the quotes at the end too tying it together, Emily's gave me a chuckle. Thanks so much for sharing your insights!"

~ ~ ~

And this...

"Hi Marilyn,

Was it you who recently had a one evening telecall on how to ignore everyone's panic regarding the economy? I could sure use that now...."

~ ~ ~

Well, that last one struck a nerve with ME. You see, I wasn't the one who had the telecall that this reader referred to, but from my reader feedback, it became increasing obvious to me that I SHOULD have one.

So here is what is about to occur and I believe that you will consider this an irresistible opportunity to finally discover how to put that "chicken little sky is falling" matter to rest once and for all and live your life and conduct your business as an heir to a very abundance Universe...

Marilyn and Felicia for $19? You've Got to Be Kidding!
(We're Not)

Felicia Slattery and I together make an unusual combination. I am a respected teacher of universal laws and prosperity principles. And Felicia is a communication expert and public speaking coach. Not the most logical choice of partners on the surface. But Felicia is a Feel Free to Prosper studentwho has experienced phenomenal business growth right in the midst of an "R" economy.

And togetherwe are going to show you how to completely eliminate the "R" and "S" words.

We will help you tonot participate in the "R" word. You don't have to buy into the mass mind thinking and media hype. You can have a thriving, booming success story of your own to tell, even now. How do we know? Quite simply, we're doing it. And we will show you how to do it too - starting right now, right where you are.

You won't want to miss this. Register to attend the live call on September 15 or receive the recording afterwards. $19? Only for the first 50 who respond. Why $19 from two experts whose knowledge and talents are valued at a far higher price?

Because Felicia and I want this to be accessible to those who need it the most. We really care about your success and want to help. What good is prosperity if you cannot pass it on and help others?

And that's a very logical choice for both of us.

We anticipate alargeresponse so read the details and sign up now for this great price:


Please Note: This is a content-rich teleseminar and nothing will be promoted or sold on the call.

~ Marilyn

Will you forward the link below to your friends to let them know that they will receive the complete recording of my compelling interview bymarketing expert Adam Urbanskiwhen they subscribe to the free Feel Free to Prosper Newsletter.


Visit the Feel Free to Prosper Website

Feel Free to Prosper Network Forum

Contact Marilyn
marilyn [at] feelfreetoprosper [dot] com


You have permission to publish the included article electronically or in print as long as thefollowing text is included and the article appears in its entirety and unchanged.

Copyright 2008 Marilyn Jenett, Feel Free to Prosper
All rights reserved

Marilyn Jenett, an accomplished business owner in the corporate arena, founded the Feel Free to Prosper program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with Universal laws and accept their right to prosper. For more information, visit

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