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The WE CARE FOR CHENNAI Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts
WE CARE FOR CHENNAI is moving away from Ryze NetworkViews: 913
May 19, 2006 3:00 pmWE CARE FOR CHENNAI is moving away from Ryze Network#

Govind Srinivasan
Hello WE CARE FOR CHENNAI friends,

I have been a paid subscriber of Ryze Network since I took my membership over here. I did my best, I think, to fan out and make friends. The pasage of time has changed my priorities and I am becoming an ordinary member (cancelling my paid subscription) shortly. That is another story that I couldn't muster support for real time physical participation from the members here. Hmmm.... I could understand that the net has got a tremendous power to drag real life issues to virtual chats. And virtual chats are a kind of "black hole". Nothing comes out of it! There should be others who have differing experience. And I bow before them.

Obviously, friends, I will lose my entitlement to run my own Ryze network, which is what WE CARE FOR CHENNAI - Ryze Network.

Well, for the sake of just continuity, I will open a Yahoo Group and will send invitations to every one who sends me a mail. I hasten to add that the Yahoo Group WE CARE FOR CHENNAI will also be limited to those who have a craving to physically contribute time and energy to "make Chennai a better place to live in". I am tired of academic and heated discussions that get born in the net and die in the net. My target audience is 20 to 40 years, while I don't have any discrimination for people in other age groups, as long as they don't want WCFC to confine itself to arm-chair discussions.

I don't expect miracles to happen in the Yahoo Group and will be happy to co-opt a few moderators. Do write to me, if you please. My mail id: govind.srinivasan(at)gmail.com

A good bye to all Ryze friends and a welcome to everyone in the about-to-be-born Yahoo Group.

Govind Srinivasan

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May 20, 2006 4:08 pmre: WE CARE FOR CHENNAI is moving away from Ryze Network#


Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

May 23, 2006 10:18 amre: re: WE CARE FOR CHENNAI is moving away from Ryze Network#

Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half
Kaalam oru naal maarum
Nam kavalaigal yaavum theerum
vandhadhai enni azhuginren
Varuvadhai enni sirikindren...

just remember this Kannadasan song here.

All the very best to you and your efforts GS.

When I relocate to chennai, count me in for action this time around!
I now know what mistake we had made and I hope to correct it this time.

I wish your/our mission is triggered by lot of real-time activities soon. I am just reminded of another saying here..

"If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. If you can't get through the mountain, go around it. If you can't go around it , go over it. If you can't go over it , sit down and ask yourself if getting to the other side is all that important. If it is, set about digging a tunnel..."

Keep up the faith and things will fall in place!

Good luck!

Private Reply to Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half

May 26, 2006 11:18 amre: re: re: WE CARE FOR CHENNAI is moving away from Ryze Network#

Vibha Shah
All the very best in yr sincere efforts govind.

Private Reply to Vibha Shah

May 30, 2006 4:29 pmre: re: re: re: WE CARE FOR CHENNAI is moving away from Ryze Network#

Govind Srinivasan
Thanks to every one of you for building up the WE CARE FOR CHENNAI (WCFC) momentum in this Ryze Network. As I said earlier, WCFC network is moving to a Yahoo Group, just started.

Here is the weblink for the "WE CARE FOR CHENNAI" Yahoo Group.


I would request every member of the WCFC - Ryze Network - to consider joining the Yahoo Group. Again, as I said earlier, the idea of shifting it to Yahoo Group is to make it a serious platform and not just make some cosmetic changes.

I understand the time constraints of people, who are always busy with their business / professional life. This is not a passive platform for knowing people, but a conduit for active voluntary work. Let me pin hopes on those, who are irritated and agitated with the degradation of Chennai and the life in it.

Admission to the WE CARE FOR CHENNAI Yahoo Group is regulated, while discussions are not moderated.

Govind Srinivasan

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