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Ryze Help > Lesson 15: Increasing Your Visibility.....Views: 583
Apr 18, 2007 6:30 amRyze Help > Lesson 15: Increasing Your Visibility.....#

T.E.A.M. Mom!

This information is being forwarded to you via the "Networkers First Stop Training!" to help assist you in navigating about your ryze membership and it's features.

Successs to you Always!
Patricia Garrison, Your Bd Leader
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Lesson 15 - Increasing Your Visibility.....

(This posted on another network, but repeated here for the benefit of new members).

Since joining this network, I have systematically visited the Ryze pages of members here and after reading their profile, I check when they joined Ryze and how many hits they have to their Home Page.

Why do some members have so few hits to their page despite a lengthy membership?

The answer is simple:

* They are lurkers and prefer to remain in the background
* They don't log on frequently enough

A busy Ryze page can be hit 200 - 300 times a month, while a non active member might pull 1 hit every few days. Why should this matter? Because every time someone reads your profile, your message has reached one more person! Isn't that why you joined Ryze?

Time is an issue for everyone, but we won't gain unless we give and in this case, 'giving' is posting to other people's Guest Books and to the various networks.

Make yourself visible! There are over 330,000 people here on Ryze - how will anyone know that you are there, if you are not visible?

Something else to consider, is that some networks (B2B Networking is one of them) are public. This means that whatever you say on that network can be seen by the entire world! Ladies, this is FREE advertising!

Now, I am not advocating that you blast every network with your advertisement - don't you dare!, but pick a subject in which you feel comfortable and start posting to set yourself up as an expert!

Go ahead - Google my name and you'll probably find that there are about 3 pages of articles, posts etc by me. THIS is how you gain exposure! If the articles are good and frequent, and someone does a search on that keyword, your name WILL come up, because the spiders will recognize that your NAME appears so frequently.

Doesn't that make sense?

"But there are people who know much more than me in that area of expertise".

HELLOOOOooooo? Have you read some of the garbage that is on the Internet these days? You only have to know 10% more than your readers to make a name for yourself! Take the 'Dummies' range of books..... when I picked up DOS for Dummies, years back, I was appalled at how little the author knew about the subject and some of his information wasn't correct, but he sold millions of books. Why? Because he was one step ahead of those who bought them! Look what happened to the 'Dummies' books.... we got Golf for Dummies, Sex for Dummies, QuickBooks for Dummies, Interior Design for Dummies, and so on. The author of that first book saw a market - people who were at the very starting stage of a subject and needed very basic instruction and he niched himself. From there, he exploited his niche by simply changing the titles and repeating the process in another area!

So, if you are selling candles - and so are thousands of others - start posting information about candles... the history of candles... the first known wax candle ever made ... how to make candles ... candle colorants ... what each color means (I know that burning green candles is supposed to attract money but burning candles in an office repels customers!!) ... suitable containers for candles ... how to package candles for shipping.....

Should I go on?

Don't compete with the competition - ELIMINATE them by branding yourself as an expert in your chosen field and post topics of interest to every board, every blog that you can find. Start your own blog (you can do this at no cost at Blogger.com). The more people see your name, the more branded you will become and viewers will believe that you are the ONLY person to contact for that product.

Doing this will certainly attract people to you and save you some of the effort of knocking yourself out trying to find business!

So, ..... let's see some posting and some Guest Book entries, huh?

Courtesy of:
Athea Garner (First Team Real Estate)
Remember... I am never too busy for your referrals!


Private Reply to T.E.A.M. Mom!

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